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This wasn't supposed to happen...


In mid-September, 2008, the shelter staff wrote --

"Here are some pictures of Diamond . She about a year old and as sweet as they come. Her owner was evicted from their home and she was left outside very pregnant. "

"Please let me know asap if you have someone who can take her! I will keep you up dated on her progress!"

So, I posted her on our forum, and the Jen's, as we call them from Rochester, NY offered to help!

Well, within no time, the Jens were off to the shelter, with their mobile birthing unit.

These are not two ordinary young women -- Jen N is a vet tech, and Jen A is a vet assitant and dog trainer.

And too, they're full of energy and idealism -- perfect!

Next, they picked up momma Diamond, almost as soon as the shelter had emailed their plea for help.

What they found was a caring, sweet momma that was caught in the bad part of a human relationship --

-- a human that, when evicted from their home, left their pregnant dog tied outside.

Well, we were there to show Diamond that people could be better!

Before Di knew it, she was in Jen's car, and they were whisking her off to Upstate New York, to have her babies in the safety and cleanliness of Jenn's home.

And this is all one needs to see of this girl to know that momma was happy and content with our venture!

Next, the Jens and momma stopped by my place, and all looked loverly -- !!

Though a bit disillusioned, Di was happy and healthy...

... mostly because of the Jens.

Here is our girls --

-- happy, and awaiting the babies!

Here's a fun picture of Di -- just because she needs it, and we needed it too -- !!

Before Jen knew it, momma Di had 9 little loved ones, and our Di was a proud momma, doing all the chores a mom does --

-- feeding, peeing, pooing and coddling her pups --

-- in short, she was happy!

There's something beautiful about motherhood that can't be explained in words --

-- the instinct, the love and the commitment.

The first 7 days of Di's motherhood were like this --

-- happy and wholesome -- as it should be --

-- and the Jens were so proud -- as we were of them --

-- this is how rescue was supposed to work!

Here is the last really happy picture we have of Di and he babies --

-- before Jen called me and said she had Di to the clinic and they thought her behavior and tests were indicative of parvo.

From the textbooks --

"Parvovirus is a viral disease of dogs. It affects puppies much more frequently than it affects adult dogs. The virus likes to grow in rapidly dividing cells. The intestinal lining has the biggest concentration of rapidly dividing cells in a puppy's body. The virus attacks and kills these cells, causing diarrhea (often bloody), depression and suppression of white blood cells -- which come from another group of rapidly dividing cells. In very young puppies it can infect the heart muscle and lead to "sudden" death."

In short, crushing.

The night Jen called, Julie and I drove to Rochester with our homeopathic remedy that worked with SPBR last Spring.

The Jens had a triage set up in their dining room, with 4 veterinarians from their clinic calling through the night.

The vets had sent Di home for the night with the necessary meds and the like, and the Jens took the family to work with them 6 days a week.

The absolute heartbreak with the parvo was that momma Di contracted it at the shelter, and she was communicating it to her babies through their breast-feeding, so she had to be separated from them.

This separation struck me awfully hard, to see a mom whose intinct and mothering told her she had to care for her babies, yet she physically couldn't --


The tearful reality of these babies is that the were stricken with deadly parvo, and they hadn't even had a chance to live yet --

-- their eyes weren't even open yet --

-- and physically, they didn't have a chance to fight the parvo.

Well, nobody was going to tell the Jens that, so they diligently stayed up, 24/7, feeding these loves.

Then, one by one, the parvo began taking its toll --

-- Jen wrote --

"well some more sad news.. my little boyfriend that i took naps with all the time and was hoping to keep just passed a short time ago."

"Rest in peace my love. I never knew i could cry so much"

Monday night came, and Jen called to tell me momma Di wasn't doing well either. Five of the babies had died under constant care.

Later, she wrote --

"mama is now taking care of her babies in heaven. she was one of the best dogs i ever had the pleasure of knowing! she will always hold a close spot in my heart."

"there was no doubt she would have made a great addition to our family and we had every plan on doing so. but she was suffering today and it was killing me. she is def. in a better place. this is such a hard experience for me but i know iam doing everything possible for these angels. i have 3 little girls still fighting. i hope the worst is behind us. fingers crossed. but once this has run what ever course it is going to i am getting right back on my horse and will save the next angels. thank you everyone again for all your kind words we are hanging in the best we can.
i will always love you mama bear

then, the moment came, when the veterinarian called me and spoke of Diamond's condition --

-- she was failing and was in pain.

For Jen and the staff, their hearts broke as they said good-bye.

Jen, the tech, wrote --

"Here is Momma Bear in the hospital tonight, barely lifting her head, and hardly able to stop her eyes from rolling to the back of her head. She was just worn out, drained. Jen did her a Huge favor. And truly did save her life.

I am so sorry you had to go through this Jen. I am here for you, you know that.
We will keep those other babies healthy and strong!!!

So, back at home, the Jens weren't allowed to grieve or cry --

-- they miraculously kept themselves together to feed the remaining babies for the next two weeks --

-- and unfortunately, only two made it.

This past Monday, again on our forum, Jen posted this picture --

-- celebrating the birthday of the remaining two girls -- !!

Here are the two survivors --

-- we started with a momma and her nine, and now we're down to two --


But, for them, we're celebrating.

Hahaha -- these little girl-pups have got some company -- !!

Jen writes --

"here are the girls and three kittens i took in that were dumped at my work
they love each other and they are color coordinated

Well, all I can say is that these smiles were welcomed -- !!

Well, within a week, we received --

"Hello all Just had a call from the Veterinary Hospital - they have a pregnant mother pit due to deliver within the next 2 weeks.  I guess animal control brought her there for euthanasia.  Anyone interested in helping her can call them.  Thanks Sue"

Well, Jen didn't wait a minute to say, "I can help" --

-- and help we all did. Many families from our forum got together to get this kind momma from CT to NY --

-- and finally, to Jen's care.

So, in Diamond's memory, and in her babies, we did our best, and saved this helpless mom and her babies, slated for euthanasia.

Sure, it's not perfect, but it shows you the absolute greatness of people, and that there are many, many people out there who want to do a lot of good for the short time they're on this earth!

But wait -- we're not done --

-- as we all know, vetting isn't free, regardless if you work at the clinic or not -- !!

Yesterday, Jen told me the bill for Diamond and her babies' treatment was $1,000.

That's a lot of money for a rescue -- a ton.

We posted some ways for those on our forum to help, and help they did --

-- all in Diamond's memory, and her babies', too.

In less than 24 hours, we raised $810 for the bill --

-- absolutely exceptional.

Do we need $200 more? We sure do -- !! Are we gonna get it? We sure think we are!

So, if you're interested in helping, there's a donation button at the very bottom left of this page --

-- or, if you want to join the forum and watch such great people in action, it's here.

No matter what you decide on, we're all so thankful to have come in contact with such great people out there, and we're so happy to help.

Check back for updates on the CT momma and her upcoming delivery --

-- and to whomever you pray, say a word or two to Diamond and her babies tonight, and pray more people be as selfless and as kind as the Jens.