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first name: danielle
location: lowell mass
pups you have: halle (the bull) and kiah (a blue heeler mutt)

comments: i adopted my first pit bull halle from the lowell pound back in may. the vet said she was about six weeks old at the time, and the shelter said she was a "lab/husky".

she's now seven months old and the best dog i have ever had.

we recently adopted kiah, her new sister, whos about the same age and a blue heeler mix. we found out from the shelter that if they had known that halle was a pit bull they would have just put her to sleep without even giving her a chance to be adopted.
they were like "you got a puppy from us and it turned into a pit bull?". i was like, "i'm pretty sure she was still a pit bull when i adopted her."
anyways, i am glad to see an organization like yours that gives pit bulls a chance.
halle is the sweetest, shes not aggressive, shes the smartest puppy in her dog school, and she couldnt be more excited and happier about having a new sister to play with all the time. keep up the good work!

Well now, this is GREAT news, Danielle --

-- and those "pit mixes" are oftentimes the best of all worlds, and can have the best of temperaments and often are oh-so-pretty -- !!

Little Halle reminds me of Tom's Lizzy --

-- one of my favorite adoptions at SPBR, found here --

-- GREAT WORK, Danielle and brood!



name: The Kovalcik Family
location: North New Jersey
pups you have: halle (the bull) and kiah (a blue heeler mutt)

comments: Hi! I just wanted to write and tell you that I thank the gods for people like you.  I have a shelter rescued pitt (see picture below). She came home with me over 7 years ago, after fighting with the woman at the shelter that she was vicious and was going to be put down. I bought her home, and she has been the darling of our lives ever since!

I have to tell you, I was a little concerned about bringing home a pitt, but she was so gentle, with my kids, and my other dog that there was no way I was going to allow that special soul to be put down. I hope to have her for many many more years (her vet says shes healthy, but is unsure of her age...the shelter said somewhere between 4-5 and that was 7 years ago.)

She has boundless energy, is a complete indoor dog, as you can see, sleeps where she wants, with a blanket and a pillow, or in one of my kids or my bed (she loves bellyfloppin into my waterbed)...She doesnt like cats, or smaller then her dogs..but she loves all people, and most other dogs.

Pitts have such a bad reputation, when in fact they are the most wonderful family pets. We have never had a temperment problem. The only problem we had, was when we first got her I thought she was black and grey, she was filthy, had a severe bladder infection, her eyelids were inflamed, and she had fleas that were so horrible.  She also had scars and bite marks all over her that were infected.  They kept her in a cage by herself, and the hair on her tail was gone..and her foot pads were infected. She had been overbred, and we actually had to wait for the infection to clear up before we could have her spayed. (which we did, independently of the shelter)  Our vet was amazed for a dog that was obviously neglected and abused, she had such a wonderful warm temperment. Now, even Precious loves her vet, and she is loved there as well.

As you can see from the pictures enclosed, our girl is a success. She's a loving cherished member of our family (sadly our only furbaby now, her "brother" had a congenial enlarged heart and crossed over the rainbow bridge a year after we bought precious home).

She loves being the center of attention, although getting a picture of her is nearly impossible, She hates the flash of the camera, and in thunder and lightening storms hides in our bathtub. I just wanted to share our story with you, and commend you for the wonderful work you do rescuing and placing pitts in loving responsible homes.

Well now, if this isn't a great way to start your day -- !!

THANK YOU, to the Kovalciks for being such great parents to this girl, and for showing North Jersey what wonderful companion animals that pit bulls can be -- !!


first name: Elaine
location: Long Island
pups you have: Allie

comments: I just came from visiting your site (for the 5th time in 3 days)  -- it took me that long to read all the wonderful stories! I have to say, in all my years of visiting rescue sites, yours was the most touching. I originally logged on because of a puppy I saw on We were thinking of getting another pit bull for our family. In doing so I was so touched at all the stories about the rescues and the way these dogs touch so many lives and make a difference. And it made me think of my Allie.

Allie was an Am Staff that I rescued from a no kill shelter in Huntington, New York. But there is a touching story connected to it. In 1993, I was sober from alcohol and drugs for 3 yrs and I fell into a deep depression. My mom, who was worried about me, said one day, "Why don't you go to Little Shelter and volunteer there, you always loved dogs?" So even though I was feeling so badly and having trouble functioning, I pushed  myself and went. The people there were great -- it helped to be with the dogs with their healing unconditional ways of loving, even though they have been through hell.

Then along came Allie -- she came to the shelter badly abused and neglected. I came in that day to find this small black lump cowering in the cage. The shelter had rescued her and her 2 pups from a kill shelter in Isilp. She wouldn't respond to anyone. But I right away felt her pain (because I was in pain too). So I crawled into the cage with her and slowly, day by day, of me dragging myself out of bed and going there, she slowly came around. I ended up adopting Allie, and she healed my soul. Up until then, I hadn't known what my purpose for being sober was and for being on this earth was. From there I worked with Allie and by doing so I healed myself along with her.

She was a great dog. Very loving and gentle. I have since realized the healing power of dogs, and have been working in the dog field since. It has been a very healing journey for the last 13 yrs. Allie was the reason for all this. I called her my soul dog. Allie was with me through it all -- my recovery, marriage, two kids (who she was great with) and opening my own business.

Then, 2 years ago, Allie  health started to decline with age and she lost a lot of weight. We brought her to the vet and they said cancer, but it was too late to treat. She went strong those 2 years without a gripe out of her. She also touched many lives along the way. Then in August, she got really sick and we had to put her down. It was the hardest day of my life to put this dog down that gave me so much, but I knew her time had come and that we had given each other a great life.

So many people I had met along the way changed their opinions of Pit Bulls after meeting this gentle soul. So I commend you for all you do to show how much this breed can give to people if they just took the time to see them through. I always say that Pit Bulls are sheep in wolves clothing. They are very misunderstood. You will find a application for adoption from  me  at your site. But we have decided to wait to adopt for now. We have another dog who's 12 that is ailing from cancer as well. And we decided to wait till he passes. So thanks again for your time and all you do for the breed.            Waggs, Elaine


first name: Kat
location: northeasterly
pups you have: Zoe

comments: Thank you for caring about Pitties. My husband and I LOVE the breed and plan on trying to start a rescue as soon as we retire. I brought my first Pit home after a friend, who "rescued" Tilly when she "escaped" (wink, wink) from the back door of the local Humane Society. You see, at the time, the only outcome for a stray pit was euthanasia...the vet saw how sweet Tilly was as an injured young pup. She could not kill her so she "escaped." 

" Anyway, Tilly was not fond of men and growled at my husband for a few days. Then, the bond that could never be broken began to develop. She was such a snuggler and a lover!  She died unexpectedly last June.  We felt like our bed (and our lives) was empty w/out our little pit snuggling with us.  We went to and found Zoe. She was a 1-2 year old little (tine) pocket pit.  She worked her mojo and is the little queen of the house.  She's been to school for her manners and is quite happy just snuggling and snoring with us.

Thanks for caring for this misunderstood breed!! Kat >'-'< "


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