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Hermes may bring tears to your eyes, but he's turned the corner -- want to help him?


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Here is Hermes, a Southern pit bull that is the obvious victim of severe neglect.

I spoke with Karen on him today, down in Arkansas, and she told me the story of the ACO who knew him "before" and "after" --

-- three months ago, the ACO found Hermes running the streets, fat and happy -- he was bare able to be lifted in to the van he was so chubby --

-- and now, here he is, three months later, after the starvation his "owners" treated him to.

Karen writes --

"Hi, Eric - I've attached a few photos of Hermes. They are not for the faint of heart.

He's very sweet with people, but my concern is how he was treated -- and possibly why. There are no visible scars on his face from fighting, but it is a legit question or area of concern. We have heard that people will starve dogs as punishment for losing a fight. There may be no truth to that, but it's the "story"."

"I will keep you posted on Hermes' condition. I've talked to the shelter director just briefly.

I don't think they'll let him be placed around here - period. If he has to be an "only", you can imagine how limiting that will be."

So, instead of cursing humanity on how cruel some of them can be, we'll focus on the positives --

-- Hermes is alive, and he is in great care.

He is heartworm positive, that is true -- he is emaciated -- that is true --

-- but he is unbroken. He has proven himself sweet with people, and that's what we like to hear -- !!

Stories like Hermes' can have happy endings -- just check out our Dante's here --

-- and if you'd like to help, in any way, email me at -- I will put you directly in touch with his veterinarian if you'd like to contribute to his heartworm condition.

And if you're REALLY up to it, fill out an adoption application on this boy -- he promises to be better soon, and just imagine what a difference a boy like Hermes could make in your day!!

THANK YOU KAREN, for caring for this boy -- he shall rise again!


The sun is starting to shine -- !!

Well, this past month has certainly been a blessed one for little Hermes --

-- and I am ever thankful to the people who read his story on this site and who chose to make a difference.

Karen, the shelter volunteer, wrote the following thank-you to Michelle, for her generosity --

"Hi, Michele!

Things have been quite crazy here and I'm honestly not sure whether we acknowledged your care package for Hermes. If we did not already say "thanks", my apologies. Here's a big THANK YOU. The package was great, Hermes liked all his goodies, and the shelter staff was very excited that "someone" there got a package. It was pretty humorous, as they were like kids opening presents. (I had to threaten a couple of them to keep from taking some of Hermes' goodies for themselves :-) ).

Thanks so much for your generosity. This boy is doing well, all things considered, and seems pretty happy. I think he senses all the good vibes that are coming his way from wonderful folks like you.

Volunteer, FAS

Well, if that story doesn't make your day, I don't know what can -- !!

I am thankful for Michele's care package for Hermes, and I am equally thankful for the effect the package had on the humane society workers where Hermes is staying -- they must have been ELATED to see such an outpouring for him -- !!! Just when these people thought they'd seen it all, the cruelty and injustice that was done to this boy, they saw the kindness that could also come his way by caring strangers --

-- and that's why I love these dogs so much -- and that's why helping them is so rewarding -- because in helping them, I also get to meet some of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met --

-- not people who are constantly asking, "Um, what's in this for me" or "Hey, that's MY money, and that's tough luck for that mutt" --

-- but instead, people are generous and caring to such a soul as Hermes, and 5 years from now, when they look back on what they've done, they'll see this boy, and where he was, and where he went -- and they'll be proud of their work...

So, the next step for this boy is adoption up in New Hampshire --

-- the adopters are approved, the flight is book, and we are EXCITED -- !!

Thank you, all, for a wonderful work in progress -- !!




Well, this says it all --

"Hello, My name is Creb, formerly Hermes, and I would like to tell you my story. It may sound bad at first, but I assure you it gets better and the end has so many “thank you”s that you may be overwhelmed.

The first part of my life I barely remember, so some of it could be not exactly accurate."


"I was born about two or three years ago, and if memory serves me right, I was well fed, brought up in a warm house with a person that treated me well and provided me with some discipline and manners. I grew up big and strong and full of young ambition. That youthful ambition took me on a journey of sorts and although I don't remember how it all started I found myself on a giant adventure about town.

I was surprised at all there was to see and even more surprised that some folks actually seemed to be a bit afraid of me. Yes I was up to about eighty-five pounds, but if you knew me, you know I couldn't hurt a flea.

Anyway a nice person in a truck finally picked me up and took me to a kennel with lots of other dogs and treated me to some fresh food and water."

"After a little while I was picked up by my person and brought home. This is where my story saddens.

I was tied outside to a pole for reasons I still don't understand. I received little to no food or water for about three months. THREE MONTHS. I suppose looking back, I was being punished for running away.

During this time outside tied to a pole I was routinely beat with beer bottles ( I have a terrible fear of bottles to this day)."

"I couldn't run, or play and had no interaction at all other than the abuse that seemed to take place more and more brutally. (maybe I was just getting weaker ) Hot days turned to cold nights. Weeks turned to months. Since I was weak and helpless the parasites started in.

