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Lola has been through some ups and downs -- can you be her final "up" -- ??

Click here for our Lola's photo shoot!

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Well, where do we start --

-- little Lola came from an Ohio shelter with little to lose --

-- the shelter was filling up, and her prior "owners" proved themselves unworthy of such a little lady.

Fast forward a few months, and Leah and Meg did great things b our little girl.

Meg writes --

"Lola is a sweet and loving pup who adores other dogs. She gets along really well with my female adult pit bull, who she loves spending time with, playing and wrestling."

"She has also mastered sleeping in a big puppy pile on the couch with Ruby (sometimes on top of Ruby!). Her rough start in life has lead her to be shy around people at first, but every day she comes out of her shell even more. She greets people she knows with a full body wiggle and a happy pittie smile."

"She is learning more commands, and has learned that when she isn't sure what to do, she should just sit. She loves treats, and gets really excited when we have a training session."

"She has no prey drive that I have seen, ignoring my ferret as well as my pet rats that have been visiting from school, walking right by their cage without even a sniff. She also ignores squirrels and rabbits outside. She loves to run and stretch her legs in the yard, jumping right over Ruby as they race up and down."

"She walks really well on a leash, just happy to be out and about with you. She is learning what toys are and how to play with them, and has learned that chewing on bones is fun."

"She also has no problem giving up any item if you take it from her, and would rather let our dog steal toys from her than argue about it. We have fallen in love with Lola, and can't wait to find the perfect family for this gentle, goofy soul."

So, to me, that's why dogs in foster homes are so great to adopt --

-- you get a candid description of the pup by their foster parent, plus you get a TRAINED dog -- !!

Lola comes housebroken and with basic commands --

-- plus the usual spay, microchip, vaccines and wormings --

-- perfect!!

So, if you'd like to be one of the many who have felt the joy and reward of adopting a homeless pup, what are you waiting for??

This girl comes with so much to give, and she's been cared for so well.

If you're interested, fill out an adoption application above!!

Ms. Pretty Pants -- !!

Well, late this past summer, Meg and Lola paid me a visit --

-- with matching collars and harnesses to boot -- !!

Meg has been nothing short of Lola's angel, taking this girl in, and working on making up for all Lola's missed time while she was neglected as a puppy.

Ms. Lola is very attached to Meg, as you can see in this picture, and she has come miles in the past months!

Our girl is oh-so-pretty, too -- !!

Like any pup, she sometimes needs a little scratch behind the ear and a leg to lean on --

-- basically a person to let her know "you're okay now -- I'm here for you and that won't change"

Talk about how pretty brindles can be -- !!

This girl looks like a painted masterpiece -- :D

So, while Lola is awaiting the most perfect of homes, Meg has kindly enrolled her in obedience class, where she'll learn the bestest sits and stays, to make her the apple of her new family's eye -- !!

Great fosters are the backbone of SPBR, and with Meg, we struck gold.

Fostering isn't an easy chore --

-- a foster pup comes in the a home with their own personalities, and the home has to somewhat adapt to this pup, two-legger and four-legger alike.

Well, with Lola, we also have to thank Meg's dear husband for his tolerance --

-- you see, while Meg's off teaching during the day, hubby takes care of Lolabeans!

In a time when everything is so uncertain, you can be certain of a dog's love, that's for sure.

Ms. Lola will be glued to you in her new home, and will look up to you as her commander in chief -- her guidepost -- her mentor.

Now why wouldn't you want such a beautiful creature in your life?

If you're a worthy role model, she'll come with bells on!

And again, big THANK YOUs to wonderful Meg for treating this girl like 1-in-a-million --

-- for letting Lola forget she was given a bad rap at life's start --

-- and for instead letting this girl feel like the princess she is, and for carrying her around once in a while!