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Mitzi and hers need your prayers and thoughts...

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Here's little Mitzi, a pregnant momma who came in to a Southern shelter in early December...

... and here's how she came in to the shelter --

-- starving, and trying to eat enough to feed her new-born babies --


Here are her babies at birth, overall healthy, and 10 total --

-- shortly thereafter, one died in the shelter, and then the puppies when to a southern rescue, where two more died --


Now, at 7 weeks, this mom and her young have come to SPBR.

It's absolutely heart-breaking, seeing these puppies, and this mom, in such bad shape -- :(

Most noticeable is that the puppies, who are 7 weeks old, appear three weeks of age, barely able to walk, and void in expression --

-- instead of the plump little balls of fire that we're used to seeing, we see this instead --

-- silence, and sleeping, and problems keeping body temperature.

For this, we are extremely thankful to have a great foster, Erica, who is giving these babies 200% --

-- Erica works at a vet clinic, who has seen some of the babies, and who keeps them, along with Erica's parents, while Erica works.

Also, Erica's clinic has the puppies on a high-sugar diet, and the babies are fed every 2 hours, 24 hours a day --

Now, to reality.

#1 - Trudy
Trudy is the healthiest of the bunch, and is the only one that is playful and energetic -- she gnaws on fingers and pulls her mom's leash around!

#2 - Dixie
This girl is holding on by a thread.

#3 - Pearl

This girl is energetic and performs better than she looks -- she has plenty of energy, but needs to put on weight.

We are not washing the puppies to keep their body temperatures stable.

#4 - Trixie
Trixie died this morning, 29 January 2007, in Erica's arms -- :(

#5 - Cooper
Cooper died this morning, 29 January 2007, in a puppy pile, with his brothers and sisters.

#6 - Harvey
This boy is a larger one of the bunch, and is keeping temperature well.

#7 - mighty
This little man is the runt of the litter, and is fed with pedialyte and milk substitute around the clock.

So, there's the unfortunate reality of this litter --

-- five have passed, five remain.

For some reconciliation, the two that passed this morning felt love before they went. Last night, I went to Erica's and we held them all together, falling in and out of sleep with them -- I left at 4 AM, and will remember the babies always wanting to lay on my chest, burrowing close to me, sleeping.

Overall, too, there's a lesson here --

-- encourage anyone you know with an unaltered dog to get that dog spayed or neutered --

-- what happened to Ms. Mitzi is awful --

-- she got pregnant, starved and then dumped in a shelter. Now she has to endure the loss of half of her litter.

Had she been spayed, this would not be her fate --

-- yes, I know, this isn't a perfect world, but if there is a lesson from this difficult experience, let it be that.

Moving forward, please keep these babies, momma, Erica, and those babies who have passed in your thoughts and prayers.


January 31, 2007 update


So, there's some better news today --

-- no further puppies have died, Trudy is healthy as a whip, and the other four are spending their days (and some, their nights) at a local veterinary clinic --

-- so first, the babies who are home in the evenings --

-- from left to right, Pearl, mighty and Harvey --

-- here, little Harvey licks the Esbilac supplement from Pearl's lips -- :D

This girl worries me the most --

-- while she's still eating (by swallowing), she will only take the Esbilac liquid supplement, not any firm food.

Then there's Harvey, who's twice the size of the others, and who is getting around pretty well...

... and then there's little mighty, who is a miracle in himself --

-- he was the runt of the litter, and last week, he was on full-time IVs, fighting death --

-- this week, he's adorned (here) by the remains of a feisty dinner with brother Harvey -- !!

So, here's the bunch --

-- and this is when I knew mighty was quite the hungry boy --

-- so I opened a can of nice, fatty dog food --

-- and the boys ate,

and ate --

-- with vigor --


This is an absolute victory, having these two so enthusiastic about their meal-time... :D

The main concern is this girl, little Pearl, who passed on the canned-food meal -- :(

So, everyone's getting 12-15cc's of Esbilac liquid supplement every hour, and the two boys are complimenting their diet with canned food.

