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first name: Alan
pups you have: mary

comments: Hi,  Love your site.  Just wanted to share a picture - his is my pitbull mary.

We adopted her from a shelter 3 years ago. Best dog I ever had!



first name: Laura
location: CT
pups you have: Dr. Doom

comments: "I have a American staffshire terrier too. I don't like to say pit bull because of all the bad press! I love him, he is such a big snuggle, his name is dr doom. ya I didn't name him, but he is anything but!

I am getting married October 30 of this year and in the process of buying a house. my pre husband and I have talked about bring doom over to live with us once we had a nice yard for him."

"But we have a problem, doom has juvenile cataracts since he was a puppy. Doom has memorized my mom's house really well, but once you take him out of his environment he gets kind of freaked out, panting, walking into things etc.

I took him to an eye doctor when he was a puppy but they couldn't guarantee that surgery would work for him, its very expensive, and the cataracts weren't hurting him, so the doctor advised us to leave doom's eye's alone."

"Adam and I decided to leave doom at my mom's house were he has lived his whole life and where he has a whole staff of people who love him and wait on him hand and foot.

I think if I moved him out of my mom's it would kind of be selfish of me anyway. he is getting old and I don't think it would be fair to him.

Adam was totally brain washed about the whole pit bull lock jaw thing, that is such crap! doom is the best dog I have ever had!"



First name: Stacey
location: Ohio
pups you have: Sadie and sister

comments: I've been meaning to email you for awhile, now I have a reason. I have a beautiful pit bull named Sadie -- she and her lab mix sister our the loves my husbands' and my lives. Enclosed are pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

I check out your website a few times a week and saw that you need help with some babies in Ohio -- we live in a suburb in Columbus, Ohio.

"I had no idea that pits had such a bad life in Ohio until I got one and saw the looks and heard the stories, how sad since they are only the best dogs ever!

I try to educate everyone I come in contact with about this cuddling breed. Anyway, I would like to offer myself to your organization."

"I'm not sure how much I can do but I would be willing to help out in any way I can. I know of a couple of local dog rescues that send pits to other states or I would be willing to drive these dogs to safety.

Please let me know how I might be able to assist you with all the great work you do."

Well, what a GREAT story, Stacey -- and what an exception to the "Ohio rule" that you are with dear Sadie --

-- I heart responsible owners, and your husband and you definitely are that --

-- THANKS for making many people smile -- !!


first name: Curtis and Carrie
location: Portsmouth, NH
pups you have: Jake 'n Jada

comments: I just wanted to shoot you this email and tell you that I appreciate the work you are doing to promote the future of our beloved breed. I adopted a female (Jada) about six months ago and a male (Jake) about two months ago. Jada had been put of for adoption at the local SPCA and was awesome from the start her previous owner was great and had to put her up because of a serious illness in her familly.

Jake was a different story; I just happened to find him on on what was scheduled to be his last day on earth via the Hartford, CT pound. I drove 3 hours that night after work to get him and didn't get home until about 1:00am the next morning. He was a stray, and hand't been around humans very much so took quite a bit of work but they went together very well, except for some confertations at the food bowl. We have those kinks worked out now and we couldn't be happier.


If you ever need any help from this area let me know and I'll be more then happy to oblige. In the picture Jada is the solid Brindle and Jake has the white on his head.

Here is another picture that I love of my dog Jada, I submitted pictures of them about three weeks ago and hoped you would post them on the feedback page, hopefully you get a laugh out of this!


My wife Carrie is also in the picture. The other is Jake being his goofy self. That dog smiles like no other.

Well, Curtis and Carrie have certainly filled their angel-quotient with these two pups, giving them wonderful lives -- happy and healthy --

-- and who's to say that feel-good stories aren't good?

We love 'em --

-- THANK YOU for being great adopters -- !!



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