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Dogs who lives are a living hell -- can you make a difference?


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Well, it happens at times -- a bunch of emails come in that you can't ignore.

I can't simply go to bed saying, "Isn't it awful" without trying to help these pups -- whether it be through posting them here, or networking them on our forum.

So, without further ado -- :(



I received --

"I live in Burlington, NC.  Butch is Pitbull/Boxer mix who lives in a poor part of town whose run serves as a neighborhood trashcan.  Just when you think you have seen it all…this.  Cans, bags, boards with nails, old food, broken glass and poop.  His water was a bowl of green with mosquitoes breeding. I understand people throw stuff in his pen and yell at him."

"This family would like to give Butch away.  Butch was their son's ”pit” but the son moved away.  Butch is very thin and boney and has not been neutered.  Not sure who to contact.  Our shelter is full.  I am unable to take him due to 4 old rescues with major health issues.  What to do."

What to do --

-- can you help?? Butch is not a bad boy --

-- but he's been shown a terrible world --

-- and yet he still smiles. How, I do not know.



From Manhattan...

"If you can take this girl it will be super we will spay her and close up the wound. She is on stray wait she was put on antibiotics to help prevent infection. I hope you'll be able to help she is a great girl.

A782015 Holly

What else can I say Holly needs HELP!!

She is a friendly pit bull who didn't need restraining while her wound was being cleaned."


Holly is the victim of am embedded collar.

She's 2 years old 43lbs with a great temperament .

Holly is all Wags & Kisses


What to do for Holly --

-- find a guardian angel who will show her that she was right --

-- that she didn't need to give in to the pain and horror she felt on a daily basis --

-- and instead, to remain the even-tempered, sweet girl she knew she could be --

-- until she was finally saved.

Well, she's almost there -- and you're the last stop... that is, if you do something about it.



We received --

"While at work, I received a call to pick up this pitbull in southeast Raleigh .  She was injured and was found by a kind citizen and held for Animal Control.   When I saw her and loving the breed, I couldn't help but cry.  I am just glad no one saw me."

"I took her to the shelter and they are going to hold her for the regular 5 days, and give her medication.  She will not be adoptable for them due to the extent of her injuries.  I am not only asking, but begging, pleading, groveling and whatever else that will work.  Can someone give her a miracle?"

"She is very friendly with people.  I stopped by Burger King and got her some warm double cheeseburgers and handfed her.   I do not know how she is with other dogs as yet.  She appears to have had several litters of puppies and is probably around 3 yrs old (just a guesstimate, due to her injuries - it is hard to look at her teeth.  She is a petite 36 lbs."

Well, this is unspeakable --

-- and if it doesn't make you cry, count yourself off the human list.

Katie will get a miracle -- she must. She can be treated medically and then, when stable, assessed for her temperament.

How "humans" we interact with in stores and in every day society could do this to such a beautiful girl is beyond me.

We will help her -- and you, willing, can be part of the plan.