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Aspen says, "Just come... and watch me grow..."

Click here for ASPEN in VIDEO!!

Click here to see our girl in Summer, 2012!!

Click here to see Aspen ONE YEAR BETTER -- !!

Click here to see our girl 5 weeks in -- !!

Click here to see Aspen two weeks with SPBR!

Click here to see our girl 5 days in to rescue!

Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!


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Late Thursday night, on 28 January, I got a call from fellow-rescuer, Kandy, that her daughter found a pit bull on the East Side of Buffalo --

-- and that the dog was unable to even get in to the car, she was so weak -- :(

Kandy took her in, and sent me the picture to the right --

-- it seemed that she was a adult girl, with a bit of mange -- nothing big.

I went on our forum, and some generous folks offered to help this girl, so she became an SPBR dog!

29 Jan 10 - What we got...

The next day, Kandy brought this girl over -- who I named "Aspen" -- a nice winter name -- :D

What I saw, though, was a dog that was 1-2 days from starvation -- :(

Little Aspen had been living on the streets for some time, and she had almost no fur --

-- don't forget, the temperatures have been in the teens during the day --

-- and as low as -5 deg. F in the nights --

-- how in the world did this girl survive --


Here you can see Aspen'd poor little figure --

-- and her open wound on her rear left quarter --

But, through it all, this girl is a LOVE.

Here she is, with my hand under her muzzle --

-- and with a look of "I'm okay with you" --

-- priceless.

I included this picture because it shows, first off, that she is a mommy --

-- look at her nipples --

-- that makes me very sad -- that a momma should EVER be in this shape --


And I also included it because it is how I pictured this poor girl, prior to rescue, roaming, wandering, hurting...

So, Aspen is severely underweight --

-- and, to me, that is why she is losing fur -- her body is overall shutting down.

And here, her condition was most apparent --


With dogs this underweight, you have to feed them extremely small portions on a 2-3 hour basis, so the food doesn't spike their systems and make them even more ill -- :(

30 Jan 10 - Upwards... !!

Well, after a good night's sleep, some snacks and a new jacket, our girl was READY to go to her FOSTER home -- !!

She looks oh-so-proud of her new coat here, and she almost seems to say --

"just overlook the details -- they'll get better on their own --

-- I am going to be a big deal some day -- !!!"

Yes, dear aspen, you will be a big deal some day, and we're going to make sure of that -- !!

And just LOOK at our girl here --

-- with her pork femur --

-- WAGGING her TAIL away -- !!

Look on the right -- her tail is wagging so much you can't even SEE IT -- !!

More wags, and more SMILES -- !!!

So, with that, we bid our baby farewell, and off she went with Cassie, to her foster's house in Buffalo.

Erica and her dear husband will be fostering our Aspen, along with Meg's help --


From the transport, Cassie writes --

"Since we got here a little early I let her chill in the back but she seriously bullied her way on to my lap. She's such a love."


So, as we said, give our girl some time -- and watch her thrive -- !!

She will be up for adoption after her health recovers, and after she's spayed, etc.

She is NOT good with cats, and likes SOME dogs at the present -- which may improve as her emergency survival state subsides.

Thank you to everyone who helped this girl along the way -- instead of being another statistic, she is hope, and will be joy and a loyal companion to the luckiest of homes!!


4 Feb 10 - Onwards!

Well, it's 5 days in to Miss A's rescue, and she's doing FABULOUS!

Meg writes --

"Can I start with saying I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!"

Just LOOK at how WELL she's filled in during the past week --

-- GREAT WORK, Meg, Erica and all -- !!

And here -- definite improvement -- !!

And there she goes...

... our girl... on her road to recovery, and enjoying her life again.

She is a little glimmer of hope in these otherwise cold, dark days of winter --

-- dear Myron Kaufmann was oh-so-right when he said, "Watching something grow is good for morale -- it helps you believe in life."

We love you little Aspen.

Two weeks along... 11 Feb


Well here we go -- our girl is starting to look like a DOG again -- !!

