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"Just another momma and her puppies," you say?? Well, wait till you see how PROUD she is -- !!


Click here for their rescue update!

Click here to see the babies at 10 days!


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Well, if THIS isn't a proud momma, I don't know what is -- !!

Here's momma Lila, and her 10 puppies, who are presently in a New Jersy shelter, and who are soon to be rescued --


There's 10 puppies here -- quite a few --

-- as you can see, they're not easily kept in one puppy-pile -- !!


-- and this is the hardest part -- keeping puppies out of pinch-points, where they are oftentimes crushed --



With some human help, Lila gets her baby back -- !!


-- and if there were ever a proud mommy, this girl is it -- !!


Here's a close-up of her baby, just under a week old --


-- and here's the brood, enjoying their breakfast -- !!

If you're interested in Lila or a baby, please submit an application -

-- they've got about 7 weeks to go, so there's no rush --

-- please consider momma Lila, too - she's a beauty, and imagine how proud she'd be with you -- !!


Sept 29th Rescue Update -- !!

Well, there ARE still OUTSTANDING people out there, that's for sure --

-- here are Doreen and Brian, newleyweds who adopted momma Satin here, from SPBR last winter.

They wanted to HELP Lila and her babies... and even adopt her -- !!

Then, we found out momma Lila has active heartworm -- :(

Heartworm is very easily prevented with a monthly tablet, which Lila didn't get, and it is an eventual painful death for a dog, if untreated --

SO, Doreen went RIGHT TO WORK and researched the disease, buddied up with her neighbor, a vet student, and arranged heartworm treatment for Lila, when she's done weaning the puppies --

-- and the BEST part is, she and Brian still want to adopt this precious momma -- !!

The shelter temperament tested Lila around other dogs, especially females, and she came out with flying colors --


One surprise to us, though, is that Lila has TWELVE puppies --

-- we originally thought there were TEN, but guess again -- !!

At right is "boy1" --

-- if there were ever a pit bull mug, that's it -- !!

And here's little "boy2" --

-- just a bebbie --

This one's simply titled "fav" --

-- wonder why??!!

And "girl1", with a full (or wormy) belly --

-- ALL puppies are born with worms, which they contract from their mothers while baking in momma's oven --

-- puppies are wormed initially with a mild worming, and then successively till all have passed --

Here's little "girl2" --

-- a lady, and she says, "I'm working on my look -- check back in a week or so -- !!"

These babies are 8 to 12 days old --

-- the blue-ish eyes mean their eyes have just opened, and they're starting to see the world -- !!

And "girl3" --

-- the prettiest of coats -- !!

This one's simply called "nap" --

-- HOW sweet are these babies -- !!

INTERESTED in adopting?

If so, fill out an adoption application above --

-- BUT, please realize, breed experience is preferred (and favored) and proof of enrollment in obedience at the time of adoption is required -- !!

I am most thankful for Doreen and Brian today --

-- not only did they adopt Satin and have her flourish, but they also opened their home to momma Lila and her twelve, and will be giving Lila the love and treatment she needs so she can be a happy part of their family --

-- forever after -- !!


10 days old and ready to roll... almost!!

Well, momma and her babies are safe and sound with Doreen and Brian --

-- and just LOOK at those SPOTS -- !!

And now for the bebbies --

-- belly roll, please...


Anna (f)

Bridget (f)

Emma (f)

Joey (m)

Junior (m)

Maddy (f)

Monica (f)

Phoebe (f)

Stella (f)

Tony (m)

Trot (m)

Vinny (m)

If...'re ready to give a lifetime of love, devotion and responsible ownership, fill out an adoption app above!