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Delilah certainly proves that age and beauty go hand-in-hand!

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So, a year ago, some Arkansas girls were in tough shape --

-- and one of them was "Kaos" -- a girl who had babies and nowhere to go --

-- and who also had heartworm -- :(

Well, after SPBR paid the shelter to treat her heartworm, and after some much needed rest, "Kaos" began her ride up North with Stacey, from SPBR.

On that ride, Stacey decided this girl was WAY TOO sweet for the name "Kaos", and that dreaded "Delilah" radio show was on for the seeming entire drive --

-- so our girl's name, and future, was forever changed.

We promised her the best of a life, as we did her babies, and here is her story.

Here is our girl, 8 months in to foster, loving her new name and her new body -- !!

She is a beauty.

Ms. Delilah is being fostered by Rae and family in Connecticut.

What's special about this situation is that D is living the "real life" instead of being in a shelter run --

-- so, you name it, and she's got to deal with it --

-- cats, kids, other dogs -- and *gasp* -- OBEDIENCE!

So, here is the result --

-- a real lady of a pup.

Delilah is a very young two years old, and she would love a household where she can get regular exercise and plenty of playtime!

Also, to clarify, her heartworm issue is gone for life.

Heartworm is very common in Southern dogs, since it is spread by mosquitos biting dogs, and many people don't treat their dogs to kill the infestations.

Well, with D, her heartworms were killed, and she camed up NEGATIVE on her next test, and she's on preventative medicine now!

Okay -- enough of the boring talk --

-- here's our girl just showing what she's about --


And here's our girl with Rae, who generously agreed to foster Delilah.

Rae is a saint for this offer, mind you.

Besides having her own dogs, cats, kids, step-kids, husband and a job, Rae is planning a move in the near future --

-- in short, she's BUSY -- but not too busy to give this girl another chance at living.

Here's some more infos on our little lady --

-- her own adoption flyer -- !!

Great job with this too, Rae -- !!

Delilah's flyer brings up a good point --

-- while puppies are great and all, they ALL become adults, and a real benefit to adopting a pup like Delilah is you already know her temperament, she's HOUSE-TRAINED and you know she won't grow to be 150 pounds -- !!

Here's our little Ms. America --

-- as pretty as can be, and just waiting for a home worthy of her love and energy -- !!

What we'll never tell her is that she was an "unwanted" or an "unadoptable" at the pound --

-- no, to us, she's a stunning young mom who did great by her babies, and who patiently awaits the all-American family.

So again, a big THANK YOU to Rae, baby, hubby, pups, cats and everyone else -- you've rounded our little girl out to be a gem for a lucky family -- !!

And too, our girl smiles --

-- with glee -- !!

Just imagine how dark days could turn light with Delilah --

-- how you'd look forward to walking in the door after a long day at work -- :D

If you're interested, fill out an adoption application above!