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These poor babies epitomize the overpopulation and cruelty plaguing this great breed...


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These poor souls are not for the weak of heart --

-- they are in a Mississippi shelter, and will likely not leave alive --

-- these babies are good reason to keep some very strong rules when considering dogs --

-- sticking with rescues only (no breeders), spaying/neutering as soon as possible, supporting your local animal rescues, ownership for life -- raising your children to respect animals --

-- poor babies --

demodex female



The volunteer writes:

"most of the dogs were used for fighting.  they are sweet dogs. not sure about all of the dogs but, most are not dog aggressive.  

only one of the dogs was saved.  the shelter director is still stalling about putting them to sleep.  most of them have not been out of there cell in the year they have been there."


"i am desperate to get some of thses guys saved.  i am sending this to you on the chance you might know someone that might have room.  i am running out of options and they are running out of time.  almost all pits are pts in ms.

there is a small brindle that is about one year old that i dont have a pic of yet.




So, as a stretch, if you're interested in one of these pups, let me know ---


-- we can have the pup temp. tested and transported --




Look at this boy --


-- and this lab-pit mix --




This poor dog, too -- he looks terrified --


-- and this one, broken --

-- if intersted, please fill out an application above.