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The Liberty girls: Joy, and Pain

Click here for the luvs at 6 weeks!

Click here for the naming of the babies!!

Click here for the babies at 4 weeks!

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The Joy

In early May, Julie from Watertown writes --

"Pregnant Diamond ditched in an apartment after her owner went to jail 4-5 days ago."

While her name was Diamond, it's now Liberty (or "Libbie"), paying respect to our Philly girl.

"Her angel??? My daughter Ravan. Apartment manager planned to have her "put to sleep". With Eric's blessing (begging and bribes do wonders!)

So I lie, Eric has true and genuine desire to rescue despite politics, finances and disgruntle peeps."

"Still driven by love after 9 years what an inspiration. So I really don't want another foster especially one complete with instant fam but if I would have taken the time to think, no more Libbie. Soooo Ravan at 7am walked to the apartment and brought her home. "

"She is so loving of people and appears to be taken care of but we have no history other than she was bread on purpose and the kid who went once a day to feed her wanted a "finders" puppy to make some money. Ravan's response...hell no! She is interested in cats but not sure the motivation. No aggression towards the pack but a little short with Henny who just vibrates. I'll be honest, not entirely sure how to handle this."

At right is Ravan, with her new, appreciative momma!

And in the following weeks...

... Miss Libbie GREW -- !!


Such a strong breed --

-- and yet, such a delicate mother --

-- so vulnerable, so trusting.

So beautiful.

From Julie --

"Ms. Libbie was so ready to pop! Her temp was consistant at 98 and she could not get comfortable."

"At 5:30am I sat straight up to the sound of wimpering, looked over the side of my bed and there was the first girl itty bitty"

"I barely got Diamond settled on towels and a blanket (I had picked her a different place to deliver but apparently she had other plans) and the next girl itty bitty came along"

Let the MOTHERING begin!!

"Libbie is so amazing. She even let the boys watch for a bit..."

So, out came 12 --

-- YES 12 --

-- happy, HUNGRY babies --

-- and does momma L ever have her work cut out for her -- !!

And because you know you love it --

-- a video -- with SOUND!

So, these babies were born on May 23rd -- and will (God willing), be ready to go HOME on July 18th, 2009 --

-- check back for updates, piccys and the like!!


The babies at 4 weeks...

So, we took a little road-trip to Julie's and were greeted by a momma in MOTION -- !!

here's momma libbie, in full milk production, effectively feeding her 12 -- !!

And then, here's my first peek at Libbie's 12 --

-- yes 12 -- !!

And, thank God, all made it --

-- dues to TONS of work by mommas Libbie and Julie -- !!

Another pile-shot -- on the rainbow blankie -- :D

Hahahaha -- I awoke little GreenLee -- !!

Well, now that he's up, I figured I'd admire this little peach --

-- a peach who looks VERY good to EAT -- !!

First off, the approach...

... and then the nibbling begins...

... YUM!!!

Closer... closer.... !!

But wait -- !!

Momma Libbie says, "Where's my GreenLee at??!!"

And in quick moment, she finds me -- and GL --

-- and her eyes lock on to me like lasers -- !!

Well, with a little cajoling and goodwill, miss Libbie and I share a nacho chip, and all's back to normal -- !!

And little GreenLee comes out of the incident unscathed --

-- and a little tired -- !!

So, just LOOK at our PICTURE-PERFECT momma --

-- she's looking for a wonderous home, y'all -- !!

Within minutes, we started baby headshot pics...

.... but....

... everyone started falling asleep during the photo-shoot -- !!!

NOT GOOD -- !!

Here's the clan, minutes later --

-- with momma Libs leading the sleepin' charge -- !!

The naming of the babies!!

So, fast foward a week, and foster mom Julie is at her day job, counseling US soldiers returning from Afghanistan --

-- many in emotional duldrums about what they saw in the war, and for the comrades they lost --


So, what Julie did is have her clients name the babies after their fallen comrades --

-- and the names started pourin' in --

-- and the smiles came back to the soldiers' faces --

Here's a somewhat "what do I do with this little thing??" face --

-- a face that changed awfully quickly...

