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Chi-Chi was given a 1 in a million chance to live -- wanna see it through?


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Going back to late January, I got a call from Beth in Georgia, asking for me to take a sweet adolescent pup who had been living in the local vet's office.

The pup, named Chi-Chi, was surrendered by her prior owner, and Beth and Sandy worked oh-so-hard to visit Chi-Chi at the clinic, but they knew she couldn't stay there forever.

So, with a pat on the butt and a smile, they sent Chi up North, where I fostered her and assessed her till today, in June, where I think she's prim and proper to go to her forever home!

Here is our girl --

-- happy and loving, and sporting the smile we love -- !!

Chi-Chi, from my thoughts, is a pit-German shepherd mix --

-- what do you think?

One thing that is a TRIP about her is her TONGUE --

-- no, those aren't stains or ink-spots --

-- they're her beauty marks -- !!


So next, we're off to explore the farm...

.. and Ms. Chi-Chi is right in tow, responding nicely to stimulus, but not crazy --

-- sure, she has prey drive like any dog, but she wasn't jumping around like a nut to see what's next...

... oh first, a chicken with some fancy footwear -- :D

-- and then a sexy sheep...

... and then this little creation -- not sure what to call himself -- !!

-- and finally this imposing llama -- !!

All through her walk along the wild animal kingdom, Chi-Chi performed fabulously, just looking at the fam animals with a, "oh, okay" sort of attitude -- :D

Next, we get to her favorite part -- relaxing on the lawn -- :D

Here, Chi-Chi enjoyed some back maneuvers...

And here's her body shot, where I see a lot of shepherd -- !!

Then, she's back to playing, enjoying the sun...

-- and she's done!


So, now for some nature shots --

-- I really like this one --

-- and the pasture...

-- and who says city life is king?

Finally, my favorite of the bunch -- :D

Here, you can see the moon in the upper sky --

-- and the old fence --

Finally a moth, 5 feet from me --

-- saying, "Nature is the prettiest of them all" -- !!

And then, back we are to our girl, who is awfully pretty and sweet herself -- !!

Are you interested in a true companion?

Will you adopt Chi-Chi as an only pet?

Will you give her back the youth she never had?

If so, fill out an adoption application above!