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Angel, the most deserving, is HOME HOME HOME!!

Click here to see her one week update!

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Just under three months ago, here was our little girl, Angel --

-- in a kill pound in Ohio, pregnant --

-- hopeless.

BUT, she kept her sweet demeanor, and within days, she was in foster and was able to be the mom she always wanted to be -- !!

Fast forward a couple of months, and her babies go home --

-- but what about Angel --??

To me, undoubtedly, one of the kindest, most exemplary, little pit bulls we have ever had --

-- well next, enter her miracle...

... and it's with Nancy and family in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Their home visitor was SO impressed, he wrote --

"Just got back from HV..... An amazing family with a great environment for a pup...They absolutely adored Dawson and he loved them.. I will have the app for you by the end of the night... They get 5 stars from me... I really hope you guys approve them.. They have an amazing yard for the baby to run around and a lake close by... Hope all is well...


Next, Angel.

A new girl --

-- spayed, KID-FREE and ready to be babied a bit, herself -- !!

Next, she meets her momma, Nancy, on the left --

-- look at Angel's adoration of her --

-- LOVE at first SIGHT -- !!

And then, Angel seems to say --

-- "all this, for ME"??!!

Don't forget, in December, this girl was a stray in rural Ohio, pregnant, wandering yard to yard, living in an "Igloo" type doghouse, with some "man" inside telling animal control, "I figured if I stopped feeding her, she'd go away."

Shame on you, "man" --

-- and now, the gods haver certainly blessed Angel for all she's worth -- !!

Next, she meets her other family members --

-- and, as you can see here, our girl is just a puppy inside, looking for and giving all the love she can -- !!

And here, at the arrow, more pain from her prior life --

-- the remnants of a prong collar --

-- just awful.

Well, that said, Angel tries out her heels on the new place --

-- and she's OFF -- !!

A little turn here --

-- next, she blows by the garden gnomes --

-- and here she is in the final lap --

-- I think she LOVES it HERE -- !!

Ha ha ha --

-- here, she seems to fly up the stairs, even surprising Grandpa -- !!

And finally, she rests --

-- as always, with a beloved ball in her mouth --

-- as she did in the beginning -- !!

Next, she tries those stairs again --

-- they're FUN, right, ANGEL??!!

And then, momma Nan corrals Angel in a little bit --

-- just a WEE bit, mind you -- !!

Next, it's time for a family photo --

-- though Angel wants to give kisses, instead -- !!

And finally, here we are --

-- with our "rags to riches" girl exactly where she should be --

-- home.

Next, I start to say my goodbyes --

-- just LOOK at Nan (2nd from the right) --

-- she knows it's gonna be hard -- !!

Here's my little rock-star and me --

-- worth all the countless hours of driving --

-- worth all the SPBR volunteers' many hours of application processing --

-- worth just everything we could give her -- !!

And next, the best way Angel knows how to say goodbye --

-- with a very worthy KISS -- !!

So, there we are --

-- we've taken something that just didn't sit right with ANY of us and went and made a difference --

-- a difference that very much matters to the 13 4-legged friends and the many people they interact with --

-- what a BLESSING -- !!

And, before we know it, our girl is OFF again --

-- for ONE final ASCENT while we were there --

-- and you know where she was going??

Here's where...

... to be with her new momma, Nan.

To be babied for a change.

To know she was home -- forever.

To never have to be a breeder dog again.

To never have to beg for food and starve as a stray, again.

To be home.

We at SPBR are so thankful for all the many people who made Angel and her 12 an absolute success --

-- we thank you all, and we also thank Angel, for reminding us and showing us the deep love we have for rescuing this beloved breed --

-- it certainly is an honor -- !!

One week in to it -- !!

Nan writes --

"Angel is settling in so well. Not fond of the doorbell or the guys cutting down trees or the visitor with the cane, however.

She is a cuddler & a couch potato and hoarder of lacrosse balls.


The Spray Family. All four of us. :) "


Again, let me quote --


That, to us, is everything -- !!

Stay tuned for updates on our little diva and her 12 --

-- and, from SPBR to all the folks who helped make this incredible journey a reality, we thank you.


Click here to go to their home page!