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Victor is packed and ready to go -- will you give him a destination??


Click here to see Vic's one-week update -- from HOME!

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Well, here's little Victor, a healthy, vibrant young pit bull in an Upstate New York shelter --

-- is he on an impossible mission, with his looking for a home?

I think not. Sure, Victor is a pit bull -- and he even has a pit bull personality, which means he doesn't like other dogs --

-- that's often the case, and all it means is that he needs to be an only-pet with a responsible owner.

And here's what he'll give in return...


-- LOTS of it -- !!

His foster momma writes --

"My name is Liz and I'm a board member/volunteer with a County Humane Society in Upstate, NY. I desperately need help to place our beloved Victor in a pitbull knowledgeable home or with a rescue group.

He came to the shelter as a stray in September '05 and is 3-4 years old."

"We have always been a low kill shelter, but have been so overcrowded the last 6 months that Victor is in danger if I can't find a place for him soon.

I've contacted pit rescues all over the place and everyone is bombarded and unable to help."

"The Katrina situation hasn't helped either.

As you can see by the pictures, we are very attached to Victor and just want to give him a chance. He doesn't like other dogs or one of the staff would have given him a home by now.

Can you help us?"

Well, as tou can see by this boy's past, he's very, very loved, and his temperament is known by the staff --

-- such a case makes Victor VERY possible of being a great companion and friend for the next ten years --

-- are you willing to give Victor the love he needs? Are you ready to get it back one-hundred fold?

Can you promise him the next ten years will be spectacular?

If so, fill out an adoption application above!


Victor is knocking on heaven's door
-- but not if we can help it -- !!

I got an email from Liz today, Victor's guardian angel --

-- she said there is increasing pressure to euthanize him in the shelter --

-- why? To make room. Also, he is a pit bull, and many of the Board have an innate dislike for the breed, and for Victor.

The ironic thing is, they've never met him ---

So, Victor's days are now numbered. My Spud was the same way, when I adopted him from an Upstate shelter 9 years ago --

-- the staff there told me there was a lot of infighting, etc., because one of the staff believed in Spud, and they wanted to see him survive --

-- well, since Spud wasn't a Golden or a Lab, he was the target for a lot of ill-feeling.

Nine years later, Spud is still my boy, and has taught me a so much about life --

-- and he did it not having to say a word -- !!

SO, on to Victor --

-- Liz, his foster mom, and I have agreed to supply the adoptive family 4 months of raw food, and guidance in the feeding, as a bonus to his adopter -- !!

The feeding is a $300 benefit in itself -- far more than his adoption fee.

We think little Vic is only worthy of such a benefit --

-- mind you, he won't just go to any home -- it's got to be a great one -- !!

Are you interested in such a combination? Will you love this boy as much as he'll love you?

If so, fill out an adoption application above!


Victor's May 2006 update

I had the pleasure of socializing dear aVictor this past weekend at a puppy party in Mass. --

-- Victor tagged along for the exposure, to show potential puppy parents what a GREAT boy he is, and to get some wags and hugs from everyone --

-- here, you can see, he's wagging away, like mad -- !!

Next, we get a face shot of our boy -- handsome and strong, Victor is.

I had a prior application on Victor which I declined -- the person wanted to keep him as an outdoor dog, primarily.

Meeting Victor, anyone worth their salt would immediately realize this boy deserves some serious pillow time, and that he loves to nap on the sofa -- !!

This is Victor's trademark -- giving paw.

He doesn't just give paw though -- he's smarter than that --

-- he does this move to get undivided attention -- if he's got his paw on you, you're bound to be scratchin' or rubbing him somewhere -- that he knows --

-- so, with Vic, there's PLENTY of "paw time" -- !!

Another wonderful trait of Victor is his fierce loyalty --

-- he epitomizes the RCA dogs whose ears were always attuned to "his master's voice" --

-- Victor is just the same way -- when we go out for walks, he is focused on me --

-- when we return to the house, he sits at my feet like a little companion, most interested in me and what I'm doing --

-- and most interested in giving me paw -- !!

He is handsome, and sweet, and he deserves great ownership.

My time with Victor made me realize a change I had recently --

-- I used to be a bona-fide puppy person -- I had this attachment to puppies over adult dogs, and was naturally more drawn to them.

Well, in the past year, I have changed over to prefering adults over puppies --

-- first off, they smell better (AMEN!) and also, they're full of personality, character, and beauty.

