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These loves are only 8 weeks old and ready to melt their way in to your heart!!


Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!


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I received the following email early last week, June 12th, 2005 --

"I am wondering if you can help me with some 8 week old pit/lab pups.  They were bottle fed and the woman who rescued them thought they were lab/boxer mix pups...she learned that they are pit/lab, not boxer/lab and now is threatening to euthanize them because they are pits.

She called me ranting about they had to get out of her house immediately.   I am trying to get them into a rescue group.  They have had a round of boosters and deworming and I am working on sponsorship to get them spay/neutered before they go to the rescue, so they will be all ready for adoption..."

Well, I didn't think TOO much of this request... that is, till I saw the pictures -- !!!



#1 Male - "Titus"

The pictures did it -- these babies are gonna get saved --

-- thanks to a GREAT foster home up North, they are all set for their journey, after their spay/neuters this coming week --



Regarding the foster momma, the rescuer writes:

"She has researched, and now believes they have pit in them and she will have NOTHING to do with placing or raising any further. 

Well, I called her up and was very upset with her.  Tried to educate her a bit about pits and she would not budge.  She was very strong on the issue and said if I could not take them or find a rescue to take them, she would be "forced" to euthanize them. "

#2 Female - "Trixie"



#3 Male - "Jack"

WELL, we can help change THAT, right??!!

One caveat with these puppies -- they will be required to join obedience classes upon adoption, and I will only to adopt to those who can show proof of enrollment in an upcoming class --

-- puppies of any breed need proper socialization and training with their new parents, and obedience class is perfect for that.



Not taking puppies to obedience class is easy -- and TV is more fun than trotting around a training ring --

-- however, when these cutesy puppies turn 6-7 mos., have no formal training and start to challenge their parents from an alpha standpoint, then something has gone seriously awry --

-- thus, puppy training is of the utmost!

#4 Male - "Earl"



#5 Male - "Waylon"

Okay, enough of the fine print --

-- these babies will come fully vetted, including alterations (spay/neuter), microchipping (Home Again), wormings, 5-in-1 shots and kennel cough administration --

-- adoption fee is $250, as always --



... and Pearl to the right says, "I even come with a Southern drawl" --


#6 Female - "Pearl"



#7 Female - "Diva"

So, if you're ready to make a difference -- and to be a responsible parent, fill out an adoption application above --



Well, we've had an 11th hour hitch-hiker com on board --

-- little Pinto, as shown at the right --

-- he's 10 weeks old, and looks more pit than the others --

-- all he says is, "THANK YOU for getting me out of that mess -- !!"

#8 male - "Pinto"