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Maggie has seen enough misery -- can you show her some FUN??!!


Click here to see Maggie's August 2006 update!

Click here for Maggie's final update.

Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!


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Here is Maggie, and her situation is as bad as she looks.

Her rescue angel writes --

"I am begging, on behalf of this special little girl, for one of you to open up your heart and home to end this little girl's misery.

She deserves to know what it means to be loved and cared for... to live a day without pain or fear.

This sweet little girl is at a local kill shelter. It is obvious that she has some sort of skin issue (being that she is basically bald). I would guess mange. The shelter will not even give her a name let alone any kind of medical treatment."

"The volunteers have named her Maggie and are rubbing vaseline on her to help soothe her irritation(out of desperation).

She is very sweet and shy, but no aggressive able to be handled all over and has no food bone or toy guarding.

I am willing to do a full on evaluation of her, assist in and or transport her, I can possibly arrange to get her medical treatment before transport."

More on mange can be learned here.

"Again, all Maggie needs is one person to say 'yes, i will love her'".

Okay -- here's where the good of the human spirit needs to triumph.

Little Maggie will be spayed, temperament tested, and treated for her skin condition before her placement --

-- what she needs is you -- you who will pass a home-visit, you who will look past her thin brown coat while it grows in, and you who will love her.

In doing so, you will not only save her life, but you will inspire many others with your kindness and selflessness, and most importantly, you've be LOVED by Maggie!

If interested, fill out an application above!

August 2006 update!

Karyn writes --

"I just wanted to write to thank you and all of the people who offered assistance to poor little Maggie. Sometimes I get down on people because of what I see them do to animals (pits in particular), but I was pleasantly surprised by the generosity of your contacts.

  Please, thank them all on Maggie's and my behalf."

"Here is the update on little Maggie. I picked her up on Friday and brought her straight to our vet. When we entered the office, Maggie received so many sighs of pity.

She then she curled herself into a little ball on my lap while waiting for the vet. She was an angel throughout the entire exam.

The vet and assistants kept on saying how sweet she is and that it is a miracle that she is even alive."

"Maggie had a temp of 104, had her body covered in a yeast infection brought on by possible allergies and malnourishment, had a blockage in her belly, a severe case of pneumonia, and an ear infection that was so bad that her ears were swollen and filled with so much goop (the Q-tip didn't even need to penetrate her ear before puss and goop came running out). "

"Despite being in so much pain and discomfort, Maggies remains very sweet (a true testament to the breed:). With every phone call I make to the vet to check on her, I get raves on how sweet and loving she is. Of course, this makes me so happy. As of today, her fever dropped and she is being taken off IV fluids. Her congestion has decreased and she is responsive to the antibiotics.

The vet says that she can come back to us tomorrow. I am excited to start showing Maggie that life is not about pain, but about love and a whole lot of fun!!  I will probably want to hold her for a few days to make sure that she continues to recover well. After that, I would love to transport her to a foster home or even a permanent one. If anyone is still interested, please have them fill out an adoption application (above). Thanks again for all that you do for this amazing breed."

"I don't think this weekend but hopefully next weekend. she doesn't have demodex..2 skinscrapings are negative for both sarcoptic and demodex. vet thinks she has a fungal condition from initiated from allergies malnutrition and unclean environment. she also has pneumonia and is on antibiotics and a nebulizer treatment 3 times a day. plus a topical skin treatment and baths for her skin."

Well now, if a sweeter, more thankful face did ever exist -- !!

Little Maddie is on the road to recovery -- just LOOK at her picture here compared to the one at the top of the page -- !!

She needs the next step, though -- that is, after she's in tip-top physical shape, and after her temperament test --

-- she needs YOU, the committed, caring, loving adopter --

-- do you want to be the happy ending here? Can you promise her the "great life"? If so, fill out an application above!!


Maggie's final update

I received the following email from Karyn on Saturday, August 12th, 2006 --

 i want to thank all of you for the bottom of my heart for caring so much about Maggie and reaching out to her. It has meant so much to me. I have received so much...from well wishes and support to care packages and donations for her medical. I think it is safe to say that Maggie's life has inspired much.

It is with tears and a broken heart that I am writing because Maggie lost her fight last night at around 8pm.

We received a call from our vet that she was struggling a lot to breathe and that her gums were white, etc. He said her body was shutting down and going into shock. I rushed to the vets office to be with her.

She looked even worse than she had before (which i thought was impossible). She was so weak that she could not hold up her head and it would flop to the side if it wasn't supported.I comforted her the best I could and let her know how much I (and everyone who knew of her) loved her and that her life mattered. I told her that she would no longer feel any pain and would soon be in a much better place, getting the life she deserves.

When the vet left to get her injection. I had my face near hers and continued to speak to her. It was then that she proved to me that she knew she was loved. She lifted her head all the way up and stretched her nose out and touched her nose to my cheek and gave me one gentle kiss. Her head immediately dropped down after. she died as peacefully as her condition would allow.

I will hold her in my heart forever and will never forget her and all of you for loving her. 

of course, when this type of situation happens, we try to turn a negative into a positive. This morning we rescued a tiny staffie bull from a bad area shelter. she was living in a garage in a crate way too small for her. her front legs are bent at a 45 degree angle b/c of this. She has marks all over the place and appears to have been a bait dog. Of ocurse being a pit, she is so forgiving of humans and is a sweet little girl.Her name is Katie and her life was saved in honor of our Maggie.

love and prayers,


Well, this is heartbreaking -- and looking at poor Maggie's pictures makes it all the more difficult.

Karyn is wonderful for what she did for this girl, that is without question, and Maggie was loved and she knew it when she left this life.

Karyn's shelter is dealing with a $4,000 vet bill for Maggie's care -- if you are interested in helping defray that cost, email me at and I will put you in touch with her.

Rest well, little Maggie -- you inspired us all, and we really thought you were going to make it.