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Nature's beauty is everywhere -- especially with these adoptables!!


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This is the story of five dogs, ten amazing people, and they way that things come together to make you realize that there is more to life than dollars and cents, and that there is still a lot of good people in this world.

First, we start out in my back-yard, where I got a call in June from Joan in Memphis, Tennessee, asking for help with three adult dogs with heartworm.

Next, came a call from Sue in Arkansas asking for help with two adults at the end of their lines.

Next, we move to my front yard, where I planted 7 lbs. of wildflower mix this past spring, and now have cosmos growing like there's no tomorrow!

The biggest problem with these adults is their transport -- HOW to get them up North.

I have always viewed a needy dog as a needy dog, regardless of where the dog is from, or where it goes. It still feels the pain of loneliness, and the hurt of neglect.

With the Memphis pups, they were heartworm positive -- a nightmare.

We had some kind folks over the summer sponsor a tag sale for the rescue, and with those proceeds, I was able to pay for these pups' heartworm treatments, and alterations -- a blessing, since heartworm positive dogs are usually the first to be put down in pounds, since the treatment is quite costly.

Two weeks ago, Allison in Memphis wrote me this --

"Joan is serious that after the 13th we can no longer keep up with them. I wish I could help, but I am swamped with shelter dogs (I now have 9 dogs at my house trying to save them and no one wants them). Transport needs to be arranged by next week if they are spayed or at least you take over. I know we are all overwhelmed, but I just can't keep up with 2 more. I hope you understand. I'll let you know tomorrow! Allison"

Well, here is the first of those two --


-- a stunning girl, who is now heartworm negative, spayed and ready to roll on to her forever home -- !!

Ms. Tricky is now up North, thankfully, and she is enjoying her walks with her fellow Marion, Delilah, and Tricky has a very sweet and docile temperament.

I called Joan two days ago to tell her Tricky and Lady made it up North --

-- Joan said she told the vet clinic just a week ago, "I cannot afford to vet these dogs any more, and there is no more room. I know what has to happen to them -- just don't tell me when you do it."

Well, Ms. Tricky now believes in angels, because hers is Ms. Sita -- a woman who drove 7 hours each way to get these two souls on the Northern transport, leaving Arkansas on Sunday morning.

We received --

"hey eric and the 'gang':

This is Jeremy, Sita's boyfriend. I almost never post since Sita does that much better than I could. Usually, I am the one that works on the 'crazy' dogs. hehe
Anyways, I just wanted to say THANKS to you guys (eric and the smilin' community) for your dedication to helping out this breed. Until I had a Pit pup of my own, I honestly didn't know how bad their situation could be sometimes. Now I find that it's really hard NOT to be an advocate! Anyways, thanks again you guys for pulling together when it's needed!


Well, what a kind letter, and what a relief for people like Sita in the world!

Next, on Sunday morning, Danny, of Fayetteville, Arkansas, loaded up his Suburban and commenced his 1,100 mile journey northward --

-- by himself.

At 2:30 in the morning, I got a call with a kind Southern gentleman on the other line, letting me know he'd arrived.

When I went to meet him, I was surprised to see nobody else in the truck, just Danny and the dogs --

-- he drove the entire 18 hours himself -- !!

And in that cargo, came --

Ms. Dottie

-- a sweetheart with a tough past.

Sue writes --

"Dottie is an approximately 2 y/o Pit that was adopted from the Fayetteville AR shelter and returned twice (well, three times, actually). The last time, she was abandoned in a motel in SW MO and landed in a terrible shelter there in MO -- August 2007. "

"Sue w/the Fayetteville shelter contacted Eric for help (thankfully, he agreed!), and then drove 2.5 hours one way to get Dottie. She's been at the Fayetteville shelter ever since, waiting for her chance at a forever home. Sue calls her "spotty Dottie, the Pit Bull hottie". "

The thing is, Dottie wants to be a good dog --

-- and she is.

The problem is with the people that have been in her life -- :(

Those people have proven themselves unreliable, and less than adult with Dottie --

-- yet Dot forgives and forgets, and is ready to try her cards at life again!

Also, unknown to me, Dottie LOVES her TREATS -- like every good girl should -- !!

Here she is, in a "mid-air-chicken-moment" --

-- and yup, she caught it -- :D

So Dottie, too, is looking for her final and forever home --

-- only the exceptionals need apply -- !!

So, it's back to the cosmos, and to this unraveling story -- !!

I love this picture, by the way -- !!

Whenever I get calls for help from these Southern shelters, I have to give them so much credit for getting to know these dogs, and for caring them for them so much --

-- because they always risk the possibility that they will have to put these dogs down due to lack of good options for them to go to.

Instead of thinking for themselves, and naming the dogs "#1, #2 and #3", these pups are instead given the love and caring they were used to in their past lives --

-- and every effort is made to find these great souls wonderful homes.

And with Danny, came


-- what a little man -- period!


He is quite picture - perfect, this boy, and he is only 10 weeks old -- !!

Here's his story, from Sita --

"My co-workers husband saw puppies for sell and bought one thinking he was buying her a lab puppy. However, she is not comfortable with this dog..not because he's a pit...but because she has an old Boston that 'runs the house.'"

"She is worried that as this dog grows, it might not be so accomodating of her little terror. So her husband gave it to their 90 year-old mailman. Imagine the surprise when he gave it back...10 week old puppy...90 year old man...??? So now this pup just needs a home. Boots is an awesome puppy..almost much as 10 wk old puppy can be. We've been teaching him to sit and wait for his food. I've tried to get Sita to let me keep him about a million times but to no avail. ;)"

Well, our boy is safe now, and he is a charm!

By the way, too, I love this picture -- what beauty!

And too, along for the ride, came


-- a ham if there ever were one -- !!

"As for Titan, Sue says he's a mellow fellow like BB King. He's neutered, chipped and UTD on vaccs. He's a young adult... 2ish?"

Well, Titan is a real sweetheart, with a very gentle way about him --

-- and don't forget, he's a BIG boy -- look at the breadth of his CHEST -- !!


Here, he's sort os a "mega-moo", this boy --

-- he has the girth of a small cow, this boy -- !!

But don't forget, too, that Titan LOVES him his treats --

-- and we made sure to get him a-plenty -- !!

So, with that, Danny's car was pretty much emptied out --

-- and afterwards, he went to a local hotel, only to get up the next day at 8 AM and drive ALL THE WAY back to Arkansas -- !!

But, there was one more girl on the ride...

... and she is


-- a boxer/pit mix, and a sweet-heart.

She's a little groggy here, because our little missy thought it fun to pull at her stitches on Monday night, so yesterday it was back to the vet for her, to get her all fixed up -- again -- !!

Lady has a very sweet demeanor, and she is a little skeptical of new folks, but she will get over that in time --

-- we're working on it, every day -- !!

So, finally, our journey was done --

-- and I conclude with my favorite picture --

-- how can anyone say that life isn't a beautiful thing with such visuals in it -- ??!!

Oh, and for our man of the month, here's Danny (left) and me.

Danny went 100x beyond the call of duty, and we are all so thankful for that.

It was 3 AM and all the pups were sleeping, so we substituted a dolly for a doggy, and were shortly thereafter in bed ourselves -- !!

So, with that, here we are --

-- it's not all about the dogs, and it's not all about the people, but it is something remarkable, to see so much come together to do so much that is right --

-- and that's a gift.

So, beyond the daily bills that need paying, phone calls that need calling, excuses that need to be made, ten people went way beyond their call of duty to make life exceptional for those they touched --

-- and for that, we are thankful.

If you're interested in adopting any of these pups, please fill out an adoption application at the top of this page!