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all hail -- princess BUBBLES -- !!

Click here for Bubbles' heartworm fundraiser!

Click here to see our princess going HOME!!

Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!

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In mid-March, 2012, we received --

"Hi Eric - This will be the last time I bother you via email.  I am hoping you can help with the female pitbull I have in my municipal kennel.  I am going away for 6 days.  I don't mind holding her longer to find her a home but since I am going away for 6 days, the Town wants her euthanized before I leave.  I leave on the 16 th at 6 AM. She is SUCH a sweet and gentle dog.  What a loss it will be.   I will now try your phone.  Maybe your SPAM filter is snagging my emails.  I can't imagine that you wouldn't even reply with a no. 

Thanks, Barb
Town Clerk"

Well, after speaking to Barb, we learned the rest of Bubbles' story.

Sweet Bub was found a stray, back in early February, living in a ditch, scavenging off a deer carcass --


Drivers by said they saw her eye reflections in their headlamps, and when Barb went out to get her, sweet Bubbles was timid, yet kind.

With that, Barb took Bubbles to be spayed, but the veterinarian said he couldn't find her uterus (?) after exploratory surgery --

-- and she recently went back in to heat -- :(

I spoke with our superstar veterinarian, Dr. Allen, yesterday, to which she said, "She's GOT to have a uterus -- bring her in" --

-- so, Bubbles is undergoing her 2nd spay next week, March 20th.


Since Barb needed Bubbles moved quickly, we put a plea out on our facebook group --

-- and Marie, shown, responded, saying, "I can HELP!!" --

-- and help she did, pulling Bubbles from the pound, and bring her to rescue today, 15 March.

Here, Bubbles didn't even want to get out of Marie's TRUCK, she was so comfy -- !!


Here, a slight AIRLIFT of our baby to ground -- !!

Poor thing --

-- just imagine all she's been through -- :(

After a couple of minutes out of the truck, Bubbles got some of her confidence back about her --

-- and here, you can see, she became quite attached to Marie --

-- having only know her for an HOUR -- !!

That said, next is our MUGSHOTS of this PRINCESS --


born: 2010
adoptable: March, 2012
what comes with him : she's spayed, microchipped, wormed, vaccinated, socialized and LOVED


Here you can see --

-- our girl is QUITE happy with her new buddy MARIE -- !!

And here, she catches Marie off-guard for a *kiss* -- !!

Contentment --

-- I bet this is the FIRST TIME in a LONG TIME this girl has felt that -- !!

So, there we are --

-- our little momma has some acclimating to do, that's for sure --

-- her head is undoubtedly spinning from all she's seen!

From Barb, we know the following of her --

(1) she's SCARED of cats -- HAHAHA --


(2) she's GREAT with other dogs, showing no interest / playfulness


(3) she'll be spayed shortly, by SPBR -- !!

Also, we think her to be around 2 years old.

What I guess makes me really sad is the idiots out there who carte blanche hate this breed.

They don't see the sensitive, introspective, loving side of these dogs as Miss Bubbles shows.

Really people, here's a dog who was probably dumped by some hillbillies after they couldn't breed her for profit any more --

-- and then she LIVED in a DITCH, eating a DEAD DEER --

-- all to be stuck in an outdoor kennel for a month, just almost euthanized --

-- to be finally blessed by Barb, who said, "You're to sweet to die, baby" --

-- and here she is, in all her beautiful self!

If you're interested in adopting our chunk-of-love, please fill out an adoption application at the top of this page --

-- from there, we'll contact you for a home visit, and if all goes well, you have a new PRINCESS in your LIFE -- !!

Thank you to all who selflessly gave your time and efforts to saving this one, special life --

-- she's definitely worth it -- !!

Our baby girl, going HOME!!

Well, our little girl's wished came true --

-- baby Bubbles found her PRINCESS --

-- that would be Chelsea (pictured), a vet tech in CT --

-- who LOVES this girl to DEATH!!

As you can see, Bubbles is a little bewildered --

-- and a lot thankful --

-- by her STROKE of LUCK!!

Haha --

-- we LOVE Bubbles' FRECKLES on her FACE --

-- miss PRETTY PIE --

-- and we just LOVE chelsea, too --

-- this girl is in HEAVEN --


So, there's our girl, before the transport back to Chelsea's pad --

-- HAPPY TIME for ALL --

-- thank you, Chelsea, for being great!!!

Princess, HOME!

One week in, Chelsea writes --

"Olive (formerly Bubbles ) is just such a sweetheart. She is finally learning what it's like to be a normal dog living in a house where she is LOVED!! She is so gentle and great with our rabbit AND cat (whom harasses her to no end).

