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These two strays have 5 days -- want to change their course??

Click here for their December miracle!

Click here for their Nov 1st update.


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Here's Caramel, a boy picked up as a stray in a small town --

-- he will be temperament tested before placement, as will his sister, Midnight...


Midnight is here, described as a sweet and shy girl --

These loves have 5 days at the local animal control, starting 9/28 and going till Monday --

-- a long shot, you say? Well, a try is definitely worth it -- for their sakes -- !!



If so, fill out an adoption app above!


November 1st update


I went to the local animal control to see these babies last week, and took some photos --

-- here's Midnight --

She's a very sweet girl, says the ACO, and loves her brother, Caramel.

She has had a recent litter -- :(

Here's Caramel --

-- a good boy, with a gentle disposition --

-- with the flash --

You can see he's had a somewhat rough life -- maybe he was kept outdoors -- who knows --


These are always fun to see -- !!!

And here's someone I respect quite a bit, the ACO (animal control officer).

This is an extremely hard job, to me. These people see some pretty dark parts of society -- and have to deal with it.

Here, Caramel and Midnight were dumped on the road, at night, because of a problem their owner had with the law.

These dogs will likely not make it out of the shelter alive. That's the sad reality of it. And for this ACO, it's another day of reality --

-- to me, it's an almost impossible job. The ACO does, however, show great kindness and care to the dogs -- the last they'll have -- and that's very important to me.

So, another argument for responsible ownership.

"What can I do about this" you ask?

Well, FIRST, spay or neuter your dog -- the argument that "Oh, my boy, he's special -- I want to breed him, and I'll place the dogs in the BEST of homes" doesn't fly with me --

-- how many of those "placements" are done with spayed or neutered puppies? Hardly none -- ever -- and the cycle continues itself -- again and again.

Also, responsible ownership is critical -- as are responsible placements on my side.

This is a small reality check for me -- and hopefully the disbelievers out there, too -- please spay and neuter!


Pups' December Miracle -- !!

Two weeks ago, I got an email from Dennis, the ACO, saying that he held on to these two pups long enough and that he was going to have to put them down that Friday --

-- he said it was sad, because they were good dogs in a bad situation.

I was full with foster pups, and I didn't have a good answer for him.

Then, two nights later, I got a phone call, from Corey, who saw these two loves on the pb-smiles forum here --

-- she said she would foster them, assess them, and place them -- !!

The next steps were rather time-consuming, but not impossible -- !!

I arranged with Dennis to have Caramel and Midnight taken to the vet, where they were spayed and neutered.

Then, Elaine, ANOTHER member of pb-smiles, agreed to foster these two loves till Corey could pick them up from her Phila home --

-- WOW!!!

And here we were last night, with Caramel and Midnight as they like it -- by each others' side, at Elaine's home --

-- and as I like it, in separate crates -- !! Pit bulls should never be crated together, and should always be crated in multiple dog households when unattended, regardless of how great of friends they are -- !!

Anyway, here they are at Elaine's, awaiting their next step, which is Corey to pick them up --

Elaine writes --

"Corey is in for a real treat when she meets these two characters!  Only had for a few hrs. - but have laughed the whole time.  Was walking Caramel - could hear Midnight howling when I was 3 houses down the street! - And my husband was even sitting with her. Caramel is a sweety - but kind of skittish - They were both sleeping, so I sat down by their crates, figuring I would read the paper until one of them woke up. "

"All of a sudden Caramel barked and growled!-couldn't figure it out-then it hit me -HE HEARD THE SOUND OF MY NEWSPAPER!-so he must have "some" reason to be frightened. Anyway, both ate, drank, and went for short walk-Caramel walks very well-trots like a horse before a race - do not think Midnight was ever walked.  They are sleeping comfortably - in separate crates, but facing each other - so cute. All is fine here-we are enjoying  them. Thank you."

What makes me most happy is people like Corey and Elaine -- stepping out of their day-to-day comfort zones to help these deserving pups.

After Caramel and midnight are tucked in, we go upstairs --

-- and I meet Elaine's main girl -- little Roxy --

-- Roxy is a two year old pit bull that Elaine and her husband adopted from the city shelter --

-- knowing city shelters, and seeing this girl now, this is a 1-in-a-million success story -- !!

Here she is, trying not to show TOO much interest in a dog treat --

-- and then here, DEFINITELY not showing interest --

-- that is, until I'm out of her world and on my way back home -- !!

So there we are -- with renewed hope in people.

As I drove away, Elaine took Roxy out for a walk, and I watched as Elaine ran through the snow as sweet Roxy scooted around, following her momma with glee --

Thank you to Dennis, Corey and Elaine -- you have given Caramel and Midnight a total makeover, and have given many people an early Christmas with your generosity and kindness!