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This shelter is bursting with pit bulls -- and these three have an angel watching them -- !!


2010: farewell, dear Rossi

Click here to see Rossi's 2008 pics!

Click here to see Jonesy HOME!

Click here to see these boys in Summer 2007!

Click here to see these boys get their silver wings!

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I received the following from an Arkansas shelter volunteer -- these babies are in need, and their situation is quite dismal. The two white pups are deaf, and that means they need REALLY special homes -- well, the shelter is unable to provide home-visits, so they are turning to rescues to help place these babes responsibly.

And with that, I hope we can help. While some people hem and haw about bringing dogs from the South to the North to help them, saying there are enough Northern dogs that need help, I say, "Thank you for your opinion -- now go help those Northern dogs" -- which turns them to more type-type-typing on their computers, and to not helping ANY dogs.

Well, I do not discriminate on a dog's location when considering it for rescue -- thus, I present Jonesy and Rossi!

Jonesy (M)


Jonesy is the red-nose with brownish spots and green eyes.

Rossi & Jonesy are two brothers that were turned over as a part of a cruelty case.

The boys have received two sets of boosters and have been neutered and chipped. They should be ready for their last booster and rabies soon, and I feel sure that could be done before they leave.

As I said in my previous note, you undoubtedly receive hundreds of requests for help. We just have *terrible* luck with placing Pits in this area. As a City-run shelter, the shelter staff does not have the manpower or luxury of being able to do home visits.

With these two puppies being Pits *and* being deaf, it's even more critical that we be diligent in finding the right situation for them.

Well, these boys are very cute (see Rossi below), but they are pit bulls, and they are deaf -- and they are dogs -- !!

All these traits, their being dogs, deaf and pit bulls, need special attention --

-- first on the dog part, no adopting them as "cute puppies" and letting them get big, only to decide they're no longer "part" of your family, okay?

Also, on the deaf part, it's huge -- check Meredith's write-up here.

And finally on their being pit bulls, well they may likely grow up to have dog aggressive tendancies -- are you okay with that? Can you manage that?

I have some pit bulls -- and as I write this, Daisy and Elvis are snuggled up against my side, little buddies of each other. Are they wonderful dogs? You bet you. Are they dog aggressive sometimes? Yup. Do I own them responsibly? YES -- Click here for more.

Rossi (M)

*maybe partially deaf*

Rossi is the one with black spots.

As stated above, Rossi & Jonesy are two brothers that were turned over as a part of a cruelty case.



These boys are wonderful little men, that will grow up to be deaf, adult pit bulls.

There are some definite "am I ready for this" questions with these lads fopr the prospective adopter --

-- first, these babies are pit bulls, and the pit bull temperament, specifically dog aggression, usually shows up in their personality at around a year.

You, as the adopter, need to be ready for this, and you need to be ready to be a responsible parent to your dog's needs.

Does this mean that Rossi is going to grow up a mulching machine, trying to mow down every dog he sees? Likely not.

What it does mean, though, is that when you're away from him, he's crated with a toy -- and that if you have another dog, you absolutely crate both of them separately when unattended. Find more on dog aggression here.

Also, little Rossi is deaf. More on deaf pups can be found here. There are some definite adjustments to having a deaf dog -- and there are some definite rewards. One of the best experiences I have had was with Ingi, who was deaf. When I got home, the other dogs were barking, excited. And then I would look to Ingi's crate, where she lay peacefully sleeping, without a care in the world -- !!


Finally, these are DOGS you're looking at here -- with 15 year life-spans and social tendencies -- this means no "tie-outs" and that they'll be part of your FAMILY!

Ready for them? If so, fill out an applicaiton above!


Jonesy & Rossi got their silver wings -- !!


Saturday, 4 PM

-- I show up at the airport, to pick up my precious cargo, Jonesy and Rossi, from Arkansas --

-- and NO, that isn't me in the sports jersey on the left hand side of the picture!

Spectators might conjecture, "Gee, there are enough Northern dogs that need help -- why help these Southern dogs?"

Well, first off, I can thankfully dictate how I spend my spare time, and this is how I choose to do it -- !!

More importantly, I have had J&R on my site for a couple of months, garnering some great applications up North, so it's time to connect the dots -- !!

So, we start out at the American counter, and are told to go to baggage pick-up and to sit tight --

-- well, for me, it's like Christmas, and I'm sooo excited to see these boys -- !!

Next, the baggage area, where I wait --

-- and wait -- with no boys in sight.

Well, I shortly find out that they're to be 40 minutes late -- 40 long minutes -- !!

