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August 20th, 2007

Below are some deserving pups in various shelters that because of unfortuante circumstances, ended up in the shelter.

They are all wonderful dogs, and have been temperament tested -- please consider one!


Little Smokey was tied to the shelter door in rural Ohio --

-- he's only 8 months old -- !!

This boy is as sweet as they come, and his COLORING -- what a BRINDLE, Smoke!

The staff at the shelter LOVES Smoke, so they say, "no kill for this boy" --

-- well, that mantra can only hold on so long --

-- which means, this boy needs a HOME -- !!

Again, Mr. Pretty Pants, Smoke is -- !!


Dear Eric:

My name is Dottie, and I ended up in this shelter place when I was just a young puppy of about 3-4 months old. Some great people came to adopt me, and I knew “home” for about three months. They had to move one day, and I heard that I could not come along. Bummer! So, I landed back at that nice shelter. Thankfully, those shelter people loved me and kept me safe. I found another home and thought everything was cool. My new person and I traveled the country in his big rig, and I got to see lots of sights and explore this great US of A. (OK, I probably saw some things that we shouldn’t discuss, but traveling was fun.)

Anyway, we hung out at a motel in Missouri when we were not on the road. The digs weren’t great, but at least I had people.

You won’t guess what happened next…my person left me at the motel one day and never came back! It wasn’t even like a Motel 6, where Tom Bodett would “leave the light on” for me!!! I was alone in that motel for about a week. Some folks fed me occasionally, but they sent me to *another* shelter once they realized I’d been permanently abandoned. That new shelter was just awful. I waited and waited for someone to come get me, but that never happened. I heard the shelter folks talk about “putting me down” or something like that, but then they found I had a microchip. Lucky for me, they contacted the nice shelter in Arkansas and let them know I needed help. What is wrong with these people?!!! Can’t they see I’m precious? I’ll do anything to please my person, and I like other dogs.

I know how to sit and even know how to keep a clean house (if you know what I mean). I’m still very young – about 1.5 - 2 years old – and I *promise* to be a good girl forever. I just need a new person to believe in me. I’m still willing to trust – are you?

ecause I have an advocate named Sue at that nice shelter in Arkansas, I was able to come back here. I am now in the Fayetteville, AR shelter (third time, if you can believe it!) waiting for my one true love and faithful owner. I’m a faithful companion, so it’s only fair for me to have a faithful owner. Please, please help me.


I have to say, he is a dream! I have no idea how we got so lucky with this foster. I keep waiting for 'the catch'! He wants nothing to but to take a snooze by your side. Frankie is very mellow, he's content to just chill out unless you're ready to take a walk or play ball. Then he's all energy! He just wants to be with you all the time, I didn't even get any bathroom privacy because he butted that big head right in! He always has this silly, sheepish grin on his face! He's very focused on people, like he's always checking in to say, "Is this okay?" and "Thanks for picking me up today, FosterMom!"

He gives a little bark when someone comes in the door but immediately rushes to say hi. Perfect reaction!

He's very friendly with all people he's met so far: small kids, strangers, men and women.


He doesn't jump all over you, just looks up at you and wags, wags, wags that crazy-long tail! He loves to kiss!!!! I have no idea how he ended up in a shelter because he's housebroken, knows basic commands (sit, paw, down, come here) and is just generally very well behaved.


Someone must have loved him at some point. He's great in the car and in the bathtub.

His likes include looking out the window, playing fetch with ANYTHING, sleeping on his back with his legs in the air and potato chips. He snores. He also loves to stick his head in the fridge when you open it, he's very nosy that way! He's a piggy for snacks!

He had a blast playing with Zoe, they wrestled (and humped, ew) for 2-3 hours and were both exhausted and covered in each other's drool by the end. The only snag was when Zoe tried to take his bone. Just a warning growl/bark, no physical confrontation.

His dislikes include squirrels and cats, I think. He has a high prey drive and was super-focused on the squirrels. I'm not sure what he would do if he caught a squirrel or cat, and I wouldn't be willing to risk it. And he's not used to being leash walked, he is strong and can pull! We'll be working on that!

Health wise, he's not in bad shape. He's certainly young, I'd say maybe one year old, and has no major health issues I can see. He's underweight and his skin and coat are dry. He has large callouses on his legs, probably from being forced to sleep on concrete. He has scabby parts on his legs, belly and neck, probably from the same. With some TLC and good nutrition (I'm feeding Blue Buffalo, a holistic dry food made in CT), he's going to be a beautiful animal! I'd approximate about 75 pounds once he's filled out. And he's leggy too!

Someone cut his ears off, probably with scissors, as they're cut almost to the skull. They are all healed over though and he loves to have them rubbed. Also, I noticed that someone shot him with a BB gun, there is a BB under the skin on his backside. There isn't a wound there, so it must have been from a long time ago. Poor little boy.....

I have paperwork for him showing that he's been neutered and given a Rabies vaccine, which is good for one year since there was no proof of prior vaccination.

Anyway, thanks for posting this boy. He is going to be the dog of a lifetime for some lucky family! He'd be great with children or as a condo dog because he's so laid back in the house. Please find him a good family, he really deserves it!

BB King

I don’t know BB’s story. He’s very handsome – even with those cropped ears (yuck, for me) – and is super sweet. What a HUGE alligator mouth on this dog! He puts a whole new meaning into a “Pit Bull smile”!

Definitely a grin and bear it boy --


“BB King” I think came in stray with another female Pit.


“Tucker”, the puppy who was surrendered after his owner was arrested on drug charges.

Well, look at this little man --

-- no more drug charges against you, mmmkay, Tuck??!!

This is the stuff that kills you - these dogs don't deal in a world of "right" and "wrong" --

-- they just love, and accept.

Thankfully for great people like Sue, they have a second chance at living.

If you're interested in any of these pups, don't wait another minute --

-- fill out an adoption application above!