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Now here's a boy who found some love -- and who needs much more -- !!

Click here to see our victory -- !!

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Well, sometimes you know you've met a special dog, and for me, that was the day I met Bubba.

We had a home in Western NY that had a pre-home visit approval, and we had Bubba and his foster parents drive 4 hours each way for the hopeful placement.

The home had two other dogs -- a Chi and a Pit Bull, so we were obviously most concerned with how the dogs got along.

Oh, too, they had two children under 8 years old.

Well, when Bubba got out of the car, he went and licked and loved on the girls --

-- PASS!

And then, the female pit bull came out --

-- that was an okay meet-up, but she was too rough for our little Bubba at times, and he seemed to want to enjoy the day rather than play hard.

Then, next, came out the Chihuahua --

-- the terror.

This Chi weighed a tenth of Bubba's weight, but he ruled the roost, I tell you!

While Bubba allowed the Chi to dominate, etc., he didn't like the Chi constantly trying to bite him --

-- and can you blame him??!!

So, at the end of the day, we decided the home wasn't right for Bubba --

-- we felt he deserved better.

He is truly, truly an exceptional boy. He's a pit / lab mix, and he is a gentle giant if there ever were one, with a calm, sweet demeanor, and a high interest to please.

His foster mom, Debbie, writes --

"Bubba is a pit bull/lab mix. He has been neutered, dewormed, has his rabies shot and is now micro chipped. He is about 2 years old. He has not had very good luck when it comes to owners."

"As a puppy he lived with a young man that was very mean and abusive to him. He was rescued from this life by another young man, named Gregg, which tried to do the right thing for him but did not have a stable life himself. As Gregg moved around, so did Bubba. Sometimes Gregg lived in places where dogs were not allowed and Bubba was left with others to care for him. Sometimes Bubba was left crated for 12 hours and more at a time."

"Last winter Gregg left Bubba again with someone to care for him. The man left Bubba chained outdoors all winter and then this spring he decided he did not want to have the dog anymore and was going to have him put down. This is where I come in. My daughter is a friend of Gregg’s and called me begging me to save this dog. Reluctantly, I agreed.

I was skeptical of this type of dog because of all that I have read. Bubba has changed my opinion and won me over. He is a wonderful dog. He does not show any of the bad behavior I had expected from this breed of dog and with this background. He is a very happy, loving dog and just wants someone to love him back! He is full of energy and loves to play. I was also impressed by how smart he his."

"Bubba is a very NON aggressive dog. He gets along well with other dogs and cats. One of my dogs did not accept him very well and would snap at Bubba and he was not aggressive back. He has no food aggression either. "

"Bubba absolutely loves children and can’t wait to play with them and give them kisses.

Bubba must be kept on a leash or in a very secure enclosure when outdoors because he will get away and run and run. I am sure this comes from being chained and or crated so much.

Due to personal circumstances, I am unable to give Bubba a “forever home”. He is a wonderful dog and would make someone a great, loving, companion. He has a lot of love to give and just needs someone to share his life and his love with.

Please help to find this wonder boy the great home that he deserves."

Well, the humanity of it.

Bubba has seen the worst of people...

... and the best of them.

Look at Deb and her husband in this picture --

-- look at where their hands are --

-- that says everything.

So, what we're looking for is the best --

-- the best for this boy, the best for the rest of his life -- the best for him forever.

What I can promise you is that you're getting a peach of a boy, and that he will love you unconditionally.

Are you interested in such an adoption?

Can you give Bubba many carefree days on the porch, like my Elvis sees at the right?

Will you not only show him love, but make up for the love he missed out on as a babe?

If you're willing -- and you're worthy --

-- fill out an adoption application above!

And as a side note, thank you to Debbie and her husband --

-- selflessness is something that is hard to come by nowadays, and it's an absolute joy to witness it.


Our boy -- home -- and blessed!

Sooo... how do we start a perfect story??

Well, early on Sunday morning, Julia and I took a drive to Central New York and ended up at a fairy tale kind of place --

-- at Chris' and her husband's home.

Debbie and her husband brought Bubba along from Binghamton, and the meet-up had begun -- !!

I knew I liked Chris from the get-go.

She was initially attracted to Bubba because of my write-up of him on this page --

-- she said she felt much more comfortable with him because of his bio with kids and cats --

-- YAY!!!

And then she said what touched me most --

-- that she was attracted to him because he was an adult and that he was a "black dog" --

-- two aspects that make such a dog's chances nearly impossible at adoption.

What society tends to overall is lighter-colored dogs who are puppies --

-- well, puppies become adults, and it's no wonder that adult dogs are usually the ones you find dumped in shelters --

-- and who rarely come out alive.

Well, this case is different!

Here we see the meeting of the moms -- :D

Deb talks to Chris about Bubba, and Bubba just gloats --

"WOW -- this could all be MINE??!!"

Next, our boy gets some freedom on a relaxed lead...

... and before you know it, he's in Chris' beautiful old barn!

As a side-note, I can only use the word "refreshed" for my meeting with Chris and her husband --

-- they are kind and generous people -- they're not the type that says "what's in it for me" but who instead saw Bubba's need and said "why not -- we can help!"

To us, that is everything -- feeling that this kind couple somehow knows that life is about more than dollars and cents, and also knowing that our obligation here as earthlings is to give more than we take --

-- well here, the giving is a'plenty -- !!

Inside Bubba's new home, we find it decked out for our boy --

-- complete with treats, a crate, toys and a brand new bed -- !!

And then, we see Bubba's reaction to his new digs --

-- initially standing by his foster parents, but finally going forward with his new life -- :D

Outside, Chris' husband says, "He'll like it out here -- we made this gate JUST for him" --

-- ummm -- someone pinch me -- I'm in Bubba-heaven -- !!

So then, Bubba goes from his old foster Dad...

... to his new one --

-- happy as a clam -- !!

And then, if things couldn't be good enough --

-- Chris brings out pictures of two of the seeing eye dogs her family and she raised and helped place with visually-impaired folks.


Also, look at the proud grin on Chris' face...

So, there, we are --

-- months and months of work from Deb and her husband to be continued by Chris and her family.

Bubba couldn't be happier, and he somehow knows he's finally where he was always meant to be.

A big "Sal-ute" goes out to Deb and Chris -- for their liberal ways in dealing with this mystery "pit bull thing" that neither of them had much experience with --

-- as we know, Bubba proved himself sound and true with his beautiful temperament, dispelling many evil myths in the media that the pit bull genes are somehow a curse to any canine who has them.

So, Bubba, you're free -- you are finally spoiled to the hilt -- you have toys and treats and a loving forever home.

Gone are the days of abuse, neglect and discrimination because of your color and breed --

-- and to Chris and to Debbie and to their families, a sincere "thank you" goes out to me personally --

-- I rarely cry when leaving a placement, and as I left this home, tears were definitely clouds in my eyes...