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first name: The Rosado Family
location: northeast
pups you have: Hooch

comments: Hi Eric -- It's been almost two years since I adopted my dog Hooch from the local animal shelter. My friend who is one of the Animal Control officers told me that no one would even look at him because of his size and that he is a pit bull mix.

This was his picture on Pet Finder and I honestly don't know how anyone resisted this face. He was abused by his first owners and left outside in a pen for the first three years of his life. He became an accomplished escape artist and after several pickups from animal control spent the next month and a half at the shelter. He weighed about 60lbs (he's closer to 80 now), infested with whip worms and had lyme disease when I brought him home. It took about a week for him to wag his tail and another few weeks to stop jumping every time anyone made a sudden move near him.

I spoke to you about a year and a half ago when I came across your website, we were going through a lot with Hooch's separation anxiety and I was feeling very frustrated. I was nervous about putting him in a group training since he has issues with other dogs. With your advice, I went to a behaviorist for a one on one session. It was a great tool and we started training as soon as we got home. I also spoke with my vet and decided to try Clomicalm for his separation anxiety. I felt that I made a commitment to this guy and wanted to bring out all the great things in him I knew were there.

He is a totally different dog than the one that came home with us two years ago and we can't imagine a life without him in it. You can see the love and happiness in his eyes every time you look at him and his whole body wiggles when we come home. Here he is now in his favorite spot on the couch relaxing after a tough day.

I just wanted to let you know how things turned out and that we didn't give up on Hooch.

It takes time and patience, but the return is so much greater. We have a confident and loving member of our family, who is just a “little spoiled” and he has the life he deserved from the beginning. Thank you for your advice and for all you do for these amazing creatures.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season,

The Rosado Family



first name: Kara Jones
location: CT
pups you have: 3 pups

comments: I just came from meeting my new nephew Marley. What a beautiful puppy. I love what your site is doing to educate and place these dogs w/ the right families.

We have a pit. She is about 2 years old. My husband found her alone on a busy street and no one would stop to help her. So he picked her up and brought her home.

Of course as soon as i saw her i thought no way. She will eat me when i'm sleeping -- ha,ha. But i was uneducated on pits and only went by what i saw on the news. Well as soon as i picked her up and she licked my face i was gone. So we took her to the vet the next day and he helped me understand the breed and educated me on how to raise her. We have two other dogs and they all get along famously. She is the most loving dog i have ever owned.

I cant imagine her hurting a
fly... except for her powerful tail... lol. She does everything w/ us. The
one thing that i do have to complain about is she takes up must of my side of the bed. lol.

Sincerely Kara Jones

Here's little Marley, at home -- happily!



first name: Laurie
location: MA
pups you have: one happy girl!

comments: Hi Eric, I stumbled upon your website while browsing Petfinder. I just wanted to write and tell you what a beautiful, inspiring, informative (and adorable!) website and organization you have.

I have an amazing Pit mix who I adopted at 4 months after she was found abandoned in a filthy basement. She has developed into the most trusting, affectionate and intelligent dog I've ever known. Now three years old, she was diagnosed with severe bilateral hip dysplasia last year.

She's been on pain meds & Cosequin and surgery is in her near future. I am actually a vet tech in MA, which is a great help in getting her the medical attention she needs.

I am always trying to promote the goodness of this breed. People always comment on what a well-mannered and sweet dog she is, which makes me happy. And, despite her terrible orthopedic condition, she's the happiest and most energetic dog you'd ever meet. (I actually submitted an editorial and photo of her in this regards which was featured in December 2005's "Dog Fancy" Perspectives section).

Anyway, I will spread the word on your organization and website. The photos are so beautiful and really capture the Pit spirit.



First name: Alexandra
location: QV, New York
pups you have: Stinky

comments: I love your are a true pb lover! My fiancee and I adopted Stinky from the street...he was walking around on a cold and rainy december day and my fiancee's job took him in. When they could no longer keep him he moved in with us.

I was not a pb lover as the negative publicity out there had me scare of this loving breed. I am glad he came to live with us...he is more than a pet, he is our son...we cannot imagine life without him...thank you for having a website showing the true pb!!!


First name: Megan and Brian
location: California
pups you have: Winnie

comments: Winston's playful, curious, loving nature was apparent at first glance. He had a rough start, as his first owner was prosecuted for neglecting her many dogs, some of whom didn't make it. Much Love Rescue placed Winston with foster dad Cesar Milan while he waited to be adopted.

These days, our 80lbs of energy follows his morning runs with naps, belly rubs, funny noises and the never-ending search for the perfect place to hide his bones. In the process, he brings much happiness to our home.

We love our Winnie!

He loves to play and run with other dogs. As you may have been able to tell from the dog beach picture, he loves to sprint and is full of energy.

He is like a little freight train barreling down the beach and into the water. It's pretty funny. He frequently is the entertainment at the dog beach.

There are always a few people who look a little nervous when we arrive, but within minutes he wins them over by just being himself.


First name: Mari
location: USA
pups you have: Renu

comments: I love your webpage, I love reading the happy endings.  Unfortunately the world is so ignorant that it has to makes itself feel better by abusing our Best Friends.
Here are some pictures of our family.  Including our daughter Renu (She is Pit bull).

I get a lot of emails, and I daily have to pick and choose what gets posted on my site --

-- this was a no-brainer --

-- people owning this breed responsibly, and showing what wonderful additions they can be to a loving, responsible household.

Renu is living the life of a queen -- and she is showing Mari what many, many people with kids know about pit bulls -- they can be wonderful companions, and in this cases, sisters!

Thank you for being a great mom to Renu, Mari --

-- in a tide of negative press and "don'ts" "won'ts" and "can'ts", you are doing something exceptional here -- for your girl Renu, for your son, and for this breed!


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