It's not that puppies aren't, it's just that adult dogs seem to wear their experiences more than puppies, since they have been through more, and I can empathize more with them --

-- for example, I can't tell you how many times I've looked at Vic and said,

"I can't believe someone dumped you -- you're an absolute angel -- you're a proud companion, you're housebroken to a T, you're very loyal, and you're a beauty" --

Below is a section of a letter I wrote Victor's humane society, who didn't support his chances for adoption --

"Since receiving Victor, I have had an opportunity to interact with him and to see his temperament with other dogs. First off, he's a wonderful dog! He was obviously someone's pet for many years – he has bonded to me quite quickly, and will sit by my side for petting, waiting patiently!

I stop petting him, he sits by my side and gazes at me, almost making me stop what I'm doing to give him attention!"

"Victor has also proven a little playmate for my boy Spud, who I adopted nearly ten years ago.

Victor and Spud make their little play growls and play bows when playing, and each is quite happy!"

"In short, Victor is an exceptional dog. I am a big believer in the pit bull breed – not from a color-blind “accept all who come here” stance, but from a responsible ownership angle, assessing each dog on its unique temperament.

While dog aggression is a trait in many pit bulls, due to their breeding, human aggression is not. Therefore, human aggression should not be tolerated whatsoever, whereas varying levels of dog aggression can be managed.

This happens by placing these dogs in only-pet households, or placing them in altering-gender multi-dog households with responsible owners.

By responsible owners, I mean those who are willing to crate their dogs while unattended, and also those who are willing to enforce dominance in the household, often through a “no free lunch” training regimen."

"The pit bull problem is not going away any time soon. There are many wonderful pit bulls out there, and as a Board, you have a great opportunity to educate the public about the positives and negatives of this wonderful breed.

Should anyone be able to adopt a pit bull? Absolutely not. But for the deserving folks out there who are willing to go the extra mile for their dogs, this breed can offer many years of faithful and intelligent companionship.

Thank you again for the opportunity to help Victor, and I encourage you to check my website, at .



Well, from this letter and from these pictures, you can see the attachment I have to Victor --

-- he is the reason this breed is so magnificent and wonderful -- and he deserves such ownership --

Here's the end of his "scratch routine" -- which, again, is his secret ploy for attention and loving -- !!

And that is Victor --

-- a boy picked up as a stray in Central New York three months ago --

He is a boy who has proven himself great with children, adults and with other dogs --

-- will he be an "easy" adoption?

Absolutely not.

He is a very strong boy -- extremely strong -- so he'll need some obedience, plus a strong adopter --

-- and that's okay on this side -- he deserves to find the perfect parent, that's fore sure --

So, if you're interested in having a companion till the end, a companion with the stockiest, cutest little body that we have ever seen, fill out an adoption application above --

-- Victor will be your friend till the end -- he will make every morning worth getting out of bed, and he will be your natural anti-depressant --

-- he is a gift from above, this boy, and he is waiting to show it to the right person --

-- THANK YOU for considering him!


Victor's July 2006 poser shots!

Well, on our way in from our walk tonight, the sun was setting just right, and Victor was looking oh-so-stately, so I made a run for the camera -

- and couldn't be happier with the results!

WHAT a handsome boy this little man is!

Victor has certainly gone a long way from his days of being a stray in Central New York --

-- he is a dear pup, with a wonderful, loyal personality.

Also, these are the first shots of Vic in his Blocky Dog collar --

-- just LOOK at the MUSCLES on this boy's BACK -- !!

To me, he DEFINES the need for one of these collars!

The great thing about Victor, beyond his stunning looks, is his endearing personality.

I had always read about pit bulls' "fierce loyalty" to their owners -

-- well, Vic is the epitome of that.

If he's not by my side, getting attention, he goes back to his bed to sleep -- all with no nonsense with the other pups or anything -- sort of like an all-or-nothing at all attitude!

And the great thing is, Vic is looking for a perfect forever home!

He is immensely strong, and that must be considered when looking at him --

-- he will only go to the most experienced of homes --

Interested? If so, fill out an adoption application above!

And till then, know that Victor is enjoying his summer, chasing possums in the back 40, and enjoying frozen beef ribs as night-time snacks!

THANK YOU, Liz, for risking your reputation and judgment on this boy --

-- you were RIGHT about what a PRINCE he is!!

