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Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a WINNER!


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Well, once in a while a perfect dog comes along...

... and mr. bb king is just that.

Not perfect in looks -- because I don't care about looks --

-- but perfect in temperament.

He was found a stray of all things in Fayetteville, Arkansas...

... and to that, I can honestly say, this boy doesn't have a mean bone in his body --

-- with other dogs, with people, with anyone.

He's so good that I take him out with my pups, alternating which one each time, and he never reacts to them.

Also , if my *angel* Daisy aggresses towards him from her crate when he's walking by, he just continues to walk by -- !!

It's a real problem though, when I'm trying to use my laptop on the sofa and Mr. BB is out and about --

-- he won't let me!

He nuzzles and noses me till I give in and pet him.

If I resist, he starts CLIMBING OVER my head, just to get my attention -- !!

He's honestly a perfect dog.

Sometimes, though, I feel bad for this boy.

He's scared of things he's unfamiliar with --

-- thus, he doesn't like the rotating fan, nor does he like the lap-top.

So, when he's trying to nuzzle me, I show him the laptop and he's temprarily thwarted -- though not for long -- !!

Also, it was so sad last night -- I was putting BB back in to his crate before Queen Precious came out, and I called his name.

I saw him out of the corner of my eye, so I turned to grab him as he walked away.

He immediately went to the ground and closed his eyes, like a "please, no" look.

Well, I sweet-talked him, picked him up on his back, and sat on the sofa with him, rubbing his belly.

All I heard after that was the sound of his wagging tale hitting my legs -- !!

So, there we have it --

-- a perfect dog --

-- who was ironically found as a stray, and who is now safe.

What we need is a perfect home for this boy -- no part-time parents here, folks -- BB won't have it any other way than full-time and large-in-charge -- !!

Are you up to it?

If so, fill out an adoption application above!

Until his adoption day, I will cherish my moments with this little Adonis --

-- he is truly a gift to life.