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Daisy, our little girl.


Click here to see Daisy's 2011 update!!

Click here for her November, 2011 update!!

In January 2004, I went to the Bridgeport CT shelter on word that there was a pit momma there who was about to give birth, and that the shelter staff wanted to get her to rescue.

Shelters are not good environments for puppies, since puppies' immune systems are quite weak and often cannot fight off the maladies like parvo that run rampant in shelters.

Here are the puppies I found --

-- note little Smokey to the right.

And here is the mother, who I decided needed a happy name -- Daisy.

The animal control officer (ACO) said they found Daisy in December, on a snowy afternoon, tied to a pole in a barren field, without food or water.

Daisy, from her face, has obviously been fought, and was quite young.

Some seemingly-clever people had maybe decided to breed her, and then, when they lost interest, dumped her in the field --

-- or maybe the pregnancy was accidental. Who knows.

All I know is that when the staff came in that morning, Daisy had given birth to 6 puppies, and that two of them were still-births --

-- and they said Daisy was still trying to revive them, hours later, by licking them.

I didn't have a logical reason for taking Daisy and her puppies from this situation, but I knew she had to get out.

With the wonderful help of volunteers like Susan, Daisy was soon out of the shelter, and in my home.

Upon getting situated back home, I noticed little Smokey was smaller and less active than the rest.

Further investigation revealed he had a cleft palate, as seen here -- basically, the roof of his mouth never developed properly --

-- this led to his inability to nurse from Daisy, and made him the runt of the litter.

I then went on a 48 hour mission to save Smokey.

Here are the surgical gloves I filled up with water, and heated just right --

-- they were then wrapped in towels and placed on both sides of him to keep his body temperature stable --

-- I also tube-fed Smokey with Esbilac, a milk substitute --

-- to tube feed, the tube must be lubricated and then carefully fed to the dog's stomach, not lungs, lest they suffocate on the food --

After 48 hours, Smokey succumbed.

The situation was initially very sad, and then I got irritated --

-- for Smokey, and for his two other siblings that didn't make it --

-- and I blamed the trash that left Daisy tied to a post in an open field, without food or water.

Basically, Daisy was denied the nutrients and setting she needed to develop these babies fully, and that got me angry.

So, I took that anger and channeled it in to her remaining pups --

-- and they flourished --

At 6-8 weeks, we had them spayed and neutered, plus microchipped, wormed and immunized.

I then used Petfinder to post the pups, and got wonderful applications on them --

-- we had some fun along the way, too -- !!

Finally, it was time to say good-byes, and mothers bid their babies farewell in a way only mothers can -- !!

-- and we were off to the home-visits --

-- these were little mites, but at 8-9 weeks, were ready to go --

-- here we were in Cape Cod --

-- and the picture speaks volumes for the success --

-- at Buddha's home visit, he had a puppy shower --

-- thousands of miles since his start as a cold, hurting puppy on the shelter floor.

Finally, all the babies were placed --

-- here is my Precious, supervising the ordeal -- !!

All these placements left Daisy very happy --

-- she turned out to be a beauty, too.

Though she didn't get along with other females, she was a pal to my Spud and Thor --

-- and although her face still showed her prior life, she didn't let that affect her future one bit --

Months later, we even had reunions with her babies, and she was elated with their progress --

-- and, as always, we still had fun.

Two years later, I still have Daisy. She is my girl now, and she is a great dog.

My journey with her is still very special to me, and holds her very dear to my heart.

When I'm driving home from work, it's faces like this I can't wait to see --

-- it's her playing with Elvis and Thor that I love, and it's also her sitting by my side, sleeping on the sofa, happily, as I do emails --

So, we are back at the Bridgeport shelter, and to wonderful people like Joelle, who are trying to make a difference for these dogs. Can you help? Will you help?

The world of rescue is an odd one -- often, I get complaints form people saying, "Why do you feel the need to parade your placements on the Internet", etc. --

-- well, the answer is very clear -- I do it in memory of dogs like these, in Bridgeport, many of whom won't make it out alive -- and for puppies like Smokey, who never had the chance to flourish.

One of my favorite quotes, too, to all the critics is --

"To avoid criticism,

do nothing,

say nothing,

be nothing.

- Elbert Hubbard"

I will not let that happen -- especially in a situation that needs so much help --

-- so, if you're interested, and committed, and understanding of these dogs, please send me an email of who you'd like to help, and we'll go from there --


Daisy in 2011 -- all is FINE, thank you!!

As I posted to our Facebook this morning --

"bridgeport daisy & her rear legs: i rescued daisy and her litter from bridgeport , ct back in 2004 -- a long time ago!! her babies placed, and she sorta grew on me -- a LOT -- even though precious and she are ARCH enemies!! anyway, a week ago, she was having problems with her rear legs -- and i was scared. she could barely walk -- :( -- we put out a plea to our FB friends here for a cart, and got a GREAT response -- THANK YOU!"

"also, we took her to dr. allen asap, who found daisy had a slight heart murmer, some arthritis and also likely a sprain in her rear leg -- so she put her on previcox for arthritis -- found here -- -- well, wouldn't you know, less than a week later, we have that wheelie coming to us (THANKS JERSEY!!) and also, this morning, after her walk, daisy bounded away from me and JUMPED UP on the bed, rolling around like a little puppy -- -- nothing makes me happier -- "

"we have a GREAT vet in dr. allen, and we're allowing daisy to enjoy her life in a pain-free, enjoyable state -- "

Also, if you want to know just WHAT our DAISY is WEARING, click here --

-- HAPPY DAYS AHEAD, sweet girl -- !!

Daisy's November, 2011 update

Here's our pretty Daisy, an spbr girl since 2004.

This past sunday, 13 November 2011, Daisy had an acute issue with her heart, shortly after breakfast.

I took her to our veterinarian, and they diagnosed her with congestive heart failure, not words we like to hear -- :(

Well, our veterinarian presented us with options, and of course, we're choosing all we can do. that includes a drug called medvet (or pimobendin), which though very expensive at $2 a day, is very effective.

What I say is "ONLY $2" -- ?? -- that's nothing -- i can easily cut $60 off of my grocery bill a month -- not a question. the veterinarian said most clients with CHF dogs choose euthanasia because they don't want to pay for the meds -- well here, baby girl, that's not an option -- not even close.

She is also on furosemide and enalapril.

Ooohhh -- what CAME IN THE MAIL today -- it's a BABY DAISY -- !!

yes YES - it's our spbr fundraiser pups -- through "the shelter pups", who are making spbr pups in the stuff -- !! -- the fundraiser, here --

Hahaha -- daisy and her little doppelganger -- !!

She APPROVES -- !!

daisy and baby --

What a QUALITY job these folks have done, i tell you -- !!

Even the side-shot is CUTE -- !!

So daisy, you will be loved and treated the best i can till the end, that's a promise.

You deserve nothing less.

And what's daisy gonna do in the meantime? ENJOY HER LIFE -- !!

thank you, daisy, for being an example to me of the loving, forgiving brilliance of this breed -- you are loved so much -- -- see our girl as an spbr calendar girl below...

SPBR's September 2009 calendar detail

Daisy had a choice in life -- to be an angry, difficult dog as a result of the "men" who tied her to a park-post pregnant one cold December day, or to instead live her new life as if it was a gift. Well, we're thankful she chose the latter! Many mornings I awaken to Daisy curled up to Elvis, nose to nose, deep in sleep. For Daisy, I believe in pit bulls -- and for Daisy, I am thankful.

Amen, and Amen.