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Cruelty reared its ugly head at Clem, as did kindness...


Click here to see our Clem, 2 years in to ADOPTION!!

Click here to see two months in to HOME!

Click here to see our girl HOME!

Click here to see this girl's FULL RECOVERY!

Click here to see her "day after" - 26 Jan 07 update!

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Here is Clementine, a Southern girl, whose rescuer writes --

"Eric, These are the photo's I said I would send to you about a Female Pit we got in the Shelter on 01/23/2007. She was brought to us by a Washington County Deputy who saw her running loose and picked her up."

"Her collar was embedded into her neck. We removed the collar and the photo's show the rest. She is currently under vet care and bless her heart after all she has been through she is still very sweet and seems to know we are helping her."

"I will send you update photo's. Keep in mind she will be needing a good home when she can be released from vet care. Thank you for everything you do, Mitzi"

Um, okay --

-- if this sort of stuff doesn't make you want to cry for this girl, I don't know what would --

Clem has obviously been fed, since her bodyweight is good, as is her coat --

-- but how someone could overlook this for so many months is beyond me --

-- she's had her puppy collar on her whole life -- :(

So, with this, we are thankful for Mitzi and the kind veterinarians and staff at the shelter.

So, next, is YOU --

-- Clem's adopter --

-- can you take her away from this dark earlier life to a happier one -- ??

This girl will survive this incident, and then she'll need somewhere to go --

-- and no, it won't just "happen" --

-- this incident is in a way a blessing to her, to give her exposure --

-- but if she fails to get adopted, all this hard work and dedication will be for naught -- :(

So, we'll keep you posted on how this girl is doing in her recovery --

-- in the meantime, please consider giving her a loving, committed home, where she will never see such pain or cruelty again --

-- THANK YOU for all the folks who have helped her come this far -- !!


There's a light...

Well, here's little Clemmie, a day after her arrival at the shelter --

-- here she is post-surgery, with her drains exposed.

Her rescuer writes --

"These were taken this morning. Dr. Blomberg did surgery on her last night. I think she looks really good. She loves to have her tummy rubbed as you can see."

Um, WOW --

-- what a great job Dr. Blomberg did on this girl -- !!

Here's another angle of her --

-- sure, her neck is healing well --

-- but what's MORE IMPORTANT to her now is some tummy-rubbin' --

-- thus, she assumes the position -- :D

-- and this girl is back to being a sweetheart.

What really strikes me as wonderful for little Clem is that throughout all this mess, in all the pictures, she is un-muzzled, and she is trusting of her care-givers --

-- what a testament to Clem, and what a wonderful testament to this breed.

Will the "media" ever show such a sweet-heart? Never.

Will we be her small voice, representin'? You bet.

So, here's our little sweetheart, happy and taken care of --

-- little Clem, please know we won't let you fall through the cracks --

-- we will find you a home worthy of your sweetness and beauty --

-- you represent what we love about this breed, and your care-givers represent how we'd like so many others to treat these beloved pups.

THANK YOU ALL, and potential adopters, apply away -- !!



Well, all is better -- except one aspect -- !!

Well, here's our little girl with her drains and stitches out --

-- WOW -- !!

As you can see, her surgery went really, really well, and she has healed up like a champ -- :D

And now for her re-emergence in to society --

-- she's happy as a bird, and ready for some ADOPTION -- !!

You can see, too, that her collar line, from the embedded one, is below a normal collar position --

-- in short, she'll be FINE -- !!

And little Clem says, "Okay -- enough about the collar -- let's get to some scratchin' and playin' -- !!"

So, little Ms. Clementine has proven herself a dear, too --

-- she hasn't let one bad apple spoil her bunch, and she is a new girl --

NOW, all that's missing for Clem is the right home --

-- a great home --

-- come on, people -- she has come TOO FAR to fall down now --

-- interested?

If so, fill out an adoption application above -- !!


Our girl got what she deserved - a HOME!

Well, after her surgery, and during her wait for the perfect home, Sita was kind enough to foster Ms. Clem...

And foster she DID, socializing our girl everywhere she could...

... first, the assessor's office -- !!

Next, Lowe's -- !!

And PetSmart -- why not -- ??!!

Don't leave Home Depot out -- :D

And then, she rested --

-- but soon thereafter went to the movie store -- !!

Then back to play-time, with her foster sister --

-- and THEN she said, "I'm READY -- !!"

Whereupon, of course, she played some more -- :D

Well, the sunfinally shined bright on for our little Clem, and finally some exceptional people in Arkansas, and a loving family New Jersey made "home" work -- !!

Here's Danny, Clem's angel, who drove her from Arkansas to New Jersey -- on a one-dog transport -- !!

First, Clem's wheels, or her "chariot" as danny called it -- !!

And a chariot all decked out --

-- first, with a proper bumper sticker --

-- give it a closer look, it's more clever than you think!

And then a little representin' --


And finally, Ms. Clem in the co-pilot's seat -- :D

And then, they're on their way --

-- and Ms. Clem is on her way to FOREVER -- !!