Fleas, ticks, heartworm, you name it. Without food for strength, I was unable to stave off the inevitable. Finally I fell. Malnourished, dehydrated, and losing the battle to parasites, I finally stopped trying and resigned my self to my lonely death.

One of my last thoughts before succumbing to sleep was, "How did this happen. What did I do that deserved such a long and painful way of dying?" I closed my eyes on the world."

"When I awoke, I saw Susan Morgan, Karen and Jeff Rogers, Dr. Amy K and Jill Hatfield. and an entire cast of characters too numerous to mention. I was very weak and very ill, but one thing was very clear. These people were trying to help me.

Sometimes what they did hurt and scared me a little, but something about these people told me to trust again.

They fed me and cared for me in ways I can not possibly explain. They addressed my medical condition, but they also addressed my soul. After a month I was feeling better and had gained some much needed weight. ( I had dropped from eighty-five pounds to thirty-nine pounds). 

Without my knowledge, during this time, some other people had become involved. They call themselves Smilin' Pit Bull Rescue. This group of people, headed up by a man named Eric Gray were involved with my sad story also."

"SPBR and the great people at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter were working together to help me get to a new home where I could heal faster and be more comfortable. When I was feeling up to it, I took a long, noisy and scary airplane ride.

When I arrived in New Hampshire , I don't think my new people were very impressed with me. I looked like hell, I messed in my crate so much it wasn't even worth keeping, so I smelled pretty bad, and I was less than enthusiastic about the whole ordeal. Much to my surprise, my new people didn't seem to mind at all. I actually heard them joke about who was going to drive, apparently both wanted to sit in the back with me! Right then the healing process was under way. At my new house I get fed ALOT.

I have my own nice warm place to sleep and best of all A BIG BROTHER. He is the coolest."

"Mom and Dad seem to have this way with both of us that makes me feel so relaxed and at ease.

All I have to think about is learning a few basic rules ( my big brother helps a lot) I went to see a new Doctor twice so far and the second time he was VERY HAPPY with my progress."

"It seems that in just two weeks I have gained ten more pounds and look a whole lot better. I overheard the Doctor say something about how well my blood tests were coming along. I must admit I feel a whole lot better. So to bring my story to a close for now, I would like to say thnakyou to all of the people who made this story possible.

Susan Morgan---Thank you
Karen Rogers---Thank you
Dr. Amy K.---Thank you
Jill Hatfield---Thank you
Dr. Martin---Thank you
All the folks at the shelter that I don't know the names of ----Thank you
The ACO who picked me up---Thank you
Eric Gray at SPBR----Thank you
All the folks involved with SPBR---Thank you
All the people who just simply prayed for me---Thank you

Mom, Dad, and Ace-- Thank you"

"You all gave me back more than just my life----you gave me a better one.





Well, are things getting BETTER, or what -- !!

Well, if things could get any better for this boy, THEY JUST DID --

-- just LOOK at how pretty he is, 2 months in to his new home -- !!

Ummm.. this is his "before" picture --



-- and this COAT -- Jill and Martin, you are doing wonders by him -- !!

-- and for the little rump-shaka angle --

-- no more protruding pelvis, no more concrete burns -- JUST HEALTHY FUR -- !!

Just in case you forgot, here's the "before" --

-- :(

-- okay, this is the last one -- BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD -- !!

That picture says volumes, looking at this one --

-- how's that for a "before" and "after" -- !!

And most important, just LOOK at this boy at HOME --

-- he knows love now -- he really does -- :D

He also knows how to rest up a bit, too -- !!

This is common napping for pit bulls, oddly enough -- !!

And with his momma, Jill --

-- little Creb, did you ever think you would be loved TOO much?

Hehe -- you can never have too much lovin', little man -- !!

So, as you can see, this boy will never need to worry again --

-- his worries about his next meal, about his next hug, his next lovin', being too cold --

-- they're all GONE -- !!

Thank you so much for this update, Jill and Martin --

-- this story is an absolute testament to the greatness that humans can give these loving souls --

-- and a showing of how resiliant and forgiving these great companions are --

-- THANK YOU for making this boy whole again, Jill and Martin!


So, what you in JAIL for?



Well, I got a call from Creb's foster-angel tonight --

-- Creb's original "dad" or "owner" or "champion" -- the one who got him so sick --

-- was CONVICTED to a $2,000 fine and to 30 DAYS IN JAIL --

I know, not EXCEPTIONAL, but still SOMETHING -- !!

Also, he is PROHIBITED from owning ANOTHER dog, and he was FORCED to relinquish his OTHER dog, Crebs' BROTHER --

So, THANK YOU, SUE for all you did to get SOME justice here --

-- and, as always, THANK YOU Jill and Martin for showing this boy THE LIFE -- !!


And now, for our Calendar Boy -- !!

Well, Christmas came a bit early this year, and I received this from the Arkansas shelter --

-- and found this --


Great work, Jill and Martin -- and Sue and all, too -- !!