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Dear Messrs. Donato & Wallace, our experiences have thankfully shown us otherwise....

The following cartoon appeared in the May 11th 2010 Toronto Sun --

Well, the first word that came to mind in seeing this article is bigotry --

-- to be defined as --

"A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices. The correct use of the term requires the elements of obstinacy, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing opinion."


About us --

-- we are a pit bull rescue in the US that rescues and responsibly places pit bulls in to loving, forever homes.

We are recognized as a Public Charity by the Internal Revenue Service, and we do, indeed, perform a work for the public good.

We are aware of Ontario's "breed ban" on bully-breeds, and all-too-often see Ontario media's furtherance of the "pit bull scare" to Canadian society by pictures on the right --

-- or in your doodling above, likening pit bull owners to neo-Nazi skinheads, as outcasts of society with blank stares in their eyes.

Well, please allow us, to show you how in the past 15 years, our experience with this breed has shown us quite the contrary, how you can "always spot us" --

First, myself -- Eric, and my rescued Spud and Precious.

Practicing attorney with an MBA, moonlight trying to make a difference for this breed.

My story here.

Next, John and Nali.

John is a New York State employee.

The impact of their story?

John adopted Nali this past January --

-- he was in a near-fatal auto accident two months later --

-- and after months of being in a coma and finally beginning to recover --

-- here is their reunion.

Nali, the savior, the family dog --

-- John, the recipient of such love.

Heartbreak story here.

Next, Jacinda and Jackson.

Jackson was beat so badly by a 2x4 as a puppy he could barely walk.

Jacinda is an alcohol counselor and a professor.

Find their story here.

Next, we have Sybil, family and Zoe.

Sybil is a stay-at-home mom and her husband a software engineer.

Their story is here.

Next, Frank and Nicala.

Frank is 80 years old --

-- his wife of 55 years recently passed --

-- and Nicala makes his days happier.

Their story, here.

Don't forget Mighty and his Boston, Mass. family --

-- left for dead with his litter, Mighty survived, and represents oh-so-well -- !! His Dad, is one of Boston's best tattoo artists, and his Mom is a great stay at home Mom!

His story here.

Libby and her pups.

Rescued by social worker Julie in Watertown NY, Libby and her babies worked to soothe soldiers returning from wars overseas.

Find their story here.

Next, Dr. Denise, veterinarian --

-- adopted first from SPBR in 2008, and subsequent family members adopted two more pups from us!

She still volunteers proudly for the rescue and the breed, seen here.

Next, Patricia and Ken --

-- Patricia a high school English teacher, Ken a movie producer --

-- very picket fence --

-- and they adopted Mac when he was a spry 10 years old --

-- and have known love ever since.

Their story, here.

Here, Dr. Josh and Chase --

-- Chase was beaten so badly that anyone would assume him "broken" --

-- but we didn't, nor did his Dr. Dad --

-- their success found here.

And finally, Penny and Redman.

Redman started his life with the abuse of children stoning him on a regular basis --

-- till he found SPBR and Penny.

Now he is nothing but comfort to Penny, who is undergoing severe cancer treatment.

More on them here.

From these pictures, and from our reality as a pit bull rescue, we think it's time for you to re-assess your "typical pit bull" owner from our above photos and stories --

-- and to perhaps review your stance on the breed, too.

We can't imagine our experiences with this breed in the US are much different than yours in Ontario, and your furthering stereotypes which have been proven blatantly wrong by the above is simply irresponsible and unethical, especially with the recent breed banning laws under fire in Ontario...

We here at SPBR are very thankful for this loving breed that thrives on responsible ownership --

-- and we're moreso thankful for the abundance of outstanding applicants that apply for our dogs, and who help them go from a literal hell on earth -- created by people, mind you -- to a heaven on earth -- created by people again.

At right, Paula, Ivy League graduate and published researcher with PhD intentions --

-- and her Earl.

Story here.

We believe that the effective way to "handle" pit bulls is through high standards of ownership , which allows these dogs to thrive and be great companions --

-- not to merely destroy them -- which has proven very ineffective.

Others are encouraged to send picture-perfect endings to the linked emails of Messrs. Donato and Wallace. You can editorialize here and visit our 5,000 strong forum of "normal folk" here!

I hope this has helped people "spot" many a responsible pit bull owner out there!!

As a post script, Marisa from our forum writes --

"not only do I love pit bulls...

but my dad is a freaking biker. he wears leather jackets, the boots, the Doo-Rags, he has the beard, the long hair - and he is the BEST GUY EVER. he has a heart of gold.

this picture enrages me in so many ways.

-- which reminded me, Big Ant from Rescue Ink adopted Romulus from SPBR this last year -- he's even on our CALENDAR --

-- now who's gonna tell him he's not a good owner??!!