I wait, and gaze at the floor -- wondering what it's made out of --

-- some poured epoxy? Who knows -- it doesn't scratch though -- !!

Next, I watch vacationers come in from Disney --

-- and I watch them go home -- :(

This guy caught my eye --

-- quite the lapel decoration -- not too believable -- even for a shady spy -- :D

40 minutes in to my wait, still no boys --

-- and then they arrive -- !!

I think that's from Chicago, but don't know, nor care -- !!

Next, they're HERE -- !!

And of course, they have a little fan club traveling with them --

-- Jonesy is on the left, and Rossi on the right --

Here, Jonesy shows off his Southern charm --

-- he is really the sweetest of boys, and is a real beauty --

-- he is deaf, too.

Next Rossi, who I could have sworn to hear say, "Where's my biscuits??!!"

He's quite confident -- and handsome!

He is a hearing dog, at least partially.

Here, the boys attract more fans, and like little gentlemen, they sit quietly and sweetly in their crates.

As soon as we can, we're in the car and off to their foster home -- !!

-- and shortly thereafter, we arrive --

-- to a gold-mine, of sorts --

-- the boys are to be fostered at a training / day care center, where they'll be plenty socialized and assessed for adoption --


Next, a body shot of the two of them --

-- LOOK AT all Jonesy's little spots -- !!

Here's a closer look -- !!

And then there's little Rossi, who's quite handsome -- !!

And more of Rossi --

Finally, Rossi starts peeing on the floor, and Jonesy is quickly thwarted --

-- here, he's picked up, with a little elbow grease --

-- you sure ate grand down in Arkansas, little man -- !!

-- as he's hiked outside, little Rossi goes along for the ride --

-- and before you know it, the boys are back in business, running about and enjoying their new lives --

THANK YOU ALL, to those who so generously gave their time and energy to these boys --

-- these are people who aren't always looking at a situation saying, "So, what's in it for me?" and who are instead saying, "How can I help?" --

-- well, these boys (and all of us) certainly appreciate your help, and they'll be seeing greener pastures from here, because of your kindess -- !!

If you, the prospective adopter, are interested in adopting either of these boys, please fill out an adoption application above!


It's summer, and these boys have learned some MANNERS!

Well, the boys have had time to get some "professional evaluations", and they're doing great!

Coll writes --

"Jonesy is probably a year old now.
Good with kids - yes, but older children - he is like a small bull in a china shop!
Housebroken - does pretty good, but will need help in a new home.
Crate Trained - Yes
Plays well with other dogs (but roughly), but does not wish to share food and water with them. He knows his obedience, but don't forget he is deaf so he needs lots of patience in training.

Attached is a picture - Jonesy is on the right side.

Rossi is a year old now. Otherwise, seems okay. They need to know Rossi can occassionally be aggressive with other dogs-doesn't like overly wild ones that get in his face.


Well, the little men -- are HANDSOME, indeed!

We are very blessed to have Coll help us through this journey with these two boys, and now they're READY to go HOME -- !!


Fill out an adoption application ABOVE!



Jonesy is HOME!

Well, it's a warm July day, and little Jonesy has been waiting for this his entire life --


Before meeting momma, he takes a drink --

-- watching his ball carefully, mind you -- !!

And then next, he meets momma, Lauren.

Lauren is a social worker in downstate NY and she passed her home visit with FLYING colors -- !!

She tries some quick hand signals with Jonesy (he's deaf) --

-- and Jonesy responds, "Ball, ball, ball"?

Bahaha -- our boy is just plain happy -- !!

Next she tries his "down" signal --

-- and Jonesy licks her hand -- :D

So off Jonesy is, around the yard, to love on little girls --

-- and to play with little boys -- :D

Next, he finds Courtenay, and he gets some lovin'

And then, while Lauren's not looking, Jonesy tells Courtenay what a SWEETHEART he is, and that Lauren's getting a great catch with him -- !!

"Yeah, Yeah" says Court, and she scuffs him off --

So he comes BACK --

-- and PROVES his royal sweetness -- !!

This time, Courtenay cannot deny this little man -- :D

And then he goes to mom, and says, "Look, ma -- I'm such a good little boy" -- !!

So now it's time for good-byes --

-- :(

First, Colleen's husband, who Jonesy obviously loves very much.

And then Colleen, the trainer, who 6 months ago said "I can help" and saved these two boys' lives.

Coll not only helped these boys, but she socialized them, and helped Jonesy with his hearing challenges --


Out in the driveway, Court's daughter tries to see my Elvis -- !!

