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"Oh Mandi, when you came and you gave without takin'..."


Click here for Mandi's 2 month foster update!

Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!


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Well, here's Mandi, fostered by one of our BEST fosters, Stacey, in Ohio.

Stacey has the following flyer for her...


Mandi is a 1 to 1 ½ year old spayed!-Yellow Lab/ Pit Mix

She is housebroken, potty-trained, knows some basic commands like-- sit, down, shake

She is great with kids- is Not a jumper - and takes treats gently

She is a happy-go-lucky girl that will do anything for a belly rub

As most Fairy Tales go, her story does not start out great--

She was found wandering around a neighborhood going house to house to find her next meal. She was lucky enough that her last owners decided to dump her because she now can have the life she deserves. If you want to be part of this Happily Ever After Story please contact me for more information on this special princess.


Well, talk about a pup who works hard to please her foster momma -- !!

Mandi's fate would certainly be dark if she were taken in to a pound in Ohio --

-- a pit bull variant, tan coloring, blah blah --

Instead, Stacey and her pups are showing her how PRETTY she is -- and how FUN life can be!!

The great thing about adopting a dog from a foster home is that you get the real low-down on the pup's temperament, and also their obedience, house-breaking, etc.

Also, this little Mandi is getting plenty of socializing with other pups, adults and kids --

-- in short, a perfect experience -- !!

Oh, don't forget, too, that Mandi is quite the princess, as shown here, and she is only looking for the best of homes --

-- a home who won't boot her to the curb, won't surrender her to the pound, and that won't forget her after the fun of a new dog has worn off.

Could it be your home? We think so -- fill out an application (above) today!


2 months in to it, and Mandi is still a lady!

Stacey, Mandi's foster, writes --

" I thought that since she has been in foster care for two months now was a good
time to send you an update on little Miss Mandi.

Mandi is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.

"She knows so many commands
and is just happy to cuddle up close to you or roll over for a belly rub.  She
is WONDERFUL with children, she knows to be gentle and loves giving them little

"She just loves playing with Buddy too, she is a dominant dog and a
alpha so she would do best in a single dog home or with a submissive male.

has learned that the crate is not a bad thing and will go in for a treat when
told when we are leaving the house.


"She has never had a accident in the house
and she has no food agression.

She would love to go to a home with a fenced in yard and kids to play with her.


Great work, Stacey -- !!

Now, little Mandi's fate comes to you, the great adopter --

-- if you're able to give her the best, most forever home, fill out an adoption application above -- !!