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first name: Elissa
location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
pups you have: 3 pitbull sweeties

comments: This is one of my favorite rescue sites. I'd just like to thank you for what you do. I hope that someday I'll be able to foster more dogs. I recently ordered a h20 bottle and my dogs went nuts sniffing the box when it came. I guess they could smell Thor and other misc pups!  

first name: Thor
location: CT
pups you have:

comments: The Opotzner Family wants to give Eric the biggest THANK YOU. We love our new son Thor.

Happy and her newest daughter share a kiss!

Foster Nibbles and Dea, parent loves...

first name: Garrick
location: CT
pups you have: 3

comments: Great site! It is refreshing to see somebody that cares so much for pits. Keep up the great work.

first name: Amy
location: Port Chester, NY
pups you have: Jake

comments: What a great website! I found you on ASPCA Pet Tails. Little did I know you are practically in our backyard. :) Keep up the great work. You are making such a huge difference not only in these wonderful dogs lives, but their owners lives too.

Here's Amy and her husband, Brian, enjoying Christmas with Jake!

Elvis as a baby!
first name: sallie
location: washington
pups you have:

comments: great web site i really enjoyed your pictures. There great, i dont have pitbulls i have 4 springer spaniels though..

first name: Cathy
location: New Jersey
pups you have: Jax from RBARI in Oakland, New Jersey

comments: just wanted to let you know this is a great website. My boyfriend and I adopted a pit bull from a shelter here in New Jersey about 2 years ago, and he is a great dog! We never knew how sweet and cuddly pit bulls were until we found Jax! This is a great site!

Katie and me at her home visit!

Thor and Pinky share a kiss!
first name: Beth Ann
location: Buffalo, NY
pups you have: two mastiff x

comments: Hello Eric, I wanted to tell you how wonderful I thought your website is. We also rescue bullies...educate a bull. I just hope that someday we will grow to be as wonderful as spbr is. Again, thanks!!!!!!!!

first name: Elisha
location: Norwalk, CT
pups you have: Jake

comments: Im glad there are people like you to help give these loves a second and sometimes third or more chance at a better life. I love being able to help give some extra attention to these great pups - youre favorite helper......I get just as much out of them dogs as they do out of us...Eric keep up the great work they are blessed!

Thor enjoys a snack!

Nibbles and his daughter enjoy a nap!
first name: Stephanie
location: Washington, NC
pups you have: 2 Weimaraners

comments: You have the most beautiful and complete site I have ever seen..You are a shining example for all doggie people! Thank you so much for the kind and loving attitude you obviously have for our little ones.

first name: Leigh Raffauf
location: Somerset, New Jersey
pups you have: one, female named Mary

comments: I just wanted to say that I think your organization is great. I adopted a sweet pittie in New Jersey at a Humane Society 2 years ago and she is the sweetest dog, however, they get such a bad rap. Its sites like yours that help and I will refer people to it!

darling Hunny...

She-she shares her love!
first name: Lu-Ann
location: Port Jeff, NY
pups you have: 2 (Gunther and Copper)

comments: I enjoy this site so much, the work you do is amazing. Having pit mixes myself, I know how important it is to show the world what a wonderful breed this is. Thank-you for helping the helpless.

first name: Alexandra
location: Boca Raton, Florida
pups you have: one

comments: I love what you do for all those pits and people! I wish I had the opportunity to see their happiness first hand! I am the proud owner of Mugsy, a 7 year old pit bull. I never how fulfulling owning one of these wonderful animals could be! I love him!

Elvis admires Thor's choppers...

A late-night home visit of wags and licks!
first name: Claudette
location: Massachusetts
pups you have: 3, (2 mixs, 1 pit)

comments: I recently adopted a puppy from SPBR... it was well worth the 3 hour drive to meet Eric & the rescued puppies... Thank you for bringing Roman to our lives !!!!

first name: BJ
location: Bristol
pups you have: Jake

comments: YAZ is just a sweetie!

Twins adopted to newlyweds -- we love it!


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