He pays your risk-taking back with his love and loyalty, and he knows he's been blessed!


After 15 months, a bittersweet farewell

A couple weeks back, foster Victor got invited to a doggie birthday party, which I chronicled here.

Well, wouldn't you know it, two weeks after featuring him, Joe and Kathy call up interested in our BOY -- !!

At first, I sort of pretended like I never heard from them -- I love Victor dearly --

-- and then Joe called again, saying how he rescued a stray pit bull recently, brought the pup in to his house, only to have animal control take the dog and give him back to his "owner" upon release from prison.

Well, I knew that Joe and Kathy were special, and I knew Victor deserved a good shot at a really good life.

Last weekend, we did the preliminary home visit, and it was a "GO" --

-- this weekend, was the final test -- the KIDS -- !!

On the way to the home visit and hopeful placement, I became suddenly sad --

-- I mean, I got Victor 15 months ago -- and I saw him grow from a nice dog to an exceptional dog.

His look, his sweetness, his demeanor -- I grew to love them all.

And here was Victor, not making the ride any easier -- !!

He obviously was feeding off of me, being upset because I was upset as his potential departure -- :(

I mean, has there EVER been a prettier mug??

I don't think so -- !!

Anyway, Victor, always the absolute gentleman, patiently awaited our destination...

... as I got upset at the thought of his leaving.

I will miss his eyes looking at me when he lays on the sofa, I will miss his letting me lay him on his back on my lap as he goes limp, just loving the attention, and I will miss his fierce loyalty.

So anyway, I straighten myself up, and we continue the drive...

... and Victor gives me his signature handshake for one last time --

-- today, that is -- !!

Before we know it, we're at Joe and Kathy's, and Vic bypasses their renovations to head for the door -- :D

And before you know it, he's as happy as a little girl, getting all the attention he can, with six hands on him -- !!

And too, he's found a best friend named Christian, whose middle name is "Victor", too -- !!

Next, Victor assesses his digs.

This boy is a hunter, through and through --

-- he LOVES to look at nature -- out the window, on walks, you name it -- !!

First, the kitchen window view...

... and next, from the master bedroom -- :D

Then it's time for a few hugs from Christian -- :D

-- and then, to the basement, where he yet again eyes the landscape -- !!

As the visit ensued, I became happier and happier with letting Victor grow in to this new home --

-- he deserves to be a king, this boy, and he will definitely be it here -- !!

Finally, he slows down with more pets and scratches...

... and then he closes up the visit with little Chris sort of hugging him and riding him around the room --

-- to which Victor is nothing short of glee-ful!

So, there you go --

-- an All-American family, with a newest addition.

This is all about Victor, and the absolute odds he overcame to get here.

And too, don't forget who's going to have the best summer of his life --

-- both Vic and Christian -- !!

So with that, Victor's placement has done something exceptional.

He has survived the greatest of odds to get to his forever home, and he will be out in the public eye, showing suburban America just what a wonderful addition an adult pit bull can be to a family.

For that opportunity, Kathy and Joe, I really do thank you --

-- and so does Victor, and Liz, the humane society president who resigned her role because of a general fear by a board that a dog like Victor was unadoptable and that mandated that he be destroyed.

Well now, look how far you've come, boy -- :D

So with that, my sadness is gone, and my work is done.

Vic lives quite close to me, and just around the corner from my parents. Plus, his parents are keeping him on the raw diet, so I couldn't be MORE PROUD.



Victor's word from the homefront: a-okay!

Well, one week in to it, and it looks like Victor has found his HOME -- !!!

Joe writes --

"He is doing some of his favorite activities like, his favorite
watching the birds in our bay window,"

As always, at attention at the window, Vic is -- !!

Joe continues --

"His afternoon nap, his favorite
sleeping spot on his chair,

"his, um, not so favorite bath time including scrubbin' his ears!"

Walks, too, don't forget --

-- and most importantly...

"getting his belly rubbed to sleep" --

-- wow --

-- just wow --

what a fantastic home this boy lucked in to -- !!


-- and what a fantastic boy Joe and his family came upon.

There's not much more to life than doing stuff like this, in my eyes --

-- we're never guaranteed tomorrow, or "ultimate filfillment" or things like that through jobs, money or status --

-- but placements like Victor's, well they provide a fulfillment like no other -- and for that we are all blessed -- !!

THANK YOU Joe and Kathy for the update!