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Tricky's on a winning streak -- let's make it last!!


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Well, this is a story about a dear girl, Tricky, who came to SPBR last fall on a transport and a dream.

She came from the deep South, where her shelter prospects were dim to dark --

-- in fact, the shelter staff, who loved this girl, knew they couldn't find her a great home, and they told the staff, "We know what you have to do, just don't tell us when you do it."

Well, thanks to some very generous people out there, within days Tricky was up North, out of danger --

-- and was she ever SWEET -- !!

Tricky is truly a pocket-pit of a girl --

-- she may be mixed with Jack Russell Terrier, or she may just be plain tiny --

-- but this girl is a sweetheart and a ham at the same time -- :D

Here she is, after her arrival, and ready to rip up the place -- !!

Don't forget, though, that while this girl is very puppyish in her ways, she's also a real beauty, and really fond of human affection -- !!

Another beauty shot of our patch-eyed girl --

-- and here, in CT, at a meet and greet, ready to run run run -- !!

Bahaha --

-- if ever a happier girl existed -- !!

And here she is with Dot -- who now lives in Long Island --

-- the both of them enjoying the open pasture -- !!

So, fall turns to winter, and Tricky gets a great foster home, as you'll see --

-- and here she is -- a princess!!

There's nothing wrong with a little spoilin', Trick -- and from what you've been through, you deserve it -- !!

She is a good girl with other dogs --

-- being a female, she doesn't like alpha females, so she would be best as an only-dog, or in a home with a mellow male pup.

Here she is with her fellow "mellow male pup" --

-- our own Victor -- a boy who didn't know the word "play" before Tricky, and now it's his middle name -- !!

Let's not forget, too, that Tricky is a momma at heart --

-- though she's never had babies of her own, she did WONDERFULLY with the forest pups, and with her foster Venus and Mars.

Here she is, in somewhat disbelief of Mars' tactics -- !!

-- and before you know it, she has a pile of pupchens at her feet -- :D

Don't worry though -- Tricky was built to play --

-- and play with these babes she did -- !!

So, in her quieter moments, Tricky is quite the couch potato, spending her days snoozing here or there, and loving on those around her.

All that, and this girl is a compact beauty --

-- a real Ms. America, she is.

If you're interested in a great running partner, or a wonderful bed-warmer, and if you can look at Tricky and say, "You will never know the life again you had before you came to rescue" --

-- and if you can love her like a child - -one of your own -- forever --

-- well then, fill out an adoption application above -- !!


Home home, our girl is HOME!