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Location: where living creatures come and stay


In 11/ 06, Court and her family adopted Roman, an Ohio pup whose other option was the gas chambers -- :(

Well, here they are then, as a two-dog family, with Ro and Petey -- and the whole story can be found here.

And then fast-forward 10 months, and look at how BIG our boy Roman has gotten!

Besides that, he is a PRINCE -- wonderful with all people, children, cats, fish and whatever he encounters --

-- in a word, precious -- :D

And too, there's the chit-lins --

-- and you can see, this little mite has grown oh-so-much in the past 10 months -- !!

Well, over the past 10 months, Court and her husband adopted little Ella, here --

-- and you know who Ella's best friend is?


Now Ella came from a drug bust / fighting ring situation, where her siblings and she were rescued by oh-so-kind rescuers named Sue and Mitzi in Arkansas.

As you can see, this girl has acclimated quite well to her new life -- !!

You can also see that there's a responsible, caring bond forming between these two babies --

-- one that will benefit this little girl for the rest of her life -- with compassion, kindness and caring.

Too, don't forget, that behind a great dog, there's a great parent --

-- and Court is nothing short of an ideal owner, having strict rules in the house, and keeping everyone in check.

Ohhh - did you notice so far, Court and her husband now have THREE pit bulls?

In America?

With children??!!

DON'T run for the hills -- instead, look at how this household thrives -- !!

Of course, these stories aren't in the main-stream media, so we show them off here -- :D

Next is one of the more recent additions to the household -- Diego.

Diego hails from an Ohio shelter who would have had to euthanise him, had Court not brought him in to her home.

Is he pretty? Yes.

Does he have issues from abuse in his past life? You bet -- he doesn't like men too much, running water, or fire -- :(

BUT, with a LOT of TLC, training and responsible ownership, our boy is coming around!

Don't forget, too, amidst the children, pups, various rodents and one husband, there is a feline or two enjoying this roost -- :D

Here's at least the second one -- sort of in a Loch Ness shot --

-- cats learn to be quick when there's four dogs and three kids in tow!

Actually, though, not ONCE did the dogs and cats have an issue -- instead, Court has to worry about Petey washing the cats with his tongue TOO HARD -- !!

Here is that Petey --

-- 11 or so years old, and the kindest soul one could ever hope to encounter.

He's the kind of boy that makes you want the days to last longer, so that you can absorb all his sweetness.

Petey suffers an imoperable heart tumor, and he is showered with love constantly.

That is the way it should be, and it's the way it was before his ailment developed.

Petey, by the way, was dumped by a divorcing couple 10 years back -- with neither of them "remembering" to take him along with them -- :(

Well, Petey's life has definitely been blessed since he joined the home where creatures come and stay -- !!

Petey is loved very much, and he will be missed more than words can explain.

Just meeting this boy, you know you've brushed up against one of the kindest, most loving souls ever.

So, there you have it --

-- an all-American family, with a love for their breed -- and for their children --

-- and who are all managing fantastically.

Such experiences aren't the result of luck or circumstance --

-- they're instead from responsible parenting to both children and pets, a trait which pays off one hundred-fold.

So, as the life cycle continues, and the new ushers out the old, Courtenay's refuge for living creatures remains loving and responsible.

Thank you Petey, for all you've given, and for those you've inspired, and thank you to Courtenay and family for showing us all how it's done -- you're an inspiration.