Her foster writes --

"Here is the pretty girl, still looking better by the day!


Physically, Aspen is doing so much better."


... and AMEN -- !!!


Miss Aspen is also living her lost childhood --

-- learning to play with toys and the like --

-- she doesn't seem too convinced of this one, whatever it is --

-- it looks like a giant turkey-baster -- !!

And then ol' familiar --

-- a ball -- :D

And then here, PRECIOUS --

-- she is becoming VERY human oriented --

-- and it makes you wonder, how a creature that was so mistreated by humans at one point can learn to love them again --

-- well it makes us wonder, too -- and it makes us realize that this girl is nothing short of DIVINE -- !!

Great progress, all!


Five weeks in: P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S -- !!!

Well, if our girl isn't doing JUST LOVELY -- !!!

Erin, her foster mom, writes --

"The fur is starting to grow in on her face, yay!"

"Look how shiny and pretty her fur is starting to look!

She's been on raw for a little bit now and took RIGHT to it as if she had been eating it all her life."

"Ahhhhhhh yes, the tummy rub... her FAVORITE."

"She LOVES basking in the sunbeams (when they're actually out, LOL)"

Unadulterated pleasures here, folks -- !!

"This is like her other favorite thing... she will just melt into your legs if you stand still.

So sweet."

"Zoom zoom!"

"It's hilarious watching her run around and play with toys because she POUNCES on them, ha ha!"

"ahhh... this is the life!"

Here is a picture of Aspen and her foster mom, Erin --

-- what LOVE!!

To see this girl doing so well makes me oh-so-happy --

-- all she needed was a chance -- and you gave it to her --

-- thank you, thank you, thank you!!



What a difference a year makes -- !!

And now, in November 2010 -- around 11 months after SPBR took Aspen in --

-- we present you, a mentally and physically RECOVERED and ADOPTABLE girl -- !!

So, let's call this picture "AFTER" --

-- and here, was "BEFORE" --

-- not even a different looking dog physically, but also a different looking soul.

In this picture, is a girl that's scared, untrusting and apprehensive -- basically, who has almost lost her faith in people --

-- and our "AFTER" shows much, much different - !!

Now, for some angles --

-- another "AFTER" --

-- with a nice, attractive, chunky BUTT -- !!

-- and just look --

-- just look --

-- at this after --

Honestly, here she was just living --

-- and here, we don't even know how she was living --

-- really -- she was a skeleton with skin on her here, looking more like a concentration camp victim than a domestic pet --

-- we're so, so sorry, Aspen --

Now, on to happier pastures --

-- here's our Aspen, and her human angel --

-- her sponsor --

-- her everything --

-- Lorna --

Here, words aren't needed to show Lorna's love for Aspen --

-- and Aspen's trust, belief, love and willingness to please Lorna --

-- in short, Lorna has taught Aspen how to love again.

Here, you can see that our girl certainly has NO physical issues lingering from her near-death experience --

-- instead, she's making up for lost time -- !!

What Lorna's doing with Aspen, too, is taking her to structured obedience with Colleen, which we're very thankful for --

-- so instead of a "healthy and wild" girl, Aspen is getting to be a "healthy and obedient" girl --

-- much better -- !!

Here, a smile on the left, and a smile on the right --

-- these are the beautiful, victorious moments of life --

Again, just think of the spirit of this girl --

-- dumped, abused, starved, treated like trash --

-- and she bounces back this well --


To prove just how MUCH things have changed, another "BEFORE" --

-- here, people, we have a girl that is almost mentally checked out from life --

Next, here, in a big AFTER --

-- we ask --

-- just HOW can it be the SAME dog -- ??

Well, this certainly proves the canine and human spirit, when combined, can definitely PREVAIL -- !!!

So, our Aspen is up for adoption --

-- what an OPPORTUNITY this girl is --

-- she's like adopting GOOD KARMA -- !!

Here, she shows that she's not all business --

-- quite the contrary -- !!

And here, she's DEFINITELY been made in to another SMILIN' PIT BULL --

-- which we CELEBRATE -- !!