... to giggles, grins and cell-phone pictures -- !!

Next, the kisses began --

-- and it's just like it should be --

-- healing, loving and living...

This GI can't figure out which girl to kiss first -- !!

... and then this one didn't look like he wanted to ever give her back --

-- :hug: --


What a rewarding experience --

-- to have these "doomed pups" saved by Julie, and then to have them go and help these soldiers emotionally heal.

Life doesn't get better than this -- it really doesn't.

Next, our luvs at 6 weeks!

So, when the babies were 6 weeks, I met up with Julie and her son --

-- and Libbie and her brood -- :D

Note the GREAT temperament of Libbie here, lovin' kids and adults alike -- !!

And, of course, the pups are socialized and rearin' to go --

-- well, that is, in two weeks -- on July 18th, after their spay/neuter surgeries.

First things FIRST though --

-- everyone's gotta EAT -- !!

And I cannot find words for how much I love these pictures...

... absolute beauty.

Hahahah -- look at the 2nd one in from the left -- she has MILK between her EYES -- !!

And the milk is hypnotizing these babies -- sort of like a natural high -- !!

Hahaha -- I told you, I can't get enough of these -- !!

And finally, the last one --

--- "nom nom nom" -- !!

So, with all that, we picked up one baby at a time for their headshots...

... and momma was HAPPY to have their teeth off her BODY -- !!

And now, for a couple of videos...

number 1...

.... and number 2 -- !!


Momma Libbie


the original momma libbie -- :(


... and ladies come first -- !!



Cally-named in honor of CPL Isiah Calloway only 22 years old

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3




Issy-named in honor of SSG Daniel Isshak only 25 years old

From Julie - "Rya and Issy. My toughy soldier has a marshmellow side ssshhhhh I have been sworn to secrecy!"

Link 1
Link 2



Keira-named in honor of Dustin Krieder only 18 years old

From Julie - "Barcus and Keira offer this soldier serenity by the memorial for his 2 lost soldiers. He too had no idea what awaited him today. He said Keira and Barcus were perfectly named as they each had the qualities of his soldiers. "

Link 1



Messy-named in honor of SGT Christopher Messer nicknamed Messy. Died Christmas Day but official record states 12/27

From Julie - "Messy met her namer on the perfect day as his week had not gone well. He told me his friend liked to joke around but got serious when it needed to be serious. Messy is exactly likes this. At one point she sat by him all be herself on the floor and watched him, she generally does not do that. I swear she knew she was there for him."

Link 1
Link 2



Nat-named in honor of PVT Nathen Thacker only 18 years old

Link 1
Link 2



Nicky-named in honor of SGT Carlie M. Lee III who loved low riding trucks and his momma.

From Julie - "Nicky met her namer this morning. He had just returned from attending his soldier's funeral and he shared that he has been "adopted" by his friends family. His soldier NEVER complained and took teasing with laughter. His soldier's mother loves cows. Notice a resemblance?"

Link 1
Link 2



Rya-named in honor of SGT Ryan Green died after he had just re enlisted

Link 1

From Julie - "Oh God this is heartbreaking -- "

Link 2


... and next, the lads...


Adkins - named in honor of SGT Travis Adkins who took out a suicide bomber to save the lives of his battle buddies!

From Julie - "Adkins meets his namer. She shared that her soldier was so amazing his reputation preceded him. He was hero before he sacrificed himself by tackling and hugging a suicide bomber to save others. She is currently trying to contact her soldier's 1SGT of that time to share the puppy memorial as she feels it will help him come to peace."

