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These babies got their wings -- and then some -- !!


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Well, just last week we heard that Clem in Arkansas had found a foster, which was GREAT...

... but the same day, the shelter got a litter and group of adult pits in on a cruelty case -- :(

We can certainly wait for the adults to get released to try and help them, but the babies needed immediate attention -- Susan said, "They're such sweet babies -- I'd hate to euthanise them."

Well, Susan is WELL CONNECTED to GREAT PEOPLE, and that coming weekend, Bill was flying his Piper airplane up North -- with the babies -- !! At the right is his flight schedule!

Well, a few days later, we were amazed to see an otherwise onerous (and dangerous) land transport made seemingly easy --

-- Bill, his wife and the babies were now in our back yard -- !!

Here they are, unloading chitlins --

-- the airport was otherwise empty, so the babies had free reign of the place -- !!

And then, if things couldn't get more fun, Courtenay showed up with her kiddos for a home-school field trip -- !!

Court is the proud momma of Roman, and SPBR baby, and she is also on our forum.

Well, before you know it, we had kids and pups in every direction!

No four-legger was safe from the girls, each getting carried around like a little bag of potatoes -- !!

Here's Ms. Riddle, a gentile Southern Belle --

-- when held properly -- !!

Aww -- she's okay --

-- though her face tells us otherwise -- !!

So next, more pickups...

And finally, Court gets her share of licks and nibbles...

... and notice she doesn't mind the attention too much -- :D

Again, Ms. Riddle and her sister --

-- this litter of 9 has 7 girls -- !!

Awww --

--when's the last time you had popsicle juice all over your mouth and you just didn't care -- ??!!

More pilin' --

And the kids are having themselves a down-right proper field-trip -- !!

Okay, now for the educational part of the field trip -- !!

Bill shows DJ the controls of the plane --

-- a lot of "oohhhs" and "aaahhss" here -- !!

and before you know it, it's play-time again -- !!

-- nothing too orchestrated here, though -- they're still BABIES -- !!

-- everyone seems pretty happy with this seeming chaos -- :D

-- everyone's playing except one little girl and her new best friend --

-- pleasure has never shown a purer face -- :D

More explorin' -- !!

And here, Riddle flunks out of charm school, with a mid-run collision -- :D

Beauty babes...

-- and what better way to make a 4 year old's day -- ??!!

Next, Riddle eyes something in the works...

... and it's the WATER BOTTLE --

-- the new toy of the moment -- !!

-- well, someone is VERY proud to get a grasp of it --

-- run, wrinkles, run -- !!

-- now she's just gloating --

-- or it's stuck -- !!

A little stubborn she is, somewhat ruining that game -- !!

And finally, good-byes are said to the babies --

-- Ms. Barbi heads for new horizons --

And we get a quick group-shot before Bill and his wife depart...

... and before you know it, they're setting up to get airborn, while Court's daughter hams up the moment -- :D

And here they come...

... lifting off...

... getting higher...

... and passing us by...

... without the puppies on board -- !!

So, with that, we had us a wonderful experience --

-- Bill and his wife were just plain kind, good people, and Court and her kids were refreshing to be with --

-- it's the sort of days you never want to end --

-- and too, the babies were just so innocent -- exploring the world for the first time --

So, a big "THANK YOU" to Bill, his wife, Susan, Courtenay and chitlins --

-- these are people who are beyond looking just at the dollars and sense of life, and instead are living it, giving back to society, and having a great time doing it -- :D

The babies' surgeries are next week, and more can be found on their adoption process here.

THANKS ALL, for a great experience!