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This wasn't supposed to happen...


I received the following from a shelter worker, mourning the death of Doodles, a girl euthanized for her breed, not yet a year old -- she writes --

After she was gone and I was done crying over her body, I wrapped her in her blanket like a baby and went to put her in the bag. She looked at me with her eyes still open and that look of love still in them. That's unfortunately how I picture her when I remember her. So, her poem is called open eyes.

Open Eyes

You look at me with open eyes
that see into my soul
The first day that I met you
it was my heart you stole

Your open eyes, they spoke to me
the words you couldn't say
You put all of your trust in me
Why must it end this way

Your open eyes, they longed for me
when you'de see me walk by
You knew if you wagged hard enough
that we'de go play outside

Your open eyes, they needed me
to make it all okay
And that is what I tried to do
until your final day

Your open eyes, they understood
the tears I cried for you
I hope you know that I had done
all that I could do

Your open eyes, so empty
But yet still full of love
Your open eyes can't see me now
you're watching from above.