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Amour needs HELP in Chicago!!


Click here for her 3 week update!

Click here for baby's 1-1/2 week update!

Click here for baby's one week update!

Click here for Amour's 1-day update!

Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!


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Okay, well SPBR gets a lot of pleas for help --

-- but none like this one -- :(

Amour is a pup in Chicago -- in dire need of help.

Here's the story --

"my roommate's sister lives in chicago and teaches in the south side. a student of hers told her he had a pit bull that needed a home."

"she asked for some pictures and said she would help. (she has two rescues of her own) she got the pics today --- she had no idea that the dog was living in this condition. "

"i have been given no name or sex for this dog. just these pictures and was asked to post it here."

With that, we're heart-broken -- for this one poor dog -- a dog who was once a puppy, a dog who loved, who trusted, and who was betrayed.

We need help in getting Amour to Buffalo, New York. From there, we will board him at the vet's office, and get him veterinary treatment.

And from there, he needs a foster home, or -- after temperament testing is done -- a forever home.

Helping dogs in situations like this is what life is all about, for some -- and it's what life is all about for us.

If you can help with transporting, vetting costs, or anything, please email me here.

Thank you -- to Amy -- for taking the first step to helping poor Amour on a long uphill battle.


After the rescue!


Today, we received the picture to the right, and the following --

"the little girl is appr. 5 months old - they also said that she likely has not been fought - the dog apparently tried to get out of the garage because she was so hungry and scarred up her face.

they are taking good care of her now though

"i just want to find all the dogs who come across spbr the best homes ever - but i really want this little gal to wind up with someone who will treat her like a princess

thanks for all the wishes ... i guess Sunny said that the conditions were pretty horrific when she went to get the dog (not that you couldn't tell from the photographs) - and the family were all upstairs and this little gal was in a basement garage of some sort just basically being left to die ... i just want to cry at that reality"


After one week, our girl can be a DOG again -- !!

Well, one week in to her re-birth, and this girl has as many names as she does angels -- !!

She started off "amour" from spbr, then went to "sunny" -- her rescuer's name -- and finally we've ended at "Ruby" --

-- what the vet clinic called her -- !!

And don't think for a second we don't see the scarring on her face.

Okay -- it's scarring -- but what we see is a much deeper beauty.

We see an unaffected puppy who still wants to live and love --

-- and aesthetically, we see a young lady whose eyes and ears are still perfectly intact --

-- THAT in itself is a wonder -- !!

And now, it's off to living -- !!

Amy, in Ohio, writes --


I am sending you a ton of pics - not sure which ones will strike your fancy. She is so damn cute and so eager you can't help but immediately fall for her.

I LOVE the one of her running full throttle in her little fido fleece - it may need to be lightened....

Have fun!


And fun this little lady showed her Ohio fosters --

-- donned in a pink sweater -- !!

You can see here, she has no problems warming up to the adult-types -- !!

-- and we are so happy for that.

Just remember, 4 days ago, this girl Ruby couldn't stand on her own, she was so weak -- :(

Now, Ruby's a rock-star of the rural type --

-- and she'll take that over the urban squalor she left -- !!

Play play play girl --

-- for you, we've got all the time in the world -- !!

So, with that, Ruby passes the, "Hey, I had a bad run of it, but I'm still a great pup underneath it all" test -- !!

So, with that, Rube and her rescuers head home, and we now take a minute to give credit where credit is due...

... first, Sunny, whose sister is the Chicago teacher, and who said, "We can HELP" to sis -- !!

Next, Amy, an SPBR adopter, and a forum member who said, "Please, we've got to help her" -- !!

And next, Sunny's husband --

-- we don't know his name, but we'll call him Hercules, just because he was such a great help -- !!

Hercules, Hercules -- we thank you -- !!

So, with that, Ruby gets down to what every 5 month old pup should be concerned with --

-- PLAYING and SOCIALIZING with other pups -- !!

And, at the end of everything, we get a little glance up from our girl, a glance of thanks --

-- a glance of "hey, you matter in life" to us --

-- and really, that's all that matters, isn't it??!!

Okay -- Ruby is up for adoption, and she will be good to go shortly --

-- great prospects, apply!


Okay, now she's getting addictive -- !!

Well, as you can see at week 1-1/2, baby Rube is getting her stance figured out, and is looking like an adolescent again -- !!

Too, for the close-ups, her face looks FABULOUS -- !!

Just look at this mug -- it's wonderful -- !!

Around her nose -- ouch -- :(

Imagine all the pain she's gone through in this healing --

-- and that she's just sweet and complete makes her more of a trooper and a gem today -- :D

Personally, I think a lot of her fur will grow back in as she grows up --

-- in an older dog, they're more grown in to the skin and skull, but this little thing has a lot of growing to do, and we hope her fur will go along for the ride, too!

Now, for the wildcard -- the socializer --

-- little Josie.

She is an SPBR dog, too --

-- she was originally found abandoned in a warehouse in Buffalo, and Amy from Ohio adopted her and ever since, her life has been nothing but dreamy -- !!

And then, the money shot --

-- Sunny (the human) and the girls -- :D

Amy said Rube is SO sweet that she'll come towards you in a crawl, on her belly, and then she'll secretly be in your arm, with you coddling her, and then next she'll have her muzzle under your arm --

-- AWWW -- !!!

And the great thing is, she's UP for ADOPTION -- so to those worthy of a lifetime of love, apply up -- !!


Four weeks have passed, and someone's settling in -- !!

Well, after almost a month, we find our girl looking like this -- !!

Amy, her foster, writes --

"ok - here are some i took this morning with my camera

i wanted to show how much better her face was looking. even her other mange spots are looking so good.

she deserves to be shown off

i still can't believe the before pics"

"Her face is starting to grow fur where I thought she would be scarred forever. She is absolutely the most precious girl I have ever met.

She is the definition of "Hello World" and really is demonstrative in her joy at having been given FOOD, water, attention, warmth, etc. She really does almost express gratitude.

Being with her is wonderful!"

All I can say is WOW -- and THANK YOU --

-- to Amy, and to those who have supported this little love.

While beauty is indeed only skin deep, there's nobody who can tell me a 20 week old dog needs to wear the starvation she endured as a puppy for the rest of her life -- :(

So, little Rube has a donated bed and some toys coming in the mail, and many many well-wishes from a lot of kind hearted people.

We'll keep y'all updated, and this girl is a testament to hope and selflessness. Thank you, everyone.