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Elvis and momma Philly share a roll in the grass -- !!

first name: Christine
location: rural VT
pups you have: looking!

comments: I check your site daily to get my fill of bully-love and happy tears! My husband and I are building our home in rural VT and should be moving in this fall. We plan to rescue our own pup at that time. We've been reading up on this breed and are looking forward to investing much of our time training, socializing and loving our future family member.

You have such useful information, please keep up all the wonderful work. You are making a HUGE difference, especially to the folks out there that are new to this breed.

PS: The pictures you post light up my life!


first name: Dawn

location: Brooklyn NY

pups you have: Natalya (16 Months)

comments: I just wanted to say that I love your site, I visit it all the time.  I even put you on my favorites so it’s easier to get to the page. 

I am hoping that maybe in time I will be visiting you to look for a Pit Bull to rescue because I am starting to look for a companion for my beautiful Natayla.

I bought her from a breeder and after reading more about the breed I realized that the next time I’m going to adopt because there is so many wonderful dogs that need homes. 

So when I finally find my forever home (I’m in an apartment right now, and one dog is enough for the space I have) I will be dropping you a line so I can give a rescue a forever home.

I have found your site very educational and I am happy to see the breed being shown for its good aspects not the bad.

I have so many people ask me why do I have a Pit Bull, well once you meet her you can understand why she is the love of my life. 

Thank you for everything your site and yourself is doing for the breed. Attached is some pictures of my little one (though not that little anymore).




first name: Meghan


pups you have: non
e currently

Thanks so much for the outstanding work you do to help the Pit Bull breed.  I fell in love with pitties about a year ago when I stumbled onto Diane Jessup's site and have been researching the breed ever since. 

Someday I hope to adopt a pittie to add to my family.  (Unfortunately, apartment life does not lend itself well to pitties around here as most apartments won't take them.)  Keep up all the good work! 

SPBR's first rescue litter -- going digital!
These babies now adorn the bottom of every page on the site!




First name: Darryl and Marion

location: Smithers B.C.

pups you have: Winston

Winston was rescued from a shelter near Calgary AB. 2yrs ago. At the time he was estimated to be 2 yrs old.

He has been throughly spoilt, becoming a fully fledged member of our family. He has been to five provinces and one state.

Also been on many aircraft ride, boats and cars. He's been camping as well as stayed with us in five star hotels.

Last December we had a new addition to our family, a baby boy!

Winston has adopted our boy to be his own and lets us know if he has a poopy bum or is crying.

We cannot imagine having Winston not in our lives.

He has been an excellent companion and good example not to judge a dog by breed and what good dogs can come from a shelter.



Preccie enjoys the spring flowers!
First name: Aimee

location: Upstate New York

pups you have:
Payton & D-O-G

comments: i have been coming to your site for quite some time now. I'm always looking some little guy to help or take home. i love my 2 pits so much i can't stand they way alot of them out there are treated. keep up the awsome work that you are doing for these poor babies.



First name: Kim


pups you have:
Honey Bear

Hi -- I found your website most informative; the photography is great!!

I fostered; fell in love with, and ultimately adopted a dog from American Bulldog Rescue in Newtown, Pa that is boxer/pit;

Honey Bear is the absolute greatest dog ever.... I have to admit, I was afraid of statistics; working for State Farm, and living next door to a brother with a boarding kennel makes one even more aware of dog-bite liabilities, or even a dog bite itself!! 

My fears at least in Honey Bear's case were unfounded; unless it would be to defend me in a life or death situation.
She is great with children, my other dogs and cats; and I love her dearly.

Thanks for all of the great information, and for what you do!!

If you folks ever need a place to let dogs/people stretch their legs on one of your transports, I'm in Central Jersey, near the Delaware River...


Jodi, the ABR rescuer, adds:

This was my lil' ole' lady pit...she had pneumonia... 6 days on IV antibiotics... such a sweetie!

What a wonderful story -- really -- look at how Honey blossomed in to a loving, caring sweetheart -- thank you, all!



First name: Renee & Eric

Duxbury, VT

pups you have:
Annie(Boxer) Bruce(Amer Staff/Pit)

We presently have adopted two dogs Annie is our boxer we adopted through Boxer Angels Rescue and Bruce we adopted through New Jersey Boxer Rescue February of this year. We are interested in adopting a puppy in the near future.

We love checking the Smilin' Pit Bull Rescue website and we are very impressed with the amount of time that the rescue has put into educating people what the true temperment of the Pit Bull, through slide shows and seeing Pit Bull's with other dogs, children and people.

They truly are very loving dogs to be around and Pit Bull's have less health problems than other breeds to boot!



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