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Danger in Denver could spread to a town near you...


May 2005

Well, Denver has begun enforcing its breed ban on pit bulls, by killing all existing pits in city limits.

These things tend to spread, unfortunately, and such precedent can be a slippery slope for other cities and towns across the US to follow.

The following is an email I received tonight from Best Friends in Utah, a wonderful organization, that can be found here.

Please take action, and forward this link to those you think will take action against this seemingly cruel act to this wonderful breed --

-- please look at the photos below, too, of recently-placed SPBR pups. Imagine all the lives blessed by these responsibily owned pit bulls -- experiences that Denver wants to deny its citizens, and dogs that Denver wants to systematically destroy.




"Dear Best Friends Network Member,

The City of Denver has begun to round up Pit Bulls from their homes and kill them without regard to the individual dogs disposition or demeanor. This is a modern day witch hunt and innocent animals are being killed.

Please click on the link or paste the URL into your browser window and read this article. If you are concerned about this unprecedented over-reach of law, please fax and call the Denver officials listed below. Emailing is good too, but faxing and calling makes a much bigger impression. "



"Here’s the link to an article in the

Rocky Mountain News:


Here is a sample letter:

Dear XXXX:

In 1896 U.S. Supreme Court in Sentel v.
New Orleans and Carrolton Railroad (1896)
166 US 698 declared all breeds of dogs to
be our property."



"Several Federal Circuit Courts have concluded that dogs qualify as property protected under Due Process. Altman v. High Point, 330F.3d 194.

On August 30, 2003 the Alabama Supreme court affirmed American Pit Bull Terriers are not vicious and so have several other courts. Huntsville v Shelia Tack (Ala.08-30-02), No. 1010459, Zuniga v. San Mateo Dept. of Health Services (1990), 218 Cal.App.3d1521, Carter v. Metro North Assocs. (1998), 255 A.D. 2d 251; 680 N.Y.S. 2d. 229.



"As responsible dog owners we have constitutional rights. For 35 years breed bans and restrictions have been attempted. Nowhere has breed specific legislation reduced criminal activity or protected the public from dangerous dogs. 13 states now prohibit breed discrimination laws. We believe our 4th, 5th, 8th, and 14th amendment constitutional rights are being violated. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) criminalizes U.S. citizens. It is cruel and unjust punishment. We are asking the city of Denver to repeal Section 8-55 of REVISED MUNICIPAL CODE, City and County of DENVER, COLORADO Codified through Ord. No. 679-03, adopted September 9, 2003. (Supplement No. 77, Update 3)





John W. Hickenlooper
1437 Bannock Street
Suite 350
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: (720) 865-9000
Fax: (720) 865-8791




Here are some of the Officials involved with the Pitt Bull Ban:  Please write them too.  

Bill Owens, Governor
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792
Phone (303) 866-2471
Fax (303) 866-2003



"Attorney General
1525 Sherman St.
5th floor
Denver, CO 80203
FAX: (303)866-5691

Department of Environmental Health
Nancy Severson"




District 1
Rick Garcia
2785 Speer Blvd., Suite 246
Denver, Colorado 80211
Phone: (303) 458-4792
Fax: (303) 458-4791

District 11
Michael B. Hancock
4730 Oakland St., Suite 200
Denver, Colorado 80239
Phone: (303) 331-3872
Fax: (303) 331-3874"




"Carol Boigon
1437 Bannock St., Suite 451
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: (720) 865-8100
Fax: (720) 865-8103

District 6
Charlie Brown
2324 E. Exposition Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80209
Phone: (303) 871-0601
Fax: (303) 698-4908"




Peggy Lehmann
6740 E. Hampden Avenue
Suite 302
Denver, Colorado 80224
Phone: (303) 504-5781
Fax: (303) 504-5786

Doug Linkhart
1437 Bannock St., Suite 451
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: (720) 865-8000
Fax: (720) 865-8003

District 9
Judy H. Montero
2828 Speer Blvd., Suite 111
Denver, Colorado 80211
Phone: (303) 458-8960
Fax: (720) 865-9540

District 10
Jeanne Robb
1232 E. Colfax Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80218
Phone: (303) 377-1807
Fax: (303) 377-1902

District 3
Rosemary E. Rodriguez
69 Knox Ct.
Denver, Colorado 80219
Phone: (303) 922-7755
Fax: (303) 937-4651"

"District 8 - Council President
Elbra Wedgeworth
3280 Downing St., Unit C
Denver, Colorado 80205
Phone: (303) 298-7641
Fax: (303) 298-9716


Judge Martin F. Egelhoff
City & County Building
1437 Bannock Street, Room 256
Denver, Colorado 80202  


Thank you for being a part of the Network
and for all that you do!




Deborah Delgado-Hand
No More Homeless Pets
Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon
Kanab, Utah 84741

(435) 644-3965 ext. 4401"