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Borris is in his autumn years -- and he is in a bind.


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Here is the story of poor Borris. His guardian angel forwarded me this email --

"Dear Friends, I hope all of you are well.  I know this is an unusual request from us, but Shahriar and I have tried every other avenue to avoid putting his pet to sleep.  Please help us find his 12-yr-old dog, Borris, a new home by forwarding his bio and (attached) photos widely.  We simply cannot take care of him anymore in our small 1-bdrm apartment."

"We've placed an ad on craigslist, and have contacted all the Animal Rescue and Humane Societies, but most of them say that if we surrender Borris to them, they will euthanize him because of his age and breed. All the other shelters that have a "no-kill" policy are full.

Our deadline is 2 weeks to find him a good home - after that we will have no choice but to put this family friend to sleep."


"If you know someone who loves dogs, who has a yard and who is willing to take in Borris- even if they live a few hours from DC- we would be grateful.  We'd even be happy to pay his food expense for 6 months.

Thank you so much for passing this on."

And his bio --

"Borris has been a great family pet and is very loyal and loving. Shahriar's father recently had a stroke and is no longer able to take care of him. His parents sold their family home and Borris' yard with it. Borris is a twelve-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier. He is good with people, children, cats, and other animals. He is very obedient to people. He has a clean bill of health; he is up-to-date on his vaccinations and the vet just gave him an array of blood tests this April which confirmed his good health. He is a really great dog and is just a yard away from happiness. Please help."

Well, stories like this are extremely sad for me. Poor Borris has been a faithful family member for 12 years, and now, due to circumstances beyond his control, he must go.

I can't help but think of my boy Spud, to the left, who is similar to Borris in age, albeit only 10 years old.

I rescued Spud nine years ago from a shelter in Upstate New York. When I called the shelter, I asked for their hardest-to-place dog, and they showed me Spud. When I saw him, I fell in love with him immediately -- I ran him around the shelter grounds and was amazed by him, having never seen a dog that big with such strong terrier traits -- I watched his body as he ran, watched his intuition, and couldn't get enough of him.

Over the past nine years, Spud has been nothing but the center of my life -- sure, there are others in that circle -- friends, family, my other dogs -- and Spud.

Here we are, nine years ago, when we shared our first Christmas together. Since then, he has seen me through numerous moves, my absolute highs, and lowest of lows.

When I was at the World Trade Center Marriott taking a brokerage exam on 9/11/01, and the exam was canceled because of the attacks, he was awaiting me at my shoebox Manhattan apartment. He was also there for the following months when I sunk in to a general malaise and couldn't get out of bed before 8:30 AM to go to my new job. He was also there when this "dream MBA job" fell apart, laying off our entire class due to "general economic reasons."

Today, Spud is comfortable, spry and happy -- and I would do anything for him. He is content with his world, and he knows he is part of my world --

-- putting him in any other situation would turn his life upside down -- I know that, and that would never be an option.

So, this brings us back to Borris. While I am not supportive of his being taken out of his present home, it seems inevitable that it will happen.

This boy is 13 years old -- he is in his autumn years. He does not deserve to be kenneled for his remaining time, with dogs barking day in and day out --

-- if he cannot stay in his current situation, he deserves humane euthanasia, with his current family holding him till the last minute -- OR, an alternative --

-- a perfect, sweet home for this dignified gentleman.

Can you provide 'Plan B"? If so, fill out an application above!


Borris' blessing

After much waiting and anticipating, Shahriar writes --

"Dear friends of Borris and SPBR supporters,

It is with our most sincere thanks that we write to share some wonderful news with you. Last Saturday, Sophia and I visited Tracy and her family (husband Jeff, and daughter A.J.), fellow SPBR supporters at their home in New York State and decided to adopt Borris to Tracy.

Adopting Borris to Tracy, Jeff and A.J. is in many respects ideal. Tracy, like each of you, possesses a profound appreciation for Pit Bulls; understanding that Borris is extremely sensitive, obedient, and essentially self-less (when he is not involved in a greedy scheme to eat all of your peanut butter). "

"We observed that Tracy appreciates Borris and can match his affection. Jeff was so very welcoming and hospitable to Borris. We also met AJ, Jeff and Tracy's terrific toddler, and she LOVES dogs and life. Sophia and I became certain that Borris could find his place in this family which is compassionate, pit bull loving, and very well attuned to the needs of a very special senior dog of the popularity and following that Borris has gained through SPBR.

We have said our goodbyes to Borris with absolute confidence in Tracy, Jeff and A.J. We miss his presence. I expect to see Sophia walking with Borris to greet me on my walk home from the Metro after work. We both still horde plastic bags for his walks that we will no longer take. So we area a bit listless without Borris. However, Borris has a full time gig with Tracy, et al. sleeping, eating, and prancing around his new home.

Thank you for opening your heart to Borris and offering to take him into your home. With your support and best wishes, Borris is happy and well-provided for at this moment and for for the rest of his life. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance to you. Thank you.

Warmest Regards, Shahriar & Sophia

Attached is a photo of Borris in his new home."