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What a scare we had with our mange treatment -- not to be re-visited!

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So, this past week, we brought in the litter of forest pups from Ohio --

-- a tough group, overall.

They were underweight, had mange, and came from a difficult place -- their mom died and the babies were somehow alive in a box in the forest -- :(

I treat all fosters in rescue as my own dogs --

-- and, as you can see from Precious at the right, I love to see them THRIVE!

When the pups came from the shelter, we were told they had Demodex mange -- a relatively easy mange compared to its sister sarcoptic mange, since sarcoptic is transmissible -- !!

When one of the fosters said her pups' mange was getting worse, I suggested Goodwinol ointment, which a vet in CT had referred to me years back --

-- all natural, and pretty harmless.

When I went downstairs to retrieve the ointments for the pups, I found it odd the 1 lb. tubs, which were packaged in cardboard boxes, had very general instructions.

Further, the statement that below that, "A Veterinarian should be consulted if no improvement is noted within 10 days" basically signalled to me that this stuff is pretty gentle. That comment, with my prior vet's statement that the stuff was "all natural" and the "homeopathic" way to go were sellers to me.

On the other side of the container, I found this note, which further assured me this stuff was very gentle --

"Practically non-toxic when used as directed."

So, I applied the ointment to the puppies "tough spots" of mange, hoping it would help them.

I went to bed that night, with everyone fine.

When I woke up the next morning, the two smallest pups couldn't stand up, or coordinate.

I washed the pups immediately, and here's where we ended next, at the vet.

At the vet clinic, the doctor pulled this off the Internet (below) --

-- Goodwinol Ointment is also called Rotenone --

-- and if "overdosed" or "systemically absorbed", it will lead to CNS (central nervous system) excitation and convulsions proceeding to CNS depression.

To the vet, that meant the puppies absorbed too much of the ointment and it was affecting their central nervous systems -- thus, the seizures -- :(

At the bottom of the page below is where the vet got this information -- something that I, as an every day consumer, would never know how to find -- :(

After 8 long hours at the clinic, the babies were all okay, as seen here.

This wasn't without a miracle, mind you.

When I left the clinic at 10AM, the veterinarian suggested little Troy be euthanised because he was experiencing seizures.

Then, after I left, Val started seizing.

After three hours at the veterinarian, the doctor gave the pups a dose of valium for their seizures, and that helped.

Then, the staff helped the pups at surviving.

Two of the pups' temperatures didn't register -- they were below 94 -- and they should be 101 -- :(

The staff kept the babies under a heat lamp, gave them IV fluids to keep them hydrated, and slowly --

-- very slowly --

-- they began to recover.

Little Val at right stopped seizing, and started eating.

He had averted a coma, which would have been terminal -- :(

And finally, little Troy, the littlest boy in the world, started sleeping, and eating, and recovering.

A miracle.

In the past 16 hours, I have been up with the pups every three hours.

Initially, little Troy wasn't eating on his own -

-- but last night, before bed, he went up to the bowl and PIGGED OUT -- !!

You can't imagine how happy that made me -- !!

The pups are doing great now, with great body temps., and are being constantly watched and fed.

You can't imagine how awful it felt to know that while I was trying so hard to do good by the pups, I unknowingly was hurting them -- :(

So last night, I had the question run through my head --

-- should I mention this on my web-site -- ??

Of course, I could have acted like nothing happened, to be a manly-man, and to avoid the chitter-chatter that those on the internet make who DON'T actually do rescue, but who instead gossip about rescuers.

But then, I thought about little Val -- and little Troy -- and realized how absolutely blessed I was -- and they were -- in their recovery.

With that blessing also comes a duty, to alert people out there of the real side effects of this treatment, and to explore other, more benign treatments for puppies.

I am very thankful these boys are alive, and I think the Goodwinol Ointment is a great product, on larger, stronger animals.

I will send this page to the manufacturer and ask them to reconsider their label on the ointment.

So, for now, the kids are all right, and we're getting them strong and healthy, and going back to the vet in a couple of weeks to treat their mange issues.

Thank you, GOD, for saving these boys, and I hope this page helps people treating mange in the future -- !!