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Nicala is like comfort food -- you can never get enough -- !!


Click here to see our girl, 1-1/2 years in to it!

Click here to see this girl's fairy tale ending!


About two weeks ago, I got a call on my cell phone from an unknown number --

-- it was my veterinarian.

I was somewhat surprised he was calling me, and the situation was a client who brought their 9 year-old unspayed pit-mix in for euthanasia -- because Nic was unexpectedly loose one day, chased after and killed the neighbor's cat.

Not a good deed, but not worth her death.

So, the owner of the cat pursued enough till the local ACO demanded Nic confined to an outdoor kennel, which would guarantee she wouldn't escape again.

Her owner thought it better to take Nic's life than make her live by herself in an outdoor kennel.

This is where my vet came in with his question for help, and where I said, "Um... sure!"

In the next days, Nic was spayed, at 9 years old, and a mammary tumor was removed, getting her good as new.

She was then boarded at the vet's for a week, and I met the vet up 1/2 way after work one day, to get this little lady.

Well, personality-wise, she is a doll.

She is as comfortable as old slippers, just wanting to sit and to be by me.

She also snorts when happy -- so when she's ready to go for a walk, or when she's being pet, she's a little piggy -- :D

This girl is wonderful, and she gets along wonderfully with other dogs --- young and old.

She is also very soothing to me -- every time I walk by her, all I hear is the gentle patting of her tale as she wags it against her blanket.

So, that's our girl --

-- a deserving senior of a great home.

She is a beautiful girl, and she comes willing to please --

-- as long as you're willing to love her unconditionally.

If you're ready to give, and to receive, fill out and adoption application above!


Fairy tales have come true for this girl -- !!

Well, sometimes in life you know you're awfully blessed, and for me, it was when I got Nicala in to rescue.

She is the wisest of souls, and would always greet me with a pitter-patter of her tail, like a happy cat that purrs.

My friend, Jo, was kind enough to foster Nicala in late December, and Jo immediately fell in love with her.

Some people said Nicala was too old, too sick, too homely -- why bother placing her --

-- but we knew otherwise -- she was a gem -- a real love.

In early January, Jo called me to say that Nicala was the hit of her neighborhood, and that Jo's friend, Maria, had fallen in love with Nicala.

At Maria's house, Nicala would be an only pet, and would be loved-on and doted-on every moment Maria was home.

Here, Nic sports a beautiful bandana, sent from Jenn in Jersey -- THANKS!

So, before we knew it, Nicala went to Maria's, and her belly-rubbing days had begun afresh -- !!

Here is Maria and Miss Nic --

-- Jo writes --

"Nicala has totally lived up to her aka: Miss Perfect!
She is as sweet and and docile as can be. Is
continuing to melt the hearts of everyone she meets
with those soulful eyes...

"It's just amazing how
everyone of the 2 and 4 legged critters, just take to
her - she's like a lovie magnet!!

Her new mommie, Maria, is in bliss with her perfect
companion. "I can't wait to get home every day to

"And I, her Auntie, look forward to doggie sitting for
her as often as I can :)

"I will send more pics of her in the future, as she
spends her weekends at her new Grandma's house
too....with babies and lots of company and lots of
land to explore - she LOVES all the attention that she
gets (and yummy snacks galore) and so rightfully

"Thank you again, Eric, for giving us all this
opportunity to find happiness and love in this little
bundle of sweetness...

Well, over the weekend, Ms. Nicala got in to some RAT POISON at her Grandma's house --

-- so asap, she was taken to the emergency vet --

-- all was well after some charcoal snacks, so Maria decided to embarrass her girl a little bit --

So, Nicala is fine now, and her treatment is complete --

-- no more poison snacks for you, miss piggy -- !!

Joanne concludes her email --

"(I can't help but think of the old adage: "One man's
trash is another man's treasure" - kinda disturbing,
but ohhhh so true in this case...)


So, with that, our work is done, and Nicala is in a wonderful place, and Maria's life is much happier since Nicala's arrival.

It's really times like this that life defines itself, to me --

-- where you feel like you're 85 years old, on your death-bed, and asking, "what is life" --

-- well, to me, this is life, helping these beautiful dogs and making peoples' lives better -- that is everything.


So, 1-1/2 years later, heaven... they're in heaven...

Well, I had the great luck to stop by Nicala's grand-daddy's last week, and this is where I found Frank and his girl -- at each others' side, cruising in the golf cart!

Now all I can say is -- wow.

Maria's Dad, Frank, has seen a tough past year, saying some hard good-byes, and just going through the normal knocks of every day life.

Well, guess who was there every step of the way with him --

-- Nicala.

Who would have thought a lumpy old brindle pit bull from the country would give so much love and caring to her adoptive family?

Well, quite honestly, we did.

We're very thankful, mind you, for such exceptional homes --

-- homes who don't measure their status in dollars in cents, but in love and kindness.

So, there they are, love-birds, enjoying their time as if the rest of the world doesn't matter --

-- and for Nicala -- where she was -- that's nothing short of a miracle.

So this picture gets me the most --

-- sort of in a way that some day, when I die, and when God asks, "Well, what did you do? Did you make my world a better place? Did you help my creations breathe easier?" I can then confidently say, "Yes, I did."

Thank you Frank and Nicala -- this means the world to me.