She has proved GREAT with children and strangers. She's pretty much proving ALL the stereotypes wrong. She comes to work with me (at the vet clinic) where she can meet NEW, NICE people and get fed cookies. She is great with my lab and they enjoy begging together when people are eating =X

We are still working on her and my other bully mix BUT i'm sure it will work out with training for both of them =)

I've yet to hear her bark!! But i'm certainly not complaining

That said, when SPBR got Bubbles, she came with a veterinarian visit under her belt, and she was on heartworm medication --

-- all good, right?

Well, Chelsea had a snap-test for heartworm, and she came back positive :(

That said, we'll stand by our princess, and get her heartworm treated!

Chelsea works at a vet clinic, so their discounted rate is $775 -- a GREAT discount -- !!

We've fundraised $200 already, and we're asking, if you're ABLE to donate $5 or $10, to get this girl all BETTER!!

If you can help, her chip-in is below!

If you want to donate another way, email us at -- THANK YOU!!

Things I like in an application:

- Applicants who join our pit bull forum, at There, you'll find a small army of pit bull lovers -- 4,500 at the present -- !! For you, the adopter, you can learn about canine diet, pit bull temperaments, multi-dog households, and you can meet a nice group of people. For us, the rescuers, we can see your baby as they grow with you, hearing your stories about them and seeing pictures you post of them in their news lives -- win-win, right??!!
PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS PRE-REQUISITE -- it means a lot to us here -- !!
- Adult adopters, ready to be adults. People aware of the responsibility of a puppy, and aware this puppy will become an a medium-sized dog, with its own temperament and personality. Adult adopters who are ready for a 15 year commitment. This puppy does not have a depreciating "useful life" that is over when it becomes an adult -- instead, this dog's whole life is useful -- !!
- Owners who are aware of and who respect the pit bull temperament. This means people who know you can't "love" dog aggression out of their dogs -- instead, owners who are RESPONSIBLE with their pups -- crating them when unattended, supervising them with children, never leaving them outside unattended, and those who are ready for licks and lovin' in return! For more on dog aggression, click here.
- Adopters who treat their newest addition like a member of the family, realizing that this isn't a "dog in the box" and that its little life must be encouraged to go the right path and that obedience, socialization and training will get her there -- !!

- Financial commitment. Adopters willing to spend money on their new investment, including premium foods (like Candidae, Wellness, Nutro or raw food), plus adopters who will invest in pet insurance or a "dog fund", lest vetting be required, which may get expensive.

The adoption fee is $250 per dog. This is reasonable, considering the premium services that each pup gets. Each dog, before placement, is examined by a licensed veterinarian, spayed or neutered, wormed with premium wormer, given vaccinations on a regular basis (not just a one-shot deal), microchipped with a premium Home Again chip (made by Schering-Plough), fed premium raw food (not 'Ol Roy, or some other filler-laden junk) and has spent it's puppy fosterhood in a wonderful, attentive, CLEAN environment. Also, each puppy is accompanied by a personal home visit to YOUR home at placement, to ensure they're going to have the life of a king or queen -- !! If the home visit doesn't pass, puppy doesn't stay. This isn't some parking-lot-of-a-pet-store adoption scheme, instead, it's the highest-quality service I can provide for these young souls, as they journey off in to their lives. Note, too, we have had a recent increase in adoption fees, due to increased veterinary surgery rates.

- Smart and informed adopters, who research this breed and who realize that these pups are not for everyone. Pit bull temperament can be Googled, and a great start can be found here.


Things I shy away from in an application:

- Youth -- sorry kids -- this is a living being, not an iPod!! Young peoples' lives change a lot, and the first thing to get dumped is usually the dog, whether it be on their parents, a friend, etc., who are oftentimes ill-equipped and disinterested in this four-legged life -- then, the dumping or neglect begins.
- Renters. I get calls all the time saying, "Please take my dog -- I moved in to an apartment that doesn't allow them." Ummm -- did you fall asleep in an apartment that allowed them, and then wake up at a new address, in an apartment that doesn't allow them? This isn't magic here -- it's responsibility, and dogs come first. Please don't lie on the application, either -- this will show up in the home-visit -- !!

- Multi-dog households. While I love having many pit bulls, quite a few people aren't ready for the commitment and responsibility it takes to sometimes crate their dogs, rotate them out of the crates and generally own them responsibly. When that happens, I get calls saying, "I have to get rid of one of my dogs ASAP." I can never understand why these people think their lack of planning is all of the sudden my emergency.

- Busy households. Sure, puppies are cute, and they're cuddly, and after they're bathed, they smell nice. But when they grow up in to dogs, and the busy household moves on to their new obsession, the dog, now needing obedience, love and affection, is dumped in the suburban sense. The dog may even live "out on the porch" -- people mention that to me like it's acceptable -- dogs are social beings, and will not flourish in situations of neglect!
- People that call me sounding like gangsters. It happens a lot -- and they never want a spayed or neutered dog. Sorry folks -- this is rescue, not a puppy mill, nor the "syndicate". Also, please don't bother me with requests for "papers" -- last time I checked, no people I knew had "papers", and that didn't make them any less a "person" -- !!