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Thor showed so many how great a pit bull can be as a family pet -- thank you, handsome boy.

Spring 2004

One of my first litters, Gwen and her 7 --

-- and one of them, baby Thor, going to Nicole and family in nearby Norwalk, CT.

Here's Nicole, with her baby-boy, loving him for life.

He's a pit bull, he's a brindle, and he's ready for a life of LOVE as a family dog --

-- why do I say he's a "pit bull" and a "brindle" -- ??

Well, because most "dog people" would say they're the least desireable of traits in a dog --

-- and Nicole never let Thor even KNOW this -- onward.

After 6 years of living as a family-boy, Nicole writes --

"Hello Eric,   

I am e-mailing you let you know that Thor had passed away on 12-25-10. He was the best friend I ever had ( he was there for me when no one else was) and I wanted to say thank you to giving me and my family the best gift to give.

He was the best dog I ever had and I wanted to also thank you for doing what you do. You give these wonderful dogs a chance at life. And you are an angel for that. Thank You"

"About what Thor had he seemed to be in perfect health his whole life and up until late Dec. with in three days he went from perfect health to crashing. He had massive tumors inside his stomach and abdominal cavity . Which some had burs ted and leaked fluid into his chest cavity and abdominal cavity.

I took him to the emergency vet ( that night 12-25-10)and they said he was way to sick and they could not guaranty that he would make it through the surgery( because he was sooo sick)."

"And if he did make it through he would need dialysis's and be on meds his whole life he may never be the same.

Mean while as we sat there at the vets he got worse and worse. It's so sad how quickly this happened one day he was ok and the next he was gone. Anyway I don't want to get into to much detail because this is extremely hard for me to deal with. I am still finding it very hard to get over.

I lost my best friend and I'm so used to having him by my side ever were i go even in the house. And I'm still finding it hard to sleep because every night we would fall asleep together( he would be wrapped up in my feet).    I just wanted to again say thank you for doing what you do for them and the families that you meet. Nicole"

Well, what we can say to Nicole and family is a big THANK YOU.

Just look at the joy, the love, the integration, here.

Our Thor was the best of boys, and all he needed was a chance to prove it --

Also, let's not take all this TOO seriously --

-- here was a boy again, that was loved on from day one --

-- who knew every day when we woke up who loved him, never worried about being hungry, was never tied outside to fend for himself --

-- but was, instead, a best friend to many.

I just love this picture.

It represents what SPBR was, what it is, and what it will continue to be --

-- an organization focusing on the rescue and responsible placement of pit bulls in to loving, educated every day homes.

Thank you, Nicole and family, for giving this boy the chance of a lifetime --

-- thank you, dear Thor, for thriving --

-- we never expected less of you, and we're so proud of you.

Till we meet again, our little man --