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Great people with great dogs need help -- can you oblige?


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Back in 2005, we had the story of Lolli on SPBR -- now Gloria -- here.

Basically, as a baby, Gloria was hit by a "bat-like object" upside her head, causing permanent damage.

Her case seemed futile, until Jane.

Jane and her husband started a rescue in New Haven, CT -- but a different kind of rescue.

This was a rescue for challenged dogs, and it obviously filled up quite quickly -- !!

Here's Glor after some months of loving and care by Jane.

Now, two years later, our girl's a big-un -- !!

This has been two years of small, hand-fed meals, by Jane and her husband -- four times a DAY -- and Gloria has absolutely flourished.

You can see, too, she still knows how to rip up the place, playing in the lawn (or what's left of it -- !!) in her favorite green sweater.

All in all, GREAT WORK, Jane and husband!

Then, recently, I got this message from Jane --

"For the last 3.5 years my husband and I have run a rescue out of our home in New Haven, CT for special needs dogs. We have placed quite a few, but now we are at the end of the road.

My husband's illness has escalated to the point where he has not been able to work for more than a year and a half. We have many dogs in the house and frankly can no longer afford to take care of them."

"We have two beautiful young dogs who are 3/4 pit bull and 1/4 Plott hound who were so horribly abused before their abuser was arrested that they are still shy. They don't present well and we have had no luck adopting them out.

To make matters far worse our neighbor's son-in-law who is a known drug dealer is VERY interested in them. We have had someone try to break into our house and have seen evidence of someone trying to get over our fence. I have no proof that is is him, but it didn't start until he started asking about the girls."


"I'm at wits end. I can't afford to feed them, let alone provide vet care. I'm terrified that someone will steal them or harm them in some way. It is awful when dogs in a rescue need to be rescued."


Fact sheet:

"Katie and Hannah are approximately 1.5 years old.
They are approximately 55 pounds in weight and have the leggy hound build and disposition.
Their father is a pure blooded pit/Staffie and had such a nice stable personality that the arresting ACO kept him for himself as a pet.
I have the mother on the premises. She is one of the most gentle dogs I've ever known.
They are spayed and UTD on vaccines.
They are crate trained and housebroken.
They are NOT dog aggressive and live uncrated with 11 other dogs ranging in size from 8 to 80 pounds.
They are good with small dogs and regularly play with our 12 pound terrier mix.
They have not been tested with cats but appear to have no prey drive and prefer to carry around stuffed toys rather than "kill" them.
They are, however, afraid of strange dogs and will growl and bark at them, although they have never shown any inclination to do anything except escape from the stranger.
They are afraid of strange people and will back away barking. They will approach and want to be friends if not pressed. They love everyone they find won't hurt them.
They have some basic obedience training and have good house and leash manners.
They do NOT have to go together. They love each other but are not deeply bonded.

If I do not place them reasonably soon I will probably be forced to surrender them to a shelter where they will at least be safe and fed."


So, can you say, "SAD" -- ??

Well, we can try and help -- !!

Sure, the pictures aren't the best -- BUT WE CAN GET BETTER ONES -- just ask -- !!

And too, Jane is an angel for all she's done -- both she and her girls are due some good karma --

-- could it be you? Do you want that karma to rub off on you? It just might -- !!

If interested, fill out an application above!