Link 1
Link 2


Amos-named in honor of LT Amos Bock only 23 years old

From Julie - "He loved to joke and was always upbeat. He always stood out because of his bright red hair"

Link 1


Barcus-named in honor of SPC Collier Barcus only 23 years old

From Julie - "Barcus and Keira offer this soldier serenity by the memorial for his 2 lost soldiers. He too had no idea what awaited him today. He said Keira and Barcus were perectly named as they each had the qualities of his soldiers. "

From Julie - "Barcus was so outgoing and he never slowed down. He was just an awesome guy"

Link 1



GreenLee-named in honor of SPC Satieon Greenlee who had a newborn prior to deployment

From Julie - "GreenLee was welcomed happily by his namer who did not expect see little guy waiting to meet him. The human Greenlee, as I was told today, was a free spirit who could hear the meaning in criticism and then apply it to better himself. He was soldier who believed in what he did."

Link 1
Link 2



Rehn-named in honor of SGT Robert Ehney only 24 years old

Link 1
Link 2

As a disclaimer:

The following rescue story will, indeed, break your heart.

The images are graphic, and the Philly story is heartbreaking.

While we are not in to shocking stories and photos, we are in to passionate living -- especially when it comes to this breed.

So, please, proceed knowing this, and as the title at the left says, "you will never forget it" --

-- and from it, we will all come away better advocates of these beautiful creatures.


Click here to go to...

the Joy

Click here to go to...

the Pain


Click here for...

The Resolve


The Pain

Now comes the hard part --

-- the heartache.

The tears.

The story that stopped me mid-step while reading my Blackberry yesterday, doing lawn work, leading me to tears.

She had no name that we can tell, so being from Philadelphia, she is "Liberty" to us -- or "Libbie".



From For the Love of Dog, in early 2008 --

A horrific sight greeted animal control officers when they investigated after receiving a call regarding a dead dog in an abandoned Philadelphia schoolyard at 27th and Huntingdon. A pregnant pitbull hung, chained to a fence. She had been brutally abused, beaten and tortured to death then her body just left like some kind of macabre exhibit for anyone to see.

The area surrounding the poor dog's tortured body was covered with debris, rocks and chunks of concrete, many covered in blood, obviously used to torture the defenseless dog to death.

“Just to think someone could throw something at an animal like that and hear it cry out and continue to throw stuff at the dog… it's heartbreaking,” said Officer Wayne Smith of the PA SPCA.

Imagine the torment, the pain, the suffering that innocent and defenseless creature went through as she was stoned and beaten to death! Imagine the heartlessness and callousness of the sad excuse of a human being or beings who did that to her.

The SPCA released the graphic pictures below in hopes that someone might have some information that would lead to the arrest of the monster(s) who could do something like this. Saddest thing is, even if they ever do find them, this crime, this abominable torture of a defenseless and innocent creature can only be charged as a misdemeanor meaning probably no jail time.

There has been a $1000 reward posted by the SPCA for information leading the arrest of the criminal or criminals in this case. Anyone with information is asked to call the SPCA at 215-426-6300.

If you know anything, if you have any information at all, please call! The kind of person or people who could do something like this could possibly do the same to other animals or people, innocent children. No one is safe from such depravity!



The Resolve

Once, when I told foster Julie that I wanted to exit rescue, she replied, "You can't -- I won't let you."

Well, stories of the Philly Liberty are a testament as to why I -- and WE -- can't quit. What's the resolve of such a story? Absolute heartbreak, unless something good can possibly good come out of it.

Well, the best we can do, and all we know to do, is to keep on going.

Keep on going to help all those we can reach, educate those who need it, and in the end, protect and cherish these absolute gifts of life.

So, Miss Philadelphia Liberty, while you're not alive to hear your babies cry, play and love you, rest well knowing we do our work in honor of you, and the Liberty that Julie so loves lives in your memory -- as do her babies.