And next, here, she's care-free --

-- without a worry --

-- no longer wondering where her next meal is coming from --

-- or feeling her body fail her from starvation --

-- no, instead, she's happy, smiling and loving!!

So again, we cannot thank Lorna enough for her tremendous work with Aspen.

What sort of adopter would mimic a Lorna, you ask?

Well first off, Aspen doesn't like cats -- and we'd prefer her to be an only dog --

-- and, most importantly, Aspen needs a pit bull-savvy adopter -- someone who will be firm with Aspen's obedience (but not rough), and who will continue her obedience --

-- simple, huh??!!

Again, a BEFORE picture --

-- her head almost a mere skull --

-- and next, and AFTER --

-- with everything nice and muscular, letting this girl be the ball of energy she's always wanted to be -- !!

Next, another BEFORE --

-- with cuts on her bum, mangy fur, and absolute emaciation --

-- and then next, well, we have a beautiful young lady, with a healed inside and out -- !!

So, there we go --

-- a happy, recovered girl who is ready to go home --

-- and another reason to answer the question -- "why rescue" -- ??

Well, in rescue you can see absolute miracles of recovery, as in Aspen -- with her body and soul healing and thriving --

-- and, just as importantly, you can meet such exceptional, phenomenal, generous people as Lorna --

-- I am so thankful our paths have crossed --

-- instead of selfishness and narcissism, Lorna shows selflessness and good will --

-- what a honor it is to know her --


We look forward to the best of applicant for Aspen --

-- someone who will recognize and love this girl every day for who she was, where she was -- and for who she is now.

Someone who will follow in Lorna's exceptional footsteps to make "one life breathe a little easier" while on this earth --

-- and for someone to show Aspen the unconditional love that Lorna has shown Aspen.

Think you're that person?

If so, fill out an adoption application above -- !!

THANK YOU SPBR, for helping this girl --

-- and specifically, thank you Lorna, for your fine example of a human being --

Our girl, Summer 2012

Well, it's Summer 2012 and as you can see, miss Aspen and foster Lorna are LOVIN' up LIFE -- !!

As we know, Aspen has been boarding where Lorna works, at the Amherst Boarding Kennel, for almost two years --

-- the BEST situation we can get for this girl, till she finds her forever home!!

Remember, Aspen and CATS do not mix!!

What we love --

-- that Aspen is indeed "owned" -

-- by that, we mean loved, kept, cherished, never forgotten, never forsaken --

-- promised --

-- period.

And if our miss ASPEN couldn't be getting ANY prettier --

-- well here, she went and DONE IT --

-- WHAT A BEAUTY you are, A -- !!

Look at her stunning stature --

-- her vibrant eyes --

-- her shiny coat --

-- you'd think (and she'll re-affirm) that true forgiveness is indeed possible --

-- Aspen has no bones against humanity --

-- end of statement --

-- she's looking FORWARD, not BACK -- !!

And here, our chunk-o-rama SMILIN' with her pearly WHITES!!

What a STATURE here --

-- just imagine, her body eating itself just to survive, as she was found --

-- to go and come THIS FAR --

-- so beautiful, so GALANT!!

Next, some head-shots of our PRINCESS!!

We love you, Miss Aspen --

-- and we love your foster momma, Miss Lorna, for all she's done, to get you to this princess-stage!!

We also are very thankful for RICHARD, the kennel-lord, for letting you board with his pups, a litttttle longer than originally planned!!

So again, here we are, back to loved and loving --

-- happy and happily --

-- but NOT happily-ever-after YET --

-- that's where YOU, the loving ADOPTER comes in --

-- interested?

If so, fill out an adoption application at the top of this page.


