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Dale's devoted herself to helping these Katrina victims -- can you do the same??


Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!


Click here for app

Here is Dale, center, with friends -- including a happy rottweiler, down in Hurricane Katrina country...


Dale and a bunch of other commited rescuers did what many of us wanted to do --

-- they got in a rental van, and drove down South to help where they could --

-- Dale is an experienced rescuer, and from all the difficulties and problems we've all seen on in the news, I'm sure this wasn't the easiet of missions...


First, their accomodations --

-- looks more like a summer music festival than anything --

-- instead, it's tents for the rescuers, and kennels for the pups --


Where the two-leggers slept -- !!


-- and the make-shift kennels for those surviving the storm --


-- here's some little toy breed pups, who will certainly weather better days ahead --


-- and I don't even want to know WHAT these are --

-- locusts?? Flies?? Gross??!!


Who needs help:

Okay, getting to the skinny of it --

-- #331 here is Katrina -- a female pit bull --

-- she is one of the two pit bulls Dale saved --

-- the other pup, Rita, is a slightly younger, slightly smaller tan and white female --

-- we're working on getting pics of her --


Katrina will be fully vetted (which includes spaying) and temperament tested before placement.

As always, home visits will be done before placement, so both sides are making informed decisions -- !!

INTERESTED in either of these pups, Katrina or Rita?

FILL OUT an adoption application above -- !!


And then here's Mickey, a lady in a NH shelter who needs placement --

-- Mickey's successful placement will open room in the NH shelter that is desperately needed for a pup coming North who survived the storm --

-- Mickey's foster writes:

"Mickey, a fun loving 12 month old spayed female, is a great ambassador of the pit bull breed and will make an exemplary canine good citizen some day."


"She has been thoroughly temperament tested and knows basic commands. She is happiest when she is at your side or,better yet, on your lap should you like to snuggle as she is a real lover.

She gets along with all the dogs that she has met at the shelter but it is usually best to place with the opposite sex."


"Mickey is spayed, UTD on vaccines, micro chipped and on HW Preventative. She comes with life time free training."

INTERESTED in helping Mickey? If so, fill out an adoption app above -- !!

Again, THANK YOU, Dale and all for the dedication you are showing every day to these pups, and especially for the help you gave these "tougher breeds" down in Katrina's aftermath --

-- you all are held in deep admiration --