During the day, the vet techs are watching the babies' progress, giving them Clavamox antibiotics, sub-cutaneous fluids, and supplemented liquids.

The veterinarian is considering distemper as a diagnosis for these babies -- she's not quite sure yet -- but she is sure it isn't parvo -- thankfully -- !!

And then, finally, there's little Dixie, who has been on a jugular cathether since yesterday -- which feeds and hydrates her.

She is full-time at the vet clinic, with a water-circulating heat pad, and hot water bottles all around her.

THANK YOU everyone, for being so kind with these loves, and for emailing your well-wishes and prayers --

-- they do matter, and we will stand by these babies through this entire ordeal -- absolutely.


One week on...

Well, the past week hasn't been without its tears --

-- little Pearl passed late last week...

... as did little Dixie, at the vet's office.

She was on a jugular catheter, getting the best attention possible, and she just couldn't make it --


Today, little Mighty and Harvey are with me -- and are doing fine -- as is their sister Trudy.

3 out of 10 is horrible -- and heartbreaking -- :(

Here are the boys -- Harv on the left, and Mighty.

You can see the size difference in size -- Mighty is roughly 1/2 the size of his brother.

So, to me, Mighty is doing better, but isn't out of the woods yet --

-- so, he is still on watch --

-- whereas his brother has to be taken away from the food bowl -- !!

Once problem with Mighty is that he is a little man, and he has problems keeping body temperature --

-- so, he is still on a heat pad, with a heater blower near the crate, and heated water bottles --

-- so, he's warm, but it's definitely a long journey --

Here's little Harv, who is playing, and who is happy and ready to be adopted out.

This little guy is a survivor, and is a little champion.

Sure, he's brindle -- a color many people don't like or want, but I love it -- and I am very proud of him -- :D

So, please keep little Mighty in your thoughts and prayers, and thank you to everyone who has emailed and offered their support over the past two weeks -- it is really appreciated.

Update #3 - brighter -- :D

Well, I feel like one of those grandmothers who drives around with one of those license plates, saying, "Ask me about my grand-children" --

-- except with me, it's my foster pups --

-- they're doing GREAT -- :D

Here's little Mighty on the left, and brother Harvey on the right.

As you can see, there's a HUGE weight difference between them -- !!

Here's our little Might, doing quite well.

What makes me happy about him is his responsiveness and alert eyes -- something he hasn't shown much of before -- GREAT NEWS -- :D

And then, there's the eating --

-- again, LOOK how much BIGGER Harvey is than mighty -- !!

Anyway, Mighty isn't a big fan of the camera, so I had to use it stealthily -- :D

And within no time, he pushes brother out of the way and goes back to eating -- !!

** NOTE: Harvey's belly certainly is exaggerated. The veterinarian thinks this is from an earlier protein deficiency, and we are watching it -- PLUS, he EATS a LOT -- !! Both pups have been wormed.

So there we go, little Mighty is looking wonderful, thanks to help from many people, frequent meals, and a lot of prayers.

These boys prefer a raw diet, too -- thankfully we have endless mixes for them, so they can eat all they'd like -- !!

THANKS for looking!


Can I hear an "AMEN" -- !!

Well, it feels like the worst of winter is finally behind us in snow country, and it's time for some positive vibes to happen -- !!

If you'll remember, here's how we got little Mighty --

-- skinny beyond belief, and with an odd sort of winter-coat on him -- ??

To see a puppy with a visible spine and ribs and pelvis is nothing short of heartbreaking -- :(

And here's little Might when I thought he could go either way -- to succumb, or to survive.

Well, he chose to survive --

-- he ate with fervor, and kept to himself, overall --

-- but he did, I repeat, EAT -- !!


And now, the drum-roll please...

Boom -- !!

Just like that, our boy is going through a transformation -- !!

