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Our junk yard fighting dog needs home fit for her new name -- wanna oblige??

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As I drove home from work tonight, the following came across my Blackberry --

"Eric, Hi my reason for writeing is that i rescued a pitbull and i can not keep it. Its to my belief the puppy was going to be used as a fighting dog. I currently have a Rottweiler and he is not to happy that the puppy is here. Besides that our dog is having hip surgery in one week, and we cant not have two dogs where we live. I called the SPCA and they said they would put the puppy down and i don't want to see that happen. Can you help me, i was just trying to do the right thing.


Well, from all the commotion above, I felt bad for this pup before even seeing her.

Crystal works in an inner-city metal scrap-yard, and one of the "men" coming in the yard had this little lady and was going to "fight" her when she grew up.

I wish, oh I wish, that "man's" momma could see what her son was doing --

-- she'd hopefully make him hang his head in disgrace.

ANYWAY, on to our fiercesome "junk yard dog" --


... that's it?

THAT'S the DOG that this MAN was going to RAISE to FIGHT?


Well, just for that, we'll name her "cupcake" --

-- and from now on, her princess factor is through the roof!

How any civilized person could look at a face like that and think, "Well gee, she'd be a good fighter" is beyond me --

-- anyway, Cupcake it is -- !!

Here you can see our girl being normal --

-- as normal as can be.

She appears to have some demodex mange spots, which will be remedied before her placement.

Again, what in the world was this "man" thinking -- :|

Next, our girl's will to please --

-- now THAT'S very pit bull -- and something we'll all attest to!

She is getting spayed on Friday, August 1st, and then she'll be fit as a fiddle to be someone's couch potato, running buddy or tongue-washer --

-- far from her earlier fate -- !!

I estimate this girl to be at 16 weeks, and so far, so sweet -- !!

If you're in to the cupcake-types, and you can show us you were made for this girl, fill out an adoption application above - !!