First, St. Louis, and the arch --

And here, our little Ms. America and Danny at the arch...


Next, Ohio, with its own "mini-me" arch -- !!

And this is about as sexy as Ohio gets --

-- wind-mills and flat-lands -- !!

Next, rest stops, and their assorted oddities...

-- like THIS -- !!

If you don't have anything historic to put in the lobby, stuff an animal and make it look interesting, I guess -- !!

Anyway, Danny, Sara and Clem kept on rolling, with Clem saying,

"Is this all for little ME??!!"

And yes, indeed it was -- !!

Here's the gang, getting ready after a hard night's sleep in a hotel room --

-- don't mond the comforter, Clem -- they're always funky -- !!

Next, in New Jerset, in Liberty Park...

And NYC, from Jersey --

-- :(

-- I put arrows where the WTC was...

On to happier notes, up, up, up, on the GW Bridge --

-- look Clem, NO TRAFFIC -- that's a GODSEND!

And this shot, showing either an eclipse, a lardge speck of dirt on the lense, or a UFO --

-- let's hope not the latter -- !!

Next, tunneling around Manhattan...

While all the while, Ms. C dreams of future glory!

Finally, something's different...

... the car slows down, and they're in Long Island, and Tracy's house, an SPBR volunteer -- !!

Here, everyone's excited -- mostly Clem, at the new world that awaits -- !!

First, Tracy shows off Clem's neck --

-- LOOK MA -- is BEAUTIFUL -- !!

And then, Clem meets her new Dad, Ron.

This is a heart-felt adoption, for sure. Tracy writes --

"Clem's adopters hail from Woodcliff Lake , N.J.

They were the proud owner of a pit bull mix that died at the early age of 7 from cancer. when searching for a new companion, clem's pic and story came up and they were sold on her. she even looked like their beloved old friend!!

"Valerie's age was a concern when we read her app, but when i called the home to set up a home visit, Donna soon convinced me that this new dog was going to be a family affair.

when i got to the home, the whole family was waiting for me in the driveway. they all spoke to me in their lovely back yard for a little bit.

once inside, ron surprised me with a seat at his table, and a list of questions! he turned the tables on me and began to interview ME!! he was very prepared with questions about clem's behavior, temperament, her health and issues surrounding her injuries caused by the embedded collar.

"by the end of this grill session, ron had me convinced that even though Val filled out the app, clem was gonna be HIS dog. i felt sure that ron was going to be the strong leader that clem needed, and that this was a loving and safe environment for her.

it was now time for looking at all the past family dogs in the photo album, and then they showed me the plaques or plates that they made on the fridge of their past dogs. all in all, i left knowing that this was where clem belonged!!!

So in the end, Danny said good-bye to his little girl, wiping away the tears...

And Ms. Clem was loaded up and ready to roll off to her new home -- !!

We have to say thank you to like 100 people for this happy ending --

-- to Sue and the great folks in Arkansas, to Sita for fostering, to Danny and Sara for their transporting, to Petfinder for its wonderful service of helping girls like Clem find homes, to Tracy and her family, for doing so much to coordinate and home visit with these great applicant, and so importantly, to the Jensens, for bringing this girl in to their lives.

Finally, the salute is to Ms. Clem, for being sweet and loving to everyone, even as a stray with an embedded collar in her neck, and for her being such a presence that she motiviated so many people to care for her during and after her recovery, giving her the absolute best life possible.



Two months home & she's STAYIN' -- !!

Well, here is our girl, enjoying the LIFE in Jersey!

Ms. Clem got a name change after her adoption, and she now goes by "Kalli" --

-- either way, she's happy and safe, and that's what matters MOST -- !!

Her family writes Tracy, saying--

"Tell everyone involved in helping Kalli to be a member of our family Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! What wonderful people they are and it's a great thing they do for these precious dogs."

"You also, thank you so much for everything you did for Kalli and us, in making this happen. Kalli is a pleasure and a joy to have at our home and now her forever home.

I hope I got this e-mail picture thing right, I've sent pictures of her on the deck, playing in the yard, meeting new people and of course sleeping. Thank you again, looking forward to your phone calls, come visit anytime.

The Jensen Family

And lookie here --

-- all that pain and suffering that ms. clem went through in the past with her neck is GONE, GONE, GONE -- !!

So, as Ms. Kalli gets fatter and happier, we couldn't be more than ecstatic with this placement --

-- what a great home -- !!

Just LOOK at how happy she is here, compared to the vet clinic -- !!

No more night-mares or bad dreams for you, Clem -- that's a promise we can keep -- !!

So a big THANK YOU to the Jensens and to Tracy for co-ordinating and ADOPTING this girl --

-- she came thousands of miles for this, and it's just so right --



2 years down the road, and all is WELL!

Two years in to it, our girl is FEATURED in an article you can see by clicking HERE -- or reading below -- !!


A Lesson of Forgiveness

February 28, 2011

By Becca Colbaugh

Forgiveness is one of the hardest lessons in life to learn, but for Clementine, it was second nature. Despite being mistreated, neglected, damaged and used by humans, she hasn't given up on them yet.