Things I like in an application:

- Applicants who join our pit bull forum, at There, you'll find a small army of pit bull lovers -- 4,500 at the present -- !! For you, the adopter, you can learn about canine diet, pit bull temperaments, multi-dog households, and you can meet a nice group of people. For us, the rescuers, we can see your baby as they grow with you, hearing your stories about them and seeing pictures you post of them in their news lives -- win-win, right??!!
PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS PRE-REQUISITE -- it means a lot to us here -- !!
- Adult adopters, ready to be adults. People aware of the responsibility of a puppy, and aware this puppy will become an a medium-sized dog, with its own temperament and personality. Adult adopters who are ready for a 15 year commitment. This puppy does not have a depreciating "useful life" that is over when it becomes an adult -- instead, this dog's whole life is useful -- !!
- Owners who are aware of and who respect the pit bull temperament. This means people who know you can't "love" dog aggression out of their dogs -- instead, owners who are RESPONSIBLE with their pups -- crating them when unattended, supervising them with children, never leaving them outside unattended, and those who are ready for licks and lovin' in return! For more on dog aggression, click here.
- Adopters who treat their newest addition like a member of the family, realizing that this isn't a "dog in the box" and that its little life must be encouraged to go the right path and that obedience, socialization and training will get her there -- !!

- Financial commitment. Adopters willing to spend money on their new investment, including premium foods (like Candidae, Wellness, Nutro or raw food), plus adopters who will invest in pet insurance or a "dog fund", lest vetting be required, which may get expensive.

The adoption fee is $295 per dog. This is reasonable, considering the premium services that each pup gets. Each dog, before placement, is examined by a licensed veterinarian, spayed or neutered, wormed with premium wormer, given vaccinations on a regular basis (not just a one-shot deal), microchipped with a premium Home Again chip (made by Schering -Plough), fed premium raw food (not 'Ol Roy, or some other filler-laden junk) and has spent it's puppy fosterhood in a wonderful, attentive, CLEAN environment. There are 4-5 homes fostering these babies, and that is a LOT of logistics, driving, CARE, etc. -- but it's entirely worth it! Also, each puppy is accompanied by a personal home visit to YOUR home at placement, to ensure they're going to have the life of a king or queen -- !! If the home visit doesn't pass, puppy doesn't stay. This isn't some parking-lot-of-a-pet-store adoption scheme, instead, it's the highest-quality service I can provide for these young souls, as they journey off in to their lives. Note, too, we have had a recent increase in adoption fees, due to increased veterinary surgery rates.

- Smart and informed adopters, who research this breed and who realize that these pups are not for everyone. Pit bull temperament can be Googled, and a great start can be found here.


Things I shy away from in an application:

- Youth -- sorry kids -- this is a living being, not an iPod!! Young peoples' lives change a lot, and the first thing to get dumped is usually the dog, whether it be on their parents, a friend, etc., who are oftentimes ill-equipped and disinterested in this four-legged life -- then, the dumping or neglect begins.
- Renters. I get calls all the time saying, "Please take my dog -- I moved in to an apartment that doesn't allow them." Ummm -- did you fall asleep in an apartment that allowed them, and then wake up at a new address, in an apartment that doesn't allow them? This isn't magic here -- it's responsibility, and dogs come first. Please don't lie on the application, either -- this will show up in the home-visit -- !!

- Multi-dog households. While I love having many pit bulls, quite a few people aren't ready for the commitment and responsibility it takes to sometimes crate their dogs, rotate them out of the crates and generally own them responsibly. When that happens, I get calls saying, "I have to get rid of one of my dogs ASAP." I can never understand why these people think their lack of planning is all of the sudden my emergency.

- Busy households. Sure, puppies are cute, and they're cuddly, and after they're bathed, they smell nice. But when they grow up in to dogs, and the busy household moves on to their new obsession, the dog, now needing obedience, love and affection, is dumped in the suburban sense. The dog may even live "out on the porch" -- people mention that to me like it's acceptable -- dogs are social beings, and will not flourish in situations of neglect!
- People that call me sounding like gangsters. It happens a lot -- and they never want a spayed or neutered dog. Sorry folks -- this is rescue, not a puppy mill, nor the "syndicate". Also, please don't bother me with requests for "papers" -- last time I checked, no people I knew had "papers", and that didn't make them any less a "person" -- !!