Our Princess, in video -- Summer 2012


Things I like in an application:

- Applicants who join our pit bull forum, at There, you'll find a small army of pit bull lovers -- 4,500 at the present -- !! For you, the adopter, you can learn about canine diet, pit bull temperaments, multi-dog households, and you can meet a nice group of people. For us, the rescuers, we can see your baby as they grow with you, hearing your stories about them and seeing pictures you post of them in their news lives -- win-win, right??!!
PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS PRE-REQUISITE -- it means a lot to us here -- !!
- Adult adopters, ready to be adults. People aware of the responsibility of a puppy, and aware this puppy will become an a medium-sized dog, with its own temperament and personality. Adult adopters who are ready for a 15 year commitment. This puppy does not have a depreciating "useful life" that is over when it becomes an adult -- instead, this dog's whole life is useful -- !!
- Owners who are aware of and who respect the pit bull temperament. This means people who know you can't "love" dog aggression out of their dogs -- instead, owners who are RESPONSIBLE with their pups -- crating them when unattended, supervising them with children, never leaving them outside unattended, and those who are ready for licks and lovin' in return! For more on dog aggression, click here.
- Adopters who treat their newest addition like a member of the family, realizing that this isn't a "dog in the box" and that its little life must be encouraged to go the right path and that obedience, socialization and training will get her there -- !!

- Financial commitment. Adopters willing to spend money on their new investment, including premium foods (like Candidae, Wellness, Nutro or raw food), plus adopters who will invest in pet insurance or a "dog fund", lest vetting be required, which may get expensive.

The adoption fee is $225 per dog. This is reasonable, considering the premium services that each pup gets. Each dog, before placement, is examined by a licensed veterinarian, spayed or neutered, wormed with premium wormer, given vaccinations on a regular basis (not just a one-shot deal), microchipped with a premium Home Again chip (made by Schering -Plough), fed premium raw food (not 'Ol Roy, or some other filler-laden junk) and has spent it's puppy fosterhood in a wonderful, attentive, CLEAN environment. There are 4-5 homes fostering these babies, and that is a LOT of logistics, driving, CARE, etc. -- but it's entirely worth it! Also, each puppy is accompanied by a personal home visit to YOUR home at placement, to ensure they're going to have the life of a king or queen -- !! If the home visit doesn't pass, puppy doesn't stay. This isn't some parking-lot-of-a-pet-store adoption scheme, instead, it's the highest-quality service I can provide for these young souls, as they journey off in to their lives. Note, too, we have had a recent increase in adoption fees, due to increased veterinary surgery rates.

- Smart and informed adopters, who research this breed and who realize that these pups are not for everyone. Pit bull temperament can be Googled, and a great start can be found here.


Things I shy away from in an application:

- Youth -- sorry kids -- this is a living being, not an iPod!! Young peoples' lives change a lot, and the first thing to get dumped is usually the dog, whether it be on their parents, a friend, etc., who are oftentimes ill-equipped and disinterested in this four-legged life -- then, the dumping or neglect begins.
- Renters. I get calls all the time saying, "Please take my dog -- I moved in to an apartment that doesn't allow them." Ummm -- did you fall asleep in an apartment that allowed them, and then wake up at a new address, in an apartment that doesn't allow them? This isn't magic here -- it's responsibility, and dogs come first. Please don't lie on the application, either -- this will show up in the home-visit -- !!

- Multi-dog households. While I love having many pit bulls, quite a few people aren't ready for the commitment and responsibility it takes to sometimes crate their dogs, rotate them out of the crates and generally own them responsibly. When that happens, I get calls saying, "I have to get rid of one of my dogs ASAP." I can never understand why these people think their lack of planning is all of the sudden my emergency.

- Busy households. Sure, puppies are cute, and they're cuddly, and after they're bathed, they smell nice. But when they grow up in to dogs, and the busy household moves on to their new obsession, the dog, now needing obedience, love and affection, is dumped in the suburban sense. The dog may even live "out on the porch" -- people mention that to me like it's acceptable -- dogs are social beings, and will not flourish in situations of neglect!
- People that call me sounding like gangsters. It happens a lot -- and they never want a spayed or neutered dog. Sorry folks -- this is rescue, not a puppy mill, nor the "syndicate". Also, please don't bother me with requests for "papers" -- last time I checked, no people I knew had "papers", and that didn't make them any less a "person" -- !!