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Rex lived in a shed alone for four months -- let's show him some SPRING blessings -- !!

Click here to see our blessed boy HOME -- !!

Click on the logo below to fill out an adoption application!


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Here's the story, as we got it --

"Hello, Eric my name is Trudy. We saved a lab mix, but has pit bull markings  from a shed he was in for apprx. 4 months in Albion . We tried to place  him in a home in P.A but the lady had to bring him back, due to personal problems."

"The reason we cant keep him is my husband had a triple heart bypass, and I'm on disability for a bad back, it's been hard caring for him while trying to place him. We are in desperate need of your help. REX has all of his shots."

"He is great with children and cats, sometimes I think he's a big cat. He's approx. 1 -1/2 years old. Black and white full tuxedo color. He is housebroken."

"I am begging you for your help, I was told you are a really nice man that may be able to help REX and us."

And a little more on his background --

"Rex is in desperate need for a loving, lasting forever home. He was abandoned by the only family he ever knew when they moved away and left him behind, he then spent 4 months living in a shed and trying to survive."

"He survived the streets only to find himself in the shelter and on his last hope. Just before his time was up a nice lady showed up to pick him up, she promised him that she would hold him at her house for a couple of days in hopes of finding a new home for him."

So, that's where this boy is --

-- he survived being dumped by his original "family" -- lived in a shed for 4 months -- and then ended up at the kill pound.

Now, Trudy has been very kind to him, but he needs to get in his forever home for everyones' sakes, mostly HIS!

As always, he will be neutered, microchipped and examined by a veterinarian for heartworm and parasites before his placement.

If you're interested, this boy would love to share this spring and many more seasons with you --

-- let's just quietly promise him he won't ever run in to the same kind of "people" who originally dumped him, okay?

That's something he doesn't deserve, nor does any dog -- and while we can't change the whole of humanity, we can change the kind of people who Rex is with -- and that's a challenge we'll gladly take.


One great application is all it takes -- !!


Here's our boy Rex, after coming to rescue --

-- dead handsome!

More importantly, here's Rex's foster dad, Dustin.

Dustin and his wife, Leah, were kind enough to take this boy in and to help assess / foster him while we waited for a great application for Rexers.

And too, you can tell by Dustin's stare at Rex, that he loves him dearly.

Great fosters are hard to find, and we found a real dandy with Leah and Dustin!

The beauty of Rex is that he wasn't affected by his 4-month tenure in the shed --

-- he's a big puppy, this boy, making up for lost time -- !!

Here's Julia, another volunteer with spbr, who took Rex on a 6 hour drive, along with Leah and Dustin, for Rex's home visit --

-- great work, Julia!

Well, the home visit passed with flying colors, and Rex fell in love with his future brother, a Boston Terrier -- :D

So, after some very tearful good-byes by his foster family, Rex was off to his new world.

And a note here with Dustin's knuckles --

-- instead of just saying "paid", they should say, "paid forward" -- great work!

Here is Rex at the placement --

-- re-acquainting with Connie and her son.

As you can see, Rex has noooo problem getting himself in the center of things --

-- like Connie kept saying, "He's just like a big puppy" -- !!

Who would have thought, Rex, during all your painful nights alone in the shed that one day, yes one day, you'd be so loved.

We are smitten.

Here's the family, minus dad, who had to work, but who met and loved Rex on the home visit --

-- note again, Rex can't help but gloat -- !!

And again, a happy clan -- !!

Connie already has a family-obedience eval and training set up for this boy --

-- heaven, indeed.

Connie writes --

"hello how was the trip back? hope everything went well. RUCKUS is doing great!!! i cant help but love him, i don't know what it is about him......i just love him. we came up with ruckus easy to say, a mix of what ever he might answer to and him and that paco of mine sound like it together!!"

" i emailed leah, told her it was going well but i let her know i understand her sadness and when shes ready she can contact me. thank you and julia so much!!!! it was great meeting you both. it would have been nice to have more time but ill see you at my sisters home visit!! oh i already registered his chip on line."

well, well well --

-- somewhere, in the world of karma and fate, a little boy is resting easier today --

-- a boy, formerly Rex, now Ruckus, who depended on the selfless dedication of many people to take him from a living hell to an unquestioned paradise.

For everyone involved in this placement, we are ever so thankful --

-- and Ruckus is thankful, too, and some day, far in the future, he will greet you with licks and wags, rewarding you for the time you saved his life.