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first name: George
location: New Jersey
pups you have: Jeremiah

comments: I've had a Pit Bull for 13 years before having to put him down. I've since married and live in a no-pet condo but my parents loved the breed so much now, they rescued another from Queens.

They are the best breed, and I am so happy to see sites like these.

This is my favorite rescue site so far and hope the good work continues.

These dogs deserve the best and are worth their weight in gold!

Well, what a HAPPY BOY little smilin' Jeremiah is, and what a great parent George is to these pups -- !!

THANK YOU George, for being responsible, committed and vocal about your positive pit bull experiences --

-- you made my day, and it's not even 7 AM yet - !!


first name: Anne
location: Marlborough, MA
pups you have: Saco

comments: Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for this amazing breed.  I have spent hours both laughing and crying at the touching stories and wonderful photos on your site!
"We just adopted a pit mix (I think she has pit in her?) in January '06 from a shelter in Sterling, MA, and Saco has been such a trusting and loving animial from the beginning and it is only getting better!"

Isabel, Glory and Saco!
"Maybe one day we will be able to provide a home for another wonderful animal - if we could be so lucky.  Keep up the great work and thanks again."

"Attached are some photo's of our Saco (named after the river in NH) as a pup, and more recently with friends and family, Scott is my husband."

Well, little Saco is definitely a happy little pit-mix!

Thank you, Anne, for bringing Saco in to your All-American family -- she looks wonderful, and looks like a real pea in a pod!

Scott, Mom, Dad and Saco!


first name: Annie and Dan
location: Manhattan, NYC
pups you have: Eleanor

comments: Eric here is my sweet girl Eleanor. She found me one night about two and a half years ago in Charlotte , NC . She wandered on to my porch and was in pretty bad shape. She was not quite as bad as sweet Dante, but pretty darn close. Me and her have been best friends ever since.

Currently Me, Eleanor and my fiancé Annie all live in New York City , and Eleanor could not be happier. While she does not get along with other dogs, she is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever known (with people).

Thanks a lot love your website.

While this rescue business has its share of people being the weakest link to this breed's successful ownership, Annie and Dan have certainly proven themselves otherwise to dear Eleanor --

-- and look at how much she appreciates them -- GREAT WORK!

first name: Jodi & Chaim
location: Yonkers, NY
pups you have: Ace

comments: This is Ace. I can't say enough about him. We adopted him from the Yonkers Animal Shelter. He was picked up by them as a stray wondering the streets. We are lucky to have him.
I left out the adjectives before, but he is amazing. Big, cuddly (gf wanted to rename him 'Cuddles'), goofy, smart, attentive, gets along well with people and ALL animals (including cats under supervision).

Since coming home from the shelter, he is starting to eat and we are still trying to figure out what treats he likes best. I am attaching a few picutres...we love him so much and are happy to have him in our lives.... Jodi & Chaim

Well, what a handsome boy!! He looks (to me) to be part pit bull, part saint bernard -- quite the mix!!

This story comes to me after speaking with someone yesterday who said she bought her son a puppy as a "gift pet" --

-- and after a month or so, the puppy was "all alone" when everyone was away all day, and that the puppy was "too energetic" when everyone came home at night for everyone, so this woman had her husband take the puppy to the pound -- :(

Well, hopefully the puppy got adopted out, and today, Ace's HAPPY ENDING story sure makes up for that downer of a story -- !!

GREAT WORK, Jodi and Chaim -- thank you for adopting an ADULT DOG from the shelter -- he may not be bouncing around with joy, but believe me, he KNOWS what you did for him, and he is thankful -- !!!


The Big Yawn!

first name: Kelly and husband
location: East Aurora, NY
pups you have: the big yawner!

comments: My husband called me from work today and told me your website address and said look for Miss September -- I met her today.  OK, so I went to your site, not expecting the wonderful surprise I saw.  Initially I was thinking something a lot dirtier. 

Anyway, I fell in love with your website.  We own a 3 year old Boxer/Pitt mix, and he too was a save from a Police officer whose cats wouldn't allow her to keep him.  He was a puppy when we got him and he is our very hyper little boy, as we have no children as of yet. We also have 3 cats, who don't quite get him, but they all live in harmony as best they can.  I wish we could adopt one of your cuties that desperately need a home. However, it just isn't the right time for us, as we are putting an addition on our house soon and are already worried about the animals dealing with it. 

"When the time is right, we are definitley going to contact you all.  We love this breed and try very hard to change people's perceptions of the breed.  If people did more homework on these breeds and did what they were supposed to do as dog owners, they would find warm, loving, cuddly creatures and companions.  Keep up the awesome work you do, I will definitley be visiting your site often, and have already told another Pitt mix breed friend of your site.   Dog Bless You     Kelly"

Well, THANK YOU, Kelly for your kind words! Who you met was Kellie and Keith's Brooklyn, who is a wonderful pup and whose story can be found here!

Brooklyn was indeed Ms. September, too, on this years SPBR calendar, which can be found here.

Keep up the great work with your boy -- it sounds like he's a real ambassador for the breed!

first name: Kris
location: Paterson, NJ
pups you have: Wu-Tang

comments: This is my family! I remember reading about one of the people who contacted you about needing to find their pitty a new one because they were having a baby! What a disappointment to read.

I rescued my little boy when he was a month old from a bad breeder, one year later I became pregnant with my daughter people made their stupid comments, but I did not listen to them!


Look at them now -- the love the two of them have for each other is amazing. Yes he is dog aggressive, but that is the breed and I would not change him for the world.

As I tell everyone, he is my first born child, and that is something you do not get rid of or replace due to age. He loved laying on my belly feeling my daughter move.

Having an animal is a commitment for his or her entire life. All life is a gift and should be loved and spoiled, and I will honor that until Wu-Tang leaves us!

I truly respect and admire what you do. I look at your site everyday and pray they all find homes. I know one day when we buy our first home I will rescue as many as I can.

Take Care and I wish you all the best! Kris. 

Wow --

-- just when times get really tough, just when there seem to be soooo many surrenders for reasons I can't understand, there comes along someone like Kris -- and Wu-Tang -- and her baby.

THANK YOU, KRIS, for being a model mom to many!



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