He is nice an weighty, and you can't feel a BONE on his BODY -- !!

Plus, he is shedding his old, ratty fur, and is coming in to a nice, sweet fuzz --

I LOVE IT -- !!

Also, our boy is much more alert, and his eyes are tracking together --

-- thankfully -- !!

Now too, we can't forget Might's twin brother, Harvey, who is also doing exceptionally --

-- gone are the blank stares on these boys' faces, and now they're exploring the world with a fresh new outlook -- :D

And thislittle man -- what a survivor -- weighing just a couple of pounds soakign wet, and finally coming along --

-- look at those eyes -- :D

And here's Might exploring --

-- a GREAT sign.


From this picture, too, you can see that gone are the days of his pot-belly, which indicated to the vet a protein imbalance, similar to what you see in starting kids in Africa -- :(

While Harvey might play a little too hard with Might (see his little play-wounds), it's best to keep them together, for warmth and socialization --

-- and believe me, Might can stick up for himself a-plenty -- !!

So, to me, gone are the days of teetering with death, and in are the days of GROWTH -- !!

Mighty and Harv actually preferred the raw food over the traditional canned food -- and to me, that was wonderful -- the raw was all natural, more easily digested, and it KEPT THEM EATING --

-- without that desire, they would have perished -- :(

So, with that, these boys are on their way --

-- we'll shortly get their neuter surgeries, and they'll be ready to go to exceptional homes -- !!

Now, on to Trudy and momma Mitzi --

Here's Trudy at foster Erica's home --

-- Trudy was one of the fortunate pups --

-- she was running around, being a puppy, while her siblings were dying --:(

She has kept up well with her growth pace and has never looked back -- :D

Here's Ms. Trudy, in her Madonna pose --


And her body shot, with her white little paws -- :D

And finally, there's momma Mitzi, who is the survivor who has seen it all --

-- close to starvation, losing 7 of 10 babies, and transported here and there, to finally find solace and care with Erica...

So that's where we are, all, making the best of a bad situation, and ecstatic that these little souls pulling through.

We're doing it in memory of Cooper, Dixie, Trixie and Pearl -- plus their three siblings that died before the transport up North.

So here's to new beginnings --

-- to getting these babies vetted, placed, and to see them flourish.

And to me, it's entirely worth it, seeing them grow -- grow more responsive, grow larger in size, and grow in to inspiring little souls -- :D

THANK YOU everyone for your support, and keep your eyes peeled for HAPPY updates!

If you're interested in adopting any of these four, fill out an application up top, and join our forum -- !!


Life's doing FINE, thank you!

So Beth in Georgia sent up a load of toys for the pups --

-- and they obliged -- !!

Here's Harv on the left and Mighty on the right --

-- with their green candy-cane -- :D

And just LOOK how this boy has developed --

-- nothing short of stunning, he is, our little Mighty -- !!

Here they are, though not equal in size, still brothers, and still full of it -- !!

A second later, they're back at it again -- !!

Here's Might, making up for lost play-time...

-- and then there's the orchestrated play --

-- or the vying for the cane, however you look at it -- !!

So, BIG THANKS to Beth for bringing a twinkle in these boys' eyes --

-- they're happy and healthy -- FINALLY!

Just look in Mighty's eyes -- there's nothing but happy, healthy days ahead for this boy --

-- and the same with chubby harvey -- he's a brindle beauty --

What a long, hard trip this has been --

-- here's the first day I saw Mighty, after Erica had him in intensive care at her vet's for a week --

-- and as his recovery continued -- still not much fervor in his eyes --

-- and then today, sort of a GQ-ish "what?" look --

-- we'll take it -- !!

Thank you, all, for your kindness in emails and support for these loves -- both they and their sister Trudy are testaments to how far a little nurturing and care goes to help these babies survive --

-- and always, everything we do to help them is in memory of their 7 siblings who didn't live to see these happy days.