And then little Rossi comes out --

-- saying, "Oh, Jonesy -- where you goin' -- ??"

So, little Rossi is still boarded, and is STILL AVAILABLE -- !!

He's a hansome little devil, and he reminds me much of my Elvis.

Interested? Fill out an adoption application on him - !!

So, for now, we're back to Jonesy, Mr. America for the day -- !!

And here he is, on the ride home.

Lauren writes -- "Here's my little man in the car on the way home from Buffalo and in
the apartment when we got home. When he's sniffing the ground I
imagine him saying "Mom! There's a bunny here SOMEWHERE!!!!

"He's such
a good, happy boy and I can't thank you and Courtenay and everyone

And then, a few weeks later, Lauren renames Jonesy to Westley, and she writes --

"My dad is here from
Pittsburgh to help me move some furniture to NY. My dad, by the way,
was the one who said "every time you hear about somebody getting their throat ripped out by a pack of dogs, its always pitbulls.

"He now
looooves Westley and tried to feed him a mcdonalds hamburger because
he thought Westley would be jealous of everyone eating in the car. I
guess that face and the pittie kisses won him over.

"Westley has been so great so far! He isn't afraid of anything except
stairs and dishwashers. He is amazing with other dogs--even the loud
ones don't bother him, of course!

I read so much about the pitfalls of
having a deafie, but there are so many great things about it as
well--Westley doesn't freak over thunder or when kids scream or when
the little dogs up the street bark at him.

"He is amazingly patient and
serene in the car--which definitely helped as we were driving home
from Buffalo the weekend I brought him home.

"He's really affectionate, even with new people, and he's got a handle
on some basic commands. He does try to turn his head away to pretend
he isn't "hearing" me sometimes, but all in all he pays attention and
does awesome. He is even learing to tolerate Sidney, the bunny.

"I knew I wanted him the first day I met him, and I am so glad you guys
made that happen! He has been such a love and a joy! Thank you and
Courtenay and Nicole and Wendy and Colleen and Tracy for everything. I
couldn't have found this adorable love without you guys and I can't
thank you enough.
Attached are pictures of his first couple days, including when he
obliterated the pillow he was sleeping on (lol), his most recent trip
to pittsburgh with me, and from when we went to Mianus River park in

Well, thank you to Sue and Karen in Arkansas, too, for their original rescuing of this boy --

-- and thank you to EVERYONE, for making this story a happy one -- !!

West, you've got a great life ahead of you, and many opinions to change about your breed -- go get 'em!


Rossi is so pretty in the snow!

Well, it's winter-time, and little Rossi is happy as a clam with trainer Coll, but he would still like a home to call his OWN -- !!

Coll has done nothing but great by this boy, socializing him with a myriad of other pups and people, and bringing him through his first year right -- :D

As with any dog, Rossi's not perfect -- he's a dog, not a computer -- :D

He would do great with continuing training, and responsible ownership, and plenty of loving --

-- if you're able to fit that bill, fill out an adoption application above!


Farewell, dear Rossi -- you're a good boy --


With a heavy heart, I recently learned that Rossi had passed.

He was loved during his days here with us, and he was one of Susan Morgan's Arkansas "saves" -- a big deal to us here at SPBR.

Colleen, his momma, writes --

"Eric, To end Rossi's Chapter:

Rossi traveled all over with us greeting people.  He passed his Canine Good Citizen Test with flying colors.  He watched agility shows with us.  He went to the mall and did obedience demonstrations and greeted all the children and adults with a happy but quiet manner.  He went to schools and libraries where he again demonstrated his obedience and greeted the kids.  He even got to hang out at a local movie theatre for the opening of Hotel for Dogs , when they were promoting the movie.

Rossi hung with me out back in the office during work hours and his two best doggie friends were his border collie buddies Cloak and Dagger .

He passed away suddently from an idiopathic heart condition . 

The last thing he was doing was what he loved best - outside ripping apart his stuffed toy. His ashes remain on a shelf with me in my office.  We miss his handsome face every day He will always be close to our hearts. 

Thanks, Colleen & Scott and the whole Canine Academy Staff"

While we can't usually change the fate of our lives, we can determine our actions while we're here on earth --

-- and little Rossi certainly did that, being the best behaved, best loved boy he could be --

-- making SPBR and his Susan proud.

So, for a little consolation, Rossi is now with his rescuer, Susan Morgan, getting a scratch here, having a laugh there, watching down on us --

-- and while we're sad, we're also very proud of the blessings that Susan and Colleen gave this boy -- he deserved these blessings -- and he showed it.

Goodbye, Rossi -- till we meet again.