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Losing a family member...



Sheila sent the following from downstate NY --

October 2,1992 - August 17,2007

There's Something missing in our house,
We feel it day and night.
We know it will take some time and strength,
before things feel quite right.
But just for now we need to mourn,
our hearts they need to mend.
Though some may say it's " just a pet"
we know we lost a "FRIEND"
He brought such joy to our home,
and richness to our days.
A constant friend through the years,
with his gentle, loving ways.
Companion, Friend, Confidante,
a friend we'll never forget.
You'll live Forerver in our hearts,
Our Sweet Forever FRIEND. We miss you !!!

She then writes the following --

"Some pictures of Caesar, and me and the girls, his cat, and his cousin Casper . (meanwhile I'm dying inside)  Thanks for the thoughts. They are appreciated. Sheila"


And finally --

"Dear Eric, Hello , My name is Sheila Nania andI talked to you a few minutes ago about my families tremendous loss..."

What I love about this family and about Caesar is how much a part of their every day lives he was --

-- for 15 years.

He grew up with the girls, played with the cats, loved on other pups...


Quite the opposite, this boy is, of the tortured pit bulls we're seeing in the news lately, who are victims to a sick and demented culture who uses this breed for fighting.

So, Caesar, we celebrate you.

We celebrate your beauty, we celebrate your temperament, and your showing us how to be an all-American dog.

We also celebrate your teaching these young girls the kindness and love a dog can bring, and don't bet a second they wouldn't be up in someone's face who says, "Pit bulls are mean" --

-- that defense you've taught them for the rest of their lives -- !!

You have converted many over to the beauty of our breed.


You are a very blessed boy, Caesar, to have had 15 years like no other --

-- and you responded astoundingly, loving every minute back.

The only criticism I have of dogs is that they don't live long enough -- and your 15 years weren't long enough for you or your family. I don't even know if 30 or 45 years would have been enough -- you are loved that much.

So, dear boy, while your family copes with its "tremendous loss", we thank you, and celebrate you, for all you were, and are, to all of us.