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Mac is 91 -- and he needs solace.


Click here to see Mac's miracle -- !!

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A month ago, I received the following --

"I would like to start out by saying that what you are doing with pit bulls is a great thing. My name is Brian and my wife and I own a 13 year old pit bull named MAC.

We recently had our third child, and we are not paying much attention to the dog. We rarely take him out except to go to the bathroom. He is having trouble walking up our three flights of stairs, and because we live in the city space is limited due to our growing family. He is great with kids and people, but I think because of the lack of attention he has started to go to the bathroom in the house and he now lays on all our furniture.

We have asked many of our family and friends to take in Mac, but like us have a busy schedule and no time. Unfortunately he has to go. I want Mac to spend his final years in peace. We will miss him. I hope you can help us out with our situation. Thank you."

Here are the accompanying pictures Brian sent me of Mac, at home in Queens, with his family of 13 years.

Since each dog year is equal to a human's 7 years, this boy is 91 --

-- and he needed a home, since his next option after SPBR was the pound, where his fate was certain.


To me, this is a pensive Mac --

-- and upset Mac, realizing he must go.

I know, I know -- many don't think dogs have human emotions or expressions, but I know different.

And please, too, we here at SPBR are not to act as a moral compass for people surrendering such dogs -- the decision was made.

And we were thankful to help.

Within a month, Mac came to SPBR, only through the kindness of many people --

-- Dee mostly.

Dee is on our forum, and when I posted Mac's plea, she said, "I have to help."

And with that offer to foster, many people worked with Brian to get Mac from Queens to Buffalo.

Here is Mac when I met him, unsure of anything at this point.

Does he have some lumps? Sure he does -- those need to come off, and we'll vet him.

Is he frightened? Yes he is -- but he'll overcome that, too.

What Mac really needs is a forever home --

-- but a home with a different kind of person.

He needs a selfless person, an anti-capitalist, an idealist.

Mac's situation makes us all realize that we too must age some day, and that we would want to be cared for in such a situaiton.

So, that's what Mac represents --

-- a showing of humanity.

No, he won't show up as a line item perk on your taxes, nor will many of your "non dog friends" understand why you did what you did --

-- but you'll understand -- as will Mac --

-- while he and you are in this life and the next.

So, if you're willing to give yourself unconditionally to Mac and you're ready to open your heart to him, please fill out an adoption application above.

If you're one of the ones who knows deep in your heart that life really isn't about dollars and cents at the end of the day, if you're one of the ones who awakens every day and is thankful for another day of giving and if you believe that karma does indeed happen --

-- well then, this boy is for you.

Well, dear boy, you're so blessed...

Approaching Mac's home visit, we see this sign in the back yard --

-- SCORE -- !!

Next, we find ourselves inside a new-build --

-- and Patricia is quick to say, "We don't believe in spending more than $25 per piece of furniture -- it's our pets' home, and that matters most."

I pass out.

Then, the Macster greets his old foster momma, Julie --


-- and look at his happy face -- !!

Gone are the days of the pictures above, when Mac first came to us, with a void look on his face and a dour appearance.

He's HOME -- !!

He gives us a quick yawn to say, "Aw, it's nothin'" -- !!

Next, we meet the home's cats --

-- this one likes life just right on the center of the dining table, thank you -- !!

And then this one --

-- ummm -- am I being watched??!!

It's like a big brother thing in the corner -- !!

I guess this cat literally punches the dogs when they get too close -- !!

All cats in this home have full front and rear claws, thank you -- !!


... hi --


Next, well, umm..

... that's my... umm... camera case --

-- do y'all mind leaving it alone??!!

Grrr... I am not a cat person, so shortly after that I shut the case oh-so-gently and whispered, "At least my pets know their names" as I went outside -- !!

Next, Patricia's horse wall-of-fame --

-- this one's my FAVORITE -- !!

Next, we go outside --

-- it's fall in full bloom in Upstate NY --

-- and is nothing short of beautiful.

I am very thankful of this trip because it got me out of the house and let me do some leaf peeping instead of sitting at home watching the tube or cleaning my bathroom -- :|

Next is Patricia and Ken.

Patricia is a High School English teacher and Ken worked his prior job in lighting and film in LA.

Clancy is here, too -- their recent pound-pup rescue -- who's part Cocker, part Cavalier --

-- or so he says -- !!

He is a very handsome boy -- even if he can't quite be a big boy yet with big boy toys -- !!

Hahaha --

-- he wants to be a big boy here, running with the toy --

-- but look where the toy is -- !!

Macky and Clan love each other too --

-- a great start -- !!

Here's Mac, being all fun and playful --

-- definitely a sign that he is home.

And here's Patricia, right before she rewards Mac with a kiss for letting the toy go --

-- AWWW!

I love this picture --

-- if a dog ever smiled big, it's Macky -- at 13.

Haha --

-- you know when you smile so much your cheeks close up your eyes??

Well, that's what our Macky suffers --

-- happily -- !!

Then, a brief family pose...

... before Mac's back to playin' with Ken.

Not a mean bone in this boy's body, that's for sure, and he knows --

-- he must --

-- that he's been given a new, loving life.

I love love love this picture --

-- it's the picture of a 13 year old boy looking like a puppy.

That's everything.

Here Mac holds his bow-wrapped bone, while he says, "Yeahhh.. yeahhh.. !!!"

Next, we're off for a walk around the property.

The boys are harnessed up and we're off -- !!

This is the view we got --

-- wow.

Inside the barn, we meet Ken's horse -- a rather inquisitive boy -- !!

Mac gives him a quick once-over...

... and he doesn't blink first -- !!!

Next, we're off to the pastures.

This is SO PRETTY -- !!

We greet the horses, all decked out with their anti-fly garb, which keeps them oh-so-happy -- !!

And then we stop to admire their beautiful habitat...

... and then we go for a walk in the forest.

Patricia's Dad bartered this pond dig many years ago for 5 acres of land --

-- I think it was worth it -- !!

... and then we make our way in to the deeper areas...

I love it here -- !!

Sooo pretty -- !!!

Here, Pat and Ken negotiate the trails, while the 4-leggers take their lead...

Hahaha -- we joked this was Mac's new carpeting -- forest moss --

-- you're not in Queens any more, Macky -- !!

I love this picture.

This is certainly an old forest -- and it's all Patty's, Ken's, Clancy's and MAC'S -- !!

I love this picture, too -- :D

And then, we exit the forest and head back home.

The boys are tired, but not exhausted --

-- Macky stays up with the crowd, acting more like a 2 year old pup than a 13 year old -- !!

And then, back on the porch, he finds his way on the swing, and freely accepts pets and sweet talkin' -- :D

So, there we are --

-- Mac beat all odds.

He is home.

Pat and Ken didn't look at is page and say, "What's in it for us?" Instead, they took a leap of faith and performed a random act of kindness, promising Mac a great life.

Thank you so much to the transporters who got Macky out of Queens, to Dr. Caro for aspirating his lumps (which came back negative), to Julie for fostering Mac --

-- and finally, to Pat and Ken, for connecting with this boy. For making this a decision from the heart and running with it --

-- it means everything to us -- and to Mac.