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Diamond's life is no longer in the rough -- let her come brighten yours!


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Well, here's Ms. Diamond -- fostered by Kim in Ohio --

-- she writes --

"Hi Eric,

Thank you so much for helping us out with this little girl. We just love her and want to see her get a good home already.

I've attached a zip file with quite a few pics in it. The pics in this first set are close to a year old ... i had to split them up to send them all (sorry there is so much!!) The next zip file will have more recent ones.

Diamond will be 2 years old around June we believe."


"I dont have it on her web page bio (not sure why ...), but she is a true victim of BSL. We rescued her from a kill shelter here in Ohio that isn't allowed to adopt pit bulls out to the general public (most here dont). She was turned into the shelter by her family b/c they didn't have the required "vicious dog" insurance for her that Ohio requires of all pit bulls. That is it."

"It wasn't that she was in trouble, taken from them, poorly cared for or that they didn't want her ... for whatever reason, they didn't have and didn't get the proper insurance for her. She was just a family pet.... who has spent as much of her life in our kennel as she has in a real home."

"Diamond is comfortable in a crate and has slept in one and been in one in the house a bit while we've been away. She goes right in, doesn't vocalize or anything. She's a good girl.... would do anything to make us happy. Seems housebroken.... we dont have her inside full time, but when she has been in, she has never had an accident."

"She's so loveable ... that page on the site of her and me is really how she is ... well.. if you can get her to hold still long enough :)"

When she is inside, she has every toy out of the toy basket in minutes *L*

"Diamond is going to a meet & greet with us on Saturday. We've never taken her before b/c we usually have a few other dogs ... but Saturday we will have 2 puppies safely in an x-pen so we thought it would be a good time to get her some exposure."

"Hopefully she does well ... we've had her in town for walks and at outdoor restaurants several times and she charms EVERYONE."

"Let me know if you need anything else... again - thanks!


Okay -- so ms. diamond is loved and loving --

-- and as you can see, she is BLESSED by Kim and family -- :D

She is a red brindle, is very sweet, and she is obviously well socialized --

-- WHAT MORE could you WANT -- !!

So, if you're able to show this girl more than her past life did, we'd be thrilled to hear from you -- as would she.

She'll be your companion, your jester, your best friend -- and all you have to do is never let her down -- sounds fair -- :D

Fill out an application if you can promise this girl gumdrops and lollypops --

-- spring is upon us, so she'd be the perfect way to beat that cabin fever -- !!

THANK YOU, KIM, for doing great by this love!!