A little more than three years ago, Clementine was brought into the Fayetteville, Arkansas, Animal Shelter. It's not uncommon for pit bulls to be hauled into the shelter, but Clementine's condition left staff appalled.

“No matter how long I have been in this business, I will never understand how the animals can be so forgiving,”

Mitzi Rankin remembers the first thought that ran through her mind upon seeing her.

“How could someone do this?!” she wondered.

Clementine, a full-grown dog, was left in the collar she was given as a puppy. After 20 years of working with animals, Rankin says she had never seen a case so bad.

“Bless her heart, you know, she had to be in so much pain but, it was like she knew she had finally gotten some place where these humans were going to help her,” Mitzi says. “She showed no aggression from the minute we got her.”

Rankin says that despite her pain and abuse, Clem proved to be a real trooper.

“When Dr. Charlie started to work his magic, she just sat there and let me love on her,” she says. “I held her head and talked to her while the veterinarian removed the collar … now keep in mind she was not given anything to knock her out or for pain while we worked on her.”

All in all, Mitzi's recollection of Clem?

“She was the perfect patient.”

After removing the tiny collar, a deep, gaping wound was left behind. The collar was so thickly embedded into her skin and muscle that it was almost touching her vocal chords, remembers Clementine's foster dad, Tenoch Gonzalez.

Before even knowing her story, Tenoch felt an indescribable connection to Clementine as he saw her during his time volunteering at the shelter.

“After seeing her, I kept thinking about her and thinking about her,” he says. “I just didn't want anything to happen to her.”

It didn't take long before Tenoch and his girlfriend, Sita, took Clementine under their care.

“It was a unique challenge,” Tenoch recalls. “With the scar tissue and the neck wound, we couldn't use a collar or anything tight around her neck.”

But, that didn't stop them from socializing and training her.

Sita also found herself at a loss for words to accurately describe Clementine.

“She was just, wow, an amazing dog,” Sita says. “She is just so forgiving, so loving.”

Mitzi couldn't agree more.

“No matter how long I have been in this business, I will never understand how the animals can be so forgiving,” Mitzi says. “They give unconditional love. They can be beat, starved, abandoned by humans, and they still love.”

“Some people could take a few lessons from animals.”
As though the embedded collar wasn't bad enough, Sita says that Clementine was abused in more than one way. She was also emaciated and had obviously been neglected after having puppies. Sita says she just can't understand how the previous owner could have treated her so poorly.

“How can someone do that to their dog – not make sure the collar fits her?” Sita can't help but wonder.

She also can't imagine it was a question of financial ability.

“Why not use some of the money from the puppies to buy a good collar?”

It was only a matter of days that Clementine was off her leash and romping around with the Tenoch's and Sita's other dogs. The couple worked hard to socialize Clementine in order to get her ready for adoption. Like a child, they took Clementine wherever they went – running errands to Lowe's, to grab a movie, you name it.

Eric Gray, who runs Smilin' Pit Bull Rescue, was contacted by the shelter about the adoption need. SPBR has placed more than 3,000 pit bulls into loving homes.

After receiving word about Clem, Eric posted her story on the SPBR Website , and a good home was soon found.

The only problem: the adopting family was 1,300 miles away … in New Jersey.

But, if Clementine could overcome her challenges so far, she could overcome this one too.

Enter Danny Rock, whom Gray called Clementine's angel. Danny sure is one special angel with wings – well, with wheels anyway.

“What a sweetheart she was,” Danny recalls. “And what a beauty.”

Rock has been a longtime pit bull advocate, and out of the kindness of his heart, he personally chauffeured Clementine all the way to New Jersey to meet her new family.

“She had a chance at a new start, and she just needed a ride,” Danny explains.

After their scenic cross-country route, which included a few pit stops and a few dog walks, they arrived in New Jersey at the doorstep of the Jensen family.

As responsible owners, the family had prepared a list of questions about Clementine, just so they could give her the best life she deserved.

But, it was love at first sight.

“The girls were very excited, especially my daughter,” says Ron Jensen about his wife and daughter upon Clementine's arrival.

These days, Clementine is known as Kalli to the Jensen family. Ron says Kalli is just like another member of the family. At the time, she was laying on her personal bed watching TV. Ron says that as he was mentioning her name over the phone, her ears would perk up with excitement.

Clementine, now Kalli, with her new family, the Jensens

“With pit bulls, you just got to be patient and pay attention,” he says.

Although Kalli is probably more than thankful to everyone who helped her find her new place in life, Mitzi, Sita, Tenoch, Danny, Eric, and the others who helped Kalli along the way are simply grateful for what Kalli taught them.

Mitzi couldn't have said it better.

“Some people could take a few lessons from animals.”

Those involved in helping Kalli asked that this story be in memory of Susan Morgan, a caregiver at the Fayetteville animal shelter. Morgan was known for her love of animals and for her willingness to always go the extra mile for pit bulls in need of help, including Kalli.