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Here's dear Smidgeon in her sweater -- !!

first name: Ann
location: Westport, CT
pups you have: Smidgeon and Molly

comments: Eric, My husband and I absolutely LOVE your site!

Seven months ago we adopted a fabulous, loving, snuggling, always-kissing 9 month old Pit named Smidgeon from a Norwalk Shelter, and we completely fell in love with her and the breed!!!   (Our Baby Smidgie is deaf, so we think that may be why she hadn't been adopted was truly our luck she was still available) .
One month ago we began fostering a 5 month old Pit from the same shelter.  When they found her at the pound, she was emaciated and had Rickets due to improper nutrition (thanks to her former "owner").  Since then, she's gone from 24 lbs to 35 lbs, and her legs have almost completely straightened-out due to lots of food and exercise (and Love!).
When we started fostering her, the name the shelter had given her was Nikki... since we've completely fallen in love with her, I'm sure we're going to keep her forever, and I thought Molly was a great name for such a cutie-pie. 
So, thank you Eric for all the fabulous work you do with SPBR! More people need to know how wonderful, affectionate, loyal, and loving these big babies are! 
: )  Ann


first name: Christina
location: Park Ridge, NJ
pups you have: Budha & Jake (in memory)



I just thought I should drop you a note and tell you what a wonderful job you do. I visit your website daily to see the new and exciting things you have posted.

As a proud owner of a rescued Pit Bull named Budha and a rescued Rottie Jake (who has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge). I can totally appreciate your dedication to this wonderful and mis-understood breed.

I actually sent you a picture of them with my was our Christmas card two years ago. I always show that picture to people to dismiss the rumors about these breeds... people look at my sometimes in horror when they see this 1 year old sitting right in the middle of my boys. Little do they know.

Both dogs are/were so great with my daughter. Even as Jake was dying of cancer he was so patient with Kayla (my daughter). And to see Kayla and Budha laying on the floor together, both falling asleep, it makes me want to cry... knowing how many like Budha get put to sleep everyday.

My husband and I will get another Pit Bull once we move out of our condo... Budha would love the companionship and Kayla would love another dog. But until then, we will continue to spread the word about the breed.

Anyway, you are a blessing to the breed... I envy the work you are able to do. Enjoy and feel free to post on your website if it helps.

Take care.


Eric's note: Not all dogs are the same, whether they be Golden Retrievers or Pit Bulls. Here, Christina is a responsible owner, knowing her pups' temperaments and that they're wonderful with her daughter. This is exemplary to the breed. Remember, whenever ANY dog is with children, there should be close adult supervision, regardless of breed.



Jezebel and her brother, Max, enjoy a snack!

first name: Michele
location: Rhode Island
pups you have: Kaya (Blue Nose)

comments: I love your site! I wish I could adopt them all. My pit is almost four and she is the best dog I've ever had. Pit bulls can be wonderful family pets when raised properly and I have one to prove it. Best of luck adopting out all the dogs.



first name: Terry
location: Brooklyn,ny
pups you have: Rosie

comments: Hi just wanted to say love your site and will probably be contacting you this winter when we find a new home-this is Rosie who i adopted out of a junkyard in corona queens last thanksgiving(2004) we will be looking for a brother/sister as soon as we find a home that will take us all-Thanks for a great site -T



Precious explores life in the big wildflower patch!


first name: Kaia
location: Manchester, NH
pups you have: lots!

comments: I think its great what you do. I wish I had more room to take in more dogs. I have several Pitbulls,2 adults and 22 puppies.

Neko is my male he's red and white rednose. I also have a female Isis she's  white and fawn, with brindle markings.

 I took in a female ( Isis) who was pregnant. She had been sceduled to be euthenized. I picked her up and later that night she had 22 puppies. Here are her pups --
Akela(f),Akia(f),Alia(f), Apollo(m),Batista (m), Calysta(f), Cena(m),Cicero(m),Deacon(m), Inoke(f), Kai(m),Kalen(m),Kapono(m)Keahi(m), Keola(f),Kiana(f),Kiele(f),Kiona(f),Makana(f), Orion(m),Titus(m), Zoe(f) are the pups.

They are the best dogs I've ever owned. I would trust my life with my dogs. I don't understand how someone can say that ALL pits are vicious. They aren't.

Neko my male is a rescue. He was beaten and used as a bait dog. Animal control found him tied to a tree. He weighed less than 20 lbs. He now weighs 75lbs and he's all muscle. He is so well behaved and he's very non aggressive. He believes that the puppies are his and is a great surrogate dad. He lays with them when Isis is eating or outside taking careof her business. 

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THESE DOGS!!!!! Sincerely, Kaia Manchester, NH




first name: Amy and Brian
location: Port Chester, NY
pups you have: Jake

I just finished reading your entry about pit bulls and the media.  I am sorry you are having difficulty with your sister and her understanding how wonderful pit bulls really are.  Brian and I often deal with that and its so frustrating. 
We just came back from Lake George where we met up with some friends of mine.  We took Jake along and he had a great time.  My friend, who is not really a dog person, LOVED Jake.  He was such a gentleman and really appreciated his weekend away with us.  ;)  I was so happy that Jake was able to represent his breed in such a positive way.
It's people like you that really keep all of us pit bull owners informed with information, stories, and pictures to fire back at people who are just plain ignorant.  I check your website often and all 3 of us cheer you on DAILY!  So keep up the good work.  Your work is so important for the breed, and us owners too.  ;)

Dear Jake enjoys the family outing at Lake George, NY!




first name: Sue
location: northern NJ
pups you have: Phoenix & 3 others

comments: I had to write & tell you - great website - you do a great job. I have been doing Rottie rescue for 6 years & help Kristine out with the occasional Pittie.. however it turns out the last Rottie I rescued as my own turns out, we think, is half Rott half Pit ( I will include a pic for you too see) maybe I do have a Pit of my own !!

Anyway, again kudos on the great website! You do a great job with the Pits and if you ever need help down this way feel free to ask, I do all my rescue stuff privately now & if I am available, I would be glad too help.

I enclosed a pic of Phoenix for you too see. She is 1 year